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Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 230 - Recap, Norco, Desert Hot Spings fighting back

No protest today.

The good folks in Norco sent me this pic.

norco santa child molester predator group home
I.R.C. stands for Inland Regional Center.

I was also sent this article from a couple months ago:

Parolees told to go elsewhere
Residents voice concern over sex offenders

Nelsy Rodriguez
The Desert Sun
October 15, 2005

Nearly in tears, Juanita Penn stood at the podium and told those representing her that rough neighbors intimidate her, she said, they threaten her and make her feel unsafe in her own home.

It's a common question voiced by residents of Desert Hot Springs - why are so many people who are paroled from prison sent to the city?

Since January, Desert Hot Springs has been closed to accepting parolees who didn't live in the city before they were arrested.

It's the only city in Riverside County to have such a designation.

Click here to read the complete article.

Department of Corrections District Administrator Doris Mahlum is quoted in this article as saying

"If I had a choice of having a sex offender or a drug addict coming over and living next to me, I'd take the sex offender."

"(The sex offender) is not going to come over and rip off everything I have, he has one particular interest and it's not me, it's not my husband, it's not my house."

Mahlum said that she might feel differently if she had children.

Can you believe this woman? She is worried about her television getting stolen, while the rest of us are worried about children getting raped. Nice to see another person in CDCR/Parole with their priorities straight.

Things like this just make you shake your head.

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