David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Day 10 - random thoughts on the media or lack thereof

That first Friday night local LA tv stations covered the story. I have not seen anything from then since. They prefer to cover which turd will float to the top in the LA Mayor's race.

Fox News covered it many times that first weekend, I have not seen anything since.

I e-mailed Bill O'Rielly about it on the 11th, I have seen nothing about it on his show yet, but its only been a few days.

The Press Enterprise has had the best coverage of any paper.

Leading them all, by far, is the John and Ken Show on KFI. I think they have mentioned it on their show every day for the past 10 days.

It was the John and Ken show that first mentioned that David Allyn Dokich was being placed in Mead Valley back on Thursday the 5th of May. I don't think any of us would have even had a clue about this were it not for John and Ken.

It was the John and Ken Show that had the chilling interview with the first rape victim.

It was the John and Ken Show that had the interview with the second rape victims husband.

Its the John and Ken Show that gets us most of the information about David Allyn Dokich.

Many days they call Lirra, a Mead Valley resident and protester, to get the lastest info on the protests and she does a fantastic job on the air!

I have listened to John and Ken for many years (except for when they were in that radio blackhole called KABC). They are passionate about this and will not quit. I feel confident they will keep up the incredible work they are doing for us until David Allyn Dokich is removed and sent to a location where he does not have easy access to children.

Thank you John and Ken.

Day 10, again

Just got back, took some pics and posted them.

The protesters had a barbecue, lots of food and drink, good stuff from good people.

About 40 people were there when I showed up.

We got a new toy! Someone brought an old air raid siren. 140 decibels of pure power, we hope everyone in the sexual predator clown house enjoys it!

So much support from the community, its amazing. The Parole Department started this war but the residents of Mead Valley are going to finish it!

Will it take another victim?
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No more perverts in Mead Valley
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Our new toy, an air raid siren pumping out 140 decibels, hope you enjoy it David
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Get the rapist out
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Get out David Dokich
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Day 10

Getting ready to head over, maybe take some pics since I keep forgetting to.

Talked to Lirra, she is spending some quality time with her family since they have forgot what she looks like. She has probably spend more time protesting than anyone, she is a trooper.

I know the feeling, one of my own dogs barked at me this morning.

Will post later today.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Day 9, again

Got back to the protest around 6:30 pm

Good crowd, around 50 people.

Someone dropped off a whole box of noise makers for us!

A couple of bull horns were in action, my head is ringing.

Around 9:30 two vehicles approached the gate from inside. Looked like a parole agent who unlocked the gate and escorted the second vehicle out. Someone was in the back seat with their head covered.

10:00 pm, same thing every night. Everyone starts blasting their horns, then leave. Thats when the noise ordinance kicks in.

Day 9 - Meeting with state and local officials

Just got back from the meeting. This will be a long post.

Lots of local and state officials attended, I will list the ones I can remember, sorry to the ones I can't.

Assemblyman John Benoit - I think he is the one who put this together
Supervisor Bob Buster
Supervisor Jeff Stone
Sheriff Bob Doyle
Someone from Riverside PD, sorry, cant' remember the name
Deputy District Attorney Rod Pacheco
Deputy District Attorney Linda Dunn
Larry Graval (sic) from Arnold Schwarzenegger's office

Via telephone, on speaker

Director of the California Department of Corrections Jeanne Woodford
Deputy Director of Parole at the California Department of Corrections Jim L'Etoile

Noticably absent were anyone from the Parole Department.


This meeting was supposed to be at the Ben Clark
public safety training center at 2:30 today. Its located right on the edge of Mead Valley, a good spot for the residents.

Lirra got there before me and called saying she could not find the meeting.

I called Bob Buster's office and found out it had been moved to the County Administrative building. This is in downtown Riverside.

Called Lirra, let her know it was moved. Lirra commented they probably moved it because they did not want to hear from the residents. She may have a point.

Hopped on the 215 and headed for downtown Riverside. Got stuck in terrible traffic. Its 1:30 in the afternoon, welcome to Southern California. Had to get off the freeway and take side streets.

Robert Caliva from Bob Buster's office met us in the lobby and directed us to the meeting room on the 4th floor. Thanks Robert.

I have to wonder how many residents did not make it because they moved the meeting location at the last minute.

Apparently many of these officials were in the area for another matter. Still, its impressive to have such a meeting on such short notice.

The meeting actually got started around 2:45 pm. It was another 15 minutes before Jeanne Woodford and Jim L'Etoile joined in.

