David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Day 24 - Run perverts run!

Lirra called around noon and said Assemblyman John Benoit had stopped by to offer his support. We really appreciate it when officials demonstate that they are in this with us.

I drove over to Camp Pervert around 3:30 pm and saw no protesters. Understandable, its a holiday weekend, so I headed home as I started coming down with a cold the past couple of days and needed some rest. I returned at 8:30 pm only to find out I had missed all the excitement.

Around 6 tonight one of our female protesters was driving to Camp Pervert and spotted one of the parolees walking along side the road towards the clown house. She remembered him because he was one who came down to the road a couple weeks back and threatened some women. He was carrying a bag and was with another unidentified male. This was about 3 blocks from Camp Pervert. She notified her husband who along with another male protester tore down the street looking for them.

They spotted the parolee and his companion, shouted somethings I cannot repeat here, and watched as the 2 cowards dropped their bag(s) and started running. They were hopping fences and the 2 protesters lost them.

A short time later a van stopped in front of the clown house and the parolee and his companion jumped out. They dropped their bag(s) and 2 beers rolled free. They quickly gathered them and ran up the driveway to Camp Pervert as fast as they could.

Its purely conjecture, but my guess is they noticed there were no protesters this afternoon (and no parole agents until 8 pm) and saw it as an opportunity to take a walk to one of the local stores to get some beer.

The protesters that witnessed it had a good laugh.

We had about 25 protesters tonight.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!

Day 24 - Article in The Californian

So for the 23rd day, they stood with the hot sun bearing down upon them. For the 23rd day, they sacrificed work time, errand time, free time to protest. For the 23rd day, their ears were barraged with the enthusiastic honking of drivers-by who support their mission.

The fact that state corrections officials' declared Wednesday that Dokich was in Mead Valley to stay only added fuel to their fire.

Click to read the entire article

Friday, May 27, 2005

Day 23 - Recap

This afternoon a photographer and reporter from The Californian came to the protest. They happened to pick a very slow time. There were only 2-5 protesters. Its gets like that when school is getting out and parents are picking up their children. The reporter said to me when she heard there were still protesters after the Department of Corrections said they would not move Dokich and after 23 days she just had to write a story about it. When the article is ready I will provide a link.

Supervisor Marion Ashley came out to the protest and actually walked the lines with us. He carried a sign and lobbed a few insults at the clown house. He was out there with us for over an hour and he did this on a bum knee. We really appreciated seeing him out there. Plus he brought an ice chest full of cold drinks for everyone so he is O.K. in our book!

John and Ken from KFI covered the Dokich situation again. Everyone needs to listen to their show every day. I can't provide a transcript of everything they say and they say a lot about this, thankfully. They said they will be going over the various bills dealing with sexual predators over the weekend and come back with a vengeance next week. As long as John and Ken are pissed off about this we have a fighting chance.

This evening we had about 45 protesters. Not bad considering its a holiday weekend and I imagine many would prefer to be heading out of town. Thanks to all of you for your sacrifice.

See you tomorrow.

Every night, Camp Pervert gets an ear full

Rod Hickman, get these child molesters out!

2 kids and their mother came over from Moreno Valley to show their support

A reporter from The Californian interviews Supervisor Marion Ashley

Supervisor Marion Ashley was out protesting today. Way to go Marion!

Day 23 - Quick update

Just got back from the protest, heading back out, I have some John and Ken news, another newspaper was at the protest and Supervisor Marion Ashley was walking the lines with us.

I will post all the details when I return tonight.

Day 23 - Beverly Hills vs Perris (Mead Valley)

I did a comparison of Beverly Hills and Perris (which includes unincorporated Mead Valley). The population of each area is very similar.

Perris: 36,189
Beverly Hills: 33,784

Now lets see how many child sexual predators live in each area according to the Megan's Law website.

Perris: 204
Beverly Hills: 11

Similar populations, yet Perris has 20 times the amount of child sexual predators dumped in the area than Beverly Hills.



Megan's Law

Day 23 - Call Rod Hickman

Rod Hickman does not want the child rapists and molesters around his family so he is dumping them in your backyard. Tell Rod Hickman to move David Allyn Dokich out of Mead Valley and away from children.

Secretary of the California Department of Corrections Rod Hickman - 916-323-6001


A state official has contacted me and said Rod Hickman's office told them they were not getting many calls about this issue. Get off your butts and on the phone, now!

In this exclusive photo, Rod Hickman is laughing about putting convicted child predators in your neighborhood and wondering where his next pork shake is.


