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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Letter: Communities fight sex offender group homes

The following is a letter to the editors of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The current frenzy for creating ordinances for parolee homes for sex offenders and other violent persons originated in March 2004 when the state attempted to place four child molesters (three convicted) in the quaint little town of Phelan.

The Phelan fiasco propelled this atrocity into the media of national proportions. The Phelan placement was supposed to be developmentally disabled men

However, I disagree based on my investigations.

Phelan was a pilot project, and I firmly believe that they were sex offenders coming out on parole through the Department of Mental Health.

Now with all the media attention and the ability of citizens to access the Megan’s Law Web site from their home computer, greater numbers of these parolee group homes are being uncovered by people like you and me.

As a Daily Bulletin article stated, several towns, including Pomona, have already passed ordinances and several more are moving swiftly to pass their own version. What it boils down to now is, the last town to pass the ordinance or ones that don’t will wind up with an abundance of parolee homes.

Fontana, which was I believe the first to pass an ordinance, never had the ordinance challenged nor has any group home operator filed for a new home.

The state of California has pushed the limit with its citizens with regard to public safety and numerous other categories. Local control of key issues over the years has been stripped away and handed to the powers in Sacramento.

The fact that these towns are fed up and are finding creative ways to take the control back should be sending a clear statement to Sacramento.

When it comes to parolee group homes, they are not licensed nor are they governed by any entity and they prefer it that way.

When you look at the Phelan nightmare, the facility was licensed by the state Department of Developmental Services / Department of Social Services. They are exempt from any zoning or permitting process from the towns, cities, and counties yet they continue to place sex offenders in group homes for the disabled, elderly, child care and other state licensed facilities.

I have personally requested Assemblyman John Benoit to do a full-blown audit of Community Care Licensing based on some documentation that was submitted. I believe that this audit will uncover massive cover-ups, reporting flaws, lack of oversight, and possibly outright illegal actions.

I have lived this nightmare for almost two years and the state has yet to own up to or even tell the truth about what really happened in Phelan.

Certain agencies have and are proceeding with placements of similar homes in the L.A. area and when we locate them, it will again hit the fan.


Your fearless blogger here. For those of you who do not know him, Joe is a juggernaut and has been in this battle to take back our communities for almost 2 years. He works tirelessly on this issue and we all owe him a great deal of thanks for his efforts.

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