Everyone was really scratching their collective heads trying to figure out how a two time child rapist could get dumped into a neighborhood on such short notice. Sheriff Doyle said his office only had 2 hours to react.

Current state law says that local law inforcement must be notified when a violent felon / high risk sex offender is being released into their area. Jeanne Woodford and Jim L'Etoile said this is done via mail by the institute housing the felon.

Everyone sitting at the table who were supposed to be notified were shaking their heads no, they were not notified.
Deputy District Attorney Rod Pacheco said he has never been notified about any violent felon being released.

When asked if the notification was sent via registered mail
Jeanne Woodford and Jim L'Etoile said it was not because its to expensive. No follow up, no nothing.

Suggestion was made that notifications for violent felons and sex offenders be sent by registered mail. It was also suggested that an email address be created strictly for these notifications to be sent to.

Jim L'Etoile said Dokich was 'Very' high risk, tried to hold him via mental health.

Sheriff Doyle said that it is a violation for known felons to associate with other known felons. Since that is the case, how can Last Chance (the half way house) have multiple felons, including two time rapist Davide Allyn Dokich?

Jim L'Etoile said they are allowed to be together if they are in a treatment program. The question is, does Last Chance have a treatment program? No one seems to know.

We learned that these sex offender clown houses fly under the radar. So long as its 6 beds or under, the Department of Corrections has no control over them. There are no permits, no inspections, nothing.

The operators are paid $20-$30 per day per parolee by the Department of Corrections.

There are currently 2,000 High Risk sex offenders state wide on parole.

Each parole agent is assigned to about 40 sex offenders per Jim L'Etoile.

It was brought to the Department of Corrections attention that there was paperwork indicating that David Allyn Dokich had been raping his cell mate while in prison. How could Dokich be released after only serving half his sentence for 'good behaviour' if he was raping people in prison?

Jim L'Etoile said he will look into the rape in custody charges against Dokich. Maybe that can be used to throw Dokich back where he belongs, in prison.

Jim L'Etoile said Dokich will be fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet, but not until June. This is only while he is on parole.

Sheriff Doyle asked if Riverside could strap a bracelet on Dokich right now. Riverside would pay for it. There are some issues with who would do the actual monitoring, not sure what will happen with this.

Deputy District Attorney Rod Pacheco mentioned there was a bill in the state senate that would have provided for life long tracking of sexual predators. They recently killed it because they felt it was 'to harsh'. Well we certainly don't want to be harsh on child rapists, do we? Pacheco said he doubts the current legislation would ever pass such a bill.

It was suggested a bill be drafted to be placed on the ballot that would be very restrictive on where violent sex offenders would be placed and for life long electronic monitoring. Bypass the softies in Sacramento and take it to the people for a vote. The room erupted in applause.

Supervisor Jeff Stone and DA Rod Pacheco will create a draft of the bill within 30 days and get it on a state wide ballot for the voters as soon as possible.

It will cost $1 million plus to get this on the ballot, Riverside officials think they will be able to raise the money.

Someone asked why David Allyn Dokich was able to wonder the neighborhood late at night and make 3 trips to the local Circle K.
Jim L'Etoile said that as of this morning there are 2 armed agents with Dokich from 8pm to 6am.

It was about 4:15 and the meeting was ended and officials started heading for the exits. Lirra spoke up and said they were supposed to take questions from the residents, which now numbered about 20.

Most were very stressed and exhausted. Many had not slept well in over a week. They were complaining that Dokich was still there. Understandable.

These officials hands are tied for the moment. They don't have any say in where Dokich is housed, thats the parole department, who of course did not attent.

In closing, while the meeting did not result in the immediate removal of Dokich, it may be the first step in making sweeping changes in California and how it deals with released violent sexual predators.

Day 9

Up at 7:30 am so I could start working the phones and e-mail at 8 am. Not bad for 4 hours sleep. Left lots of messages, talked to lots of secretaries, got lots of the same canned replies.

Called Deputy Director of Paroles Mr. Jim L'Etoile this morning (916-327-0693). He is the highest on the list that we know of so far. Talked to a secretary. Asked why David Allyn Dokich, 2 time child rapist, was dumped into a community full of children. She replied "we are just following the law the voters voted on". I must have missed that vote. I then mentioned that the LA Times ran a story saying that David Allyn Dokich was restricted to the property 24 hours a day. I asked her if that was true. She said she did not know if it was true in this case but that some parolees are restricted 24 hours a day. I told her if it was true then that would help. She replied "once the community learns all the facts things will settle down, you can't believe everything you hear on the radio". Did she just take a shot at John and Ken? I told her the clerk at the Circle K told me they had seed David Allyn Dokich in there 3 different times. She replied "well did you see him?". No I did not, must not have happened since I did not see it.

Got to the protest around 11:30 am.

Right after I arrived a nice lady stopped and gave us 4 free pizza's! Thank you nice lady. Someone had already brought taco's and beverages.

Gate is closed but not locked. About 20 protesters. Had to leave about 1 pm to get ready for the meeting.

When I got home the phone rang and it was Regional Chief Deputy of Field Operations Alfred Martinez. He was returning my call from this morning. I asked him if he was going to the meeting today and he said he had no interest in that meeting. I then asked him why David Allyn Dokich was seen at the local Circle late at night on 3 seperate occations. Martinez said thats not true, thats not true. Yeah, you convinced me buddy.

Lirra just called, can't find the meeting, great, have to find out whats going on.

David Allyn Dokich spotted at local Circle K

The was a rumour on the John and Ken show today. Actually it was yesterday because its 3:30 am now. Someone had seen Dokich at a local convenience store around 1 am. I decided to check for myself.

There are 2 convenience stores about 1.5 miles from Dokich's location, but they both close well before midnight.

The next nearest store is Circle K on the corner of Cajalco and Harvill. It is about 3 miles by car but only about 1.5 miles if Dokich walked through the fields behind his 'half way' house.

I walked into the Circle K at 2 am and handed the clerk behind the counter the Megan's Law flyer with Dokich's mug shot on it and asked the clerk if they had seen him.

"Yes, 3 times" they replied.

I inquired further and was told they had seen Dokich on 3 separate occasions in the past week. It was usually around 1 to 2 am and each time he walked into the store alone.

The clerk did not know if Dokich had driven or walked to the store.

So much for Dokich being confined to the property 24 hours a day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Day 7

More good protests, crowds are the same size.

Lots of people donating, lots of food, beverages, a port-a-potty. Someone is setting up a tent and law chairs every day.

The Parole Department has said they will not move Dokich and they are going to 'hunker' down and wait us out.

The Parole Department declared war on Mead Valley. You want a war? We will give you a war you won't forget!

Every time we use this it reminds us of the Parole Department
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There is no quit in this group
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

List of people to call

Some how John and Ken got ahold of the people responsible for dumping David Allyn Dokich in Mead Valley. I am reposting what they provided on their site, hope they don't mind.

Give these people a call and let them know how you feel:

Moreno Valley Paroles Office #2 Region IV - 951-571-4040

Parole Agent I Mr. F. Hernandez - 951-571-4040 x238

Parole Agent III Mr. T. Summers - 951-571-4040 x208

District Administrator Doris Mahlum- 951-571-4040 or 760-772-3157

Regional Administrator Mr. Jeff Fagott- 909-468-2301 x2324

Sexual Violent Predator Coordinator Parole Agent II Mr. Marvin Cooper -909-468-2301 x2319

Regional Chief Deputy of Field Operations Alfred Martinez - 909-468-2301 x2322

Deputy Director of Paroles Mr. Jim L'Etoile - 916-327-0693

More protests
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John and Ken speak with first rape victim

Here is the short version:

She was 15. It was around 1982.

Dokich tricked her into coming into his apartment, saying a friend of hers had left something there.

Dokich raped her for over 4 hours. While she was being raped she could her her sister outside calling her name, looking for her.

She escaped, naked and bloody, falling down a flight of stairs, and ran into an open appartment door.

David Allyn Dikich plea bargained and served a 2 year sentence.

She has moved over 30 times since then out of fear of David Allyn Dokich.

Click here to listen to the interview

Listen to the John and Ken Show. They are the only media outlet I know of that are covering this situation every day. You can find them on KFI, 640 am, from 3-7 pm, Monday through Friday.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs, they are popping up everywhere, even a mile away.
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Monday, May 09, 2005

Dokich's freaky roommates

David Allyn Dokich's freaky roommates
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Day 5 - Dokich has some creepy roommates

There are 4 other sexual predators living in Last Chance with David Allyn Dokich.

All of this information is available on the Megan's Law website:






Rene: (male)




Nice place you got there Harriet. Harriet, has anyone ever told you your character is reflected in the company you keep?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

They lock the gate now but there is no fence, the rapist can walk out whenever he wants to.
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