No Clown Houses

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Day 22 - Benoit Seeks Attorney General’s Input In Dokich Case

For Immediate Release
CONTACTS: Barry Nestande - District Office
David Duran - Capitol Office

SACRAMENTO -- In a written inquiry to Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R-Palm Desert) today called upon California’s top law enforcement official to weigh in on the options available regarding the relocation of convicted sex offender David Allan Dokich.

Assemblyman Benoit represents the Mead Valley community, where Dokich is currently housed. In his letter, Benoit writes, “This morning I was personally notified by Secretary Hickman, Department of Corrections, that the Department is not relocating Mr. Dokich at this time. This decision is unacceptable to me and the community. The situation has escalated to the point where it is now a most serious public safety issue.”

A full copy of the Assemblyman’s letter is included in this transmission.


May 25, 2005

Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
California Department of Justice
P.O. Box 94425
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Dear Mr. Lockyer:

On May 5, 2005, a dangerous convicted sex offender named David Allyn Dokich, was released from prison into Mead Valley, a small community in the 64th Assembly District, which I represent. Dokich is a high-risk sexual predator. In 1987, Dokich was convicted of nine counts of forcible rape and oral copulation against a 16-year-old Lake Elsinore girl and sentenced to 35 years in prison. He had previously served time for raping an Orange County girl in 1982.

Dokich was released early because the law he was sentenced under allows criminals to be released early, after serving as little as half their original sentence, if they earn “good time” credits in prison. The Riverside District Attorney’s Office attempted to have Dokich held as “mentally unstable” but was unsuccessful.

The Department of Corrections notified Riverside County officials that Dokich would be released to a home owned by his parents in Sun City. Only days before his scheduled release did the Department of Corrections learn that the homeowner association’s age restrictions prevent Dokich’s placement there.

Therefore, at the very last minute, Dokich’s placement was changed to Last Chance Enlightenment, a group home for parolees in Mead Valley. The surprise nature of the placement allowed insufficient time for vital notifications and preparations to ensure the safety of both Mr. Dokich and the community.

The result of Dokich's hasty and ill-advised placement has been disastrous. The Mead Valley community and local law enforcement officials received little to no information prior to his release. Community members are conducting daily protests in dangerous circumstances. Tensions are rising, creating a clear and present safety danger for all involved.

This morning I was personally notified by Secretary Hickman, Department of Corrections, that the Department is not relocating Mr. Dokich at this time. This decision is unacceptable to me and the community. The situation has escalated to the point where it is now a most serious public safety issue.

Before I was elected to the Legislature, I spent 31 years in law enforcement, retiring as a Captain from the Highway Patrol. I understand public safety. The potential for a serious traffic accident, or some type of vigilante incident, has unfortunately become extremely high. This group home sits on a street where traffic passes at over 40 MPH. Protestors along side this road are in serious danger.

I would appreciate your expert guidance and counsel regarding what options not currently being exercised are available to remedy this section under current the law. In the interest of public safety, could the Department relocate Dokich to a more secure location within or outside of Riverside County? What entities or persons have the authority to order such a relocation? Also, please advise as to what actions might be taken by state or local officials to ensure the safety of citizens in Mead Valley and the residents of Last Chance Enlightenment.

Thank you for your assistance and prompt attention to this matter. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (916) 319-2064.


Assemblyman, 64th District


Cc: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Day 22 - State no longer trying to move Dokich

J.P. Tremlay, a spokesman for the California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency, said in a telephone interview from Sacramento that state officials have given up on their search for another, suitable place for Dokich.

"We've not found that, so he is staying where he is," Tremlay said.

Click here for the complete article

J.P. Tremlay can be reached at (916) 323-6001

Day 22 - Press Enterprise article on the protest

Some excerpts from the article, you need to click the link to read the entire article:

Dokich will not be moved, a California Department of Corrections spokesman said Wednesday. Other locations were deemed too remote and would not allow him be properly monitored by law enforcement agencies or parole officials, Todd Slosek said.

"Our position is they (sex offenders) should be allowed to live anywhere they want," said Jack King, director of public affairs for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in a phone interview from Washington, D.C.

Click here for the entire article, registration required.

Todd Slosek is a spokeshole for the Department of Corrections and can be reached at (916) 445-4950

Jack King can be reached at (202) 872-8600 ext. 228 or via email at media@nacdl.org

Day 22 - Conditions of parole for Dokich


  • You will participate in anti-narcotic testing in accordance with instructions from the Parole and Community Services Division (P&CSD).
  • You will actively participate in substance abuse treatment as directed by P&CSD.
  • You must not consume, possess, or have access to any alcoholic beverages or liquors.
  • You will not be inside, or in close proximity to, businesses whose primary function is to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
  • You will actively participate in the Parole Outpatient Clinic (POC) and remain in that treatment program as directed by your parole agent.
  • You will actively participate in the psychiatric treatment program as approved by your assigned parole agent.
  • You are instructed to participate in a High Risk Sex Offender Treatment evaluation and/or program until the P&CSD instructs you differently.
  • You will participate in a treatment program as required by Penal Code Section 1364.
  • You must submit to any psychological or physiological assessment to assist in treatment planning and/or parole supervision.
  • You will not initiate, establish or maintain contact with anyone under the age of 18 without prior P&CSD approval. “No contact” means exactly that: in any manner direct or indirect, personally, by telephone, letter or through another person. This includes attempting contact with an adult with the possibility that children may be in the area.
  • You may not be within 100 yards of the perimeter of places where children congregate (schools, parks, playgrounds, video arcades, swimming pools, etc.) without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You may not date, socialize or form a romantic relationship with any person who has physical custody of a minor without the prior written approval from P&CSD.
  • You must immediately inform your parole agent about any contact with a minor whether it is “accidental” or not.
  • You are not to associate with any sex offenders except in a treatment program as approved by P&CSD.
  • You will inform all persons with whom you have a significant relationship about your criminal history.
  • You will maintain a residence with a street address or other dwelling as approved by P&CSD.
  • You will not reside in a neighborhood where large numbers of children reside.
  • You will not reside in an apartment complex where children reside.
  • You will not reside near any parks, schools, playgrounds or other areas where children congregate.
  • You will not reside at a location where children reside without prior written approval from P&CSD.
  • You will not travel more than 25 miles from your residence of record without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You will not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
  • You will remain inside your residence of record between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • You will participate in electronic monitoring at the direction of your agent of record.
  • You may not be within 100 yards of the perimeter of any school (elementary, middle, junior or senior high, college or university).
  • You cannot enter the premises, travel past or loiter near where your victim frequents, resides, is employed or attends classes.
  • You may not contact your crime victim(s), their families or friends. This includes contact in person, by telephone, mail, computer or through another person.
  • You will not contact, or cause to be contacted, (NAMES), in any manner (in person, by telephone, by mail or through a third party) without prior approval of the supervising parole agent. You are not to travel past or loiter near where they frequent, reside or are employed.
  • You are not to view television shows or movies that are geared toward your criminal history or your modus operandi.
  • You are not to view television programs, movies or videos designed to stimulate or arouse sexual fantasies.
  • You are not to view, possess or have access to video tapes, films, magazines or photographs depicting any type of sexual activity or sexually oriented material.
  • You are not to enter, travel past or loiter near areas of sexual or pornographic activity such as adult bookstores, massage parlors, topless bars, sex shops, etc.
  • You are not to possess or have access to children’s clothing, toys or games without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You may not possess or view any material that can be considered obscene.
  • You may not use, possess or have access to any computer equipment that is attached to a modem or telephonic device.
  • Any employment is to be approved by P&CSD.
  • You may not use or access any sexually-oriented “800” or “900” telephone numbers.
  • You will maintain full-time employment or attend school as approved by your assigned parole agent.
  • You must have your Penal Code 290 registration verification with you at all times. You must present it during any contact or interaction with any law enforcement officer.

Day 22 - Another reason why David Allyn Dokich is a jerk

I'm missing the NBA playoffs for this tool!

Damn vcr didn't record the Heat/Pistons game, rats.

Don't worry Lirra, I did get back in time to record the season finale of Lost for you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day 21 - John and Ken Show in Mead Valley recap

I arrived back at the protest about 1:30 this afternoon. The KFI crew was hard at working setting up for the John and Ken Show.

Did you know that today is National Missing Children's Day? John and Ken picked a great day to come out to Mead Valley.

The Riverside County Sheriff Department was out in full force. About 7 of their vehicles entered Camp Pervert at about 2:30. Turns out the sexual predator clown house was trying to have Press Enterprise reporter Nathan Max arrested because he walked up to the house and asked for an interview. They cut Nathan loose without arresting him but the Sheriff vehicles remained on the property. Apparently they were afraid the protest would get out of hand, which of course it did not.

We need to thank KFI and John and Ken for making the long haul out to Mead Valley. Their coverage of this issue has been invaluable. They have been a driving force in letting the public know how the state of California is dumping sexual predators in our backyards. Thank you John and Ken.

I spoke with several of our regular protesters and we all think the crowd was around 300 strong. The crowd was really pumped up. We also had a much higher amount of vehicle traffic taking in the event and of course blasting their horns.

On behalf of the community I would like to thank the following officials and/or their representatives for attending and showing their support:

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone
Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley
Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster
Riverside City Council Member Steve Adams
Jonathan Sassani, Field Rep for Assemblyman John Benoit
Lori Stone-Rubin, Legislative Team Member for Supervisor Jeff Stone

My apologies if I missed anyone.

Supervisors Stone and Ashley arrived around 4 pm and Supervisor Buster arrived shortly after that. Each spoke with John and Ken on the air. Supervisor Buster did not stay long but Supervisors Stone and Ashley stayed though the entire show. Supervisor Stone also joined John with the bull horn and yelled at the sexual pervert clown house!

I want to point out that Lori Stone-Rubin from Supervisor Jeff Stone's office arrived right after I did this morning, around 10 am. Lori stayed out there with the protesters the entire day and did not leave until well after 7 pm. Lori was a real trooper out there and we appreciate her support.

Linda Soubirous also attended. Linda ran for supervisor in the last election. She spoke of how a sexual predator was moved into her neighborhood just a few miles away and that she was out here to support the community. Thank you Linda.

Nathan Max from the Press Enterprise interviewed me. He asked if I thought that the urgency ordinance passed yesterday gave us false hope. I told him it did not because we understood it was supposed to be symbolic and its real purpose was to send a message to those clowns in Sacramento to stopping dumping sexual predators in our backyards.

Lirra, our almost daily voice on KFI, finally got to speak with John and Ken in person while on the air. She was her usual feisty self and we are lucky to have her.

Lirra's husband Brian is on vacation and spent his time the past few days knocking down weeds, cleaning the area up, making signs to the event and posting them so people would have an easier time finding it. Thanks Brian.

I did get to briefly speak with John during a commercial break and he made an interesting observation. I told him I was doing my best to report accurately on this blog about everything concerning David Allyn Dokich but that its not easy. I can talk to 5 different officials and get 10 different answers. John said that "part of this story is how the story keeps changing", and he is right. Many times I have written in this blog what an official has said only to hear them say something different at a later time. Its really frustrating.

It was a fantastic event. John and Ken were great as usual. The crowd was very noisy but well behaved. There were no incidents whatsoever! None, nada, zip!

I want to thank everyone who came out. There were a lot of new faces, I hope we see you out there with us in the future and as long as necessary to get David Allyn Dokich out of Mead Valley and away from children.

Two bull horns are better than one. John screaming in english while George provides a spanish simulcast

Supervisor Jeff Stone speaks with John (in blue) and Ken from KFI

La estacion espanola 34 de la television tenia acontecimientos de hoy de la cámara fotografica de una cubierta del equipo

Lirra speaks for the community and does a fantastic job for us. Thank you Lirra.

Lirra speaks with John (in blue) and Ken face to face instead of via phone as she does most days

Lirra and Lori from Supervisor Jeff Stone's office

Lirra + microphone = trouble for the perverts

John (in blue) and Ken from the John and Ken Show

A lot of new shirts were made for today

A protest to be proud of

About 300 protesters and fans of John and Ken showed up for the show

John (in blue) and Ken from KFI

A crowd gathers for the start of the John and Ken Show on KFI

The Sheriff's department even had a helicopter up to keep an eye on everything

Nathan Max, reporter for the Press Enterprise, walks away after 'almost' getting arrested

The sheriff's department was out in full force today

Day 21 - John, Ken and a whole bunch of protesters

Just came back to check my messages.

I would guess there are about 300 people there now.

Lots of pics, I will post them tonight.

I have to eat something real quick and head back over there.

If you plan on coming out drive past the show and you will find some space to park.

Day 21 - The John and Ken Show will be in Mead Valley today!

From the John and Ken Show website:

John & Ken are taking the show on the road all the way to Mead Valley!

Just call me Crazy DaveJohn & Ken will be broadcasting the entire show, from 3-7pm outside the sex offender clown house in Mead Valley on May 25, 2005. John & Ken are asking all our listeners to make signs, bring noise makers, and be ready to scream! It’s time that Mead Valley shows these politicians that we mean business, and we want David Allan Dokich OUT!

Address of the broadcast:

21200 Old Elsinore Road
Mead Valley, Ca

Click here for a map to the show!

Day 21 - Parole division loses 20 time child molester

Our ever so incompetent Parole Division of the Department of Corrections has lost yet another child molester.

Richard Arlin Ratliff has molested 20 boys and girls from 15 years old all the way down to a 6 month old!

He was last seen in Hemet.

Lori from Supervisor Jeff Stone's office spoke with Parole Agent I Mr. Frank Hernandez. She wanted more information on Ratliff but Agent Hernadez was very rude and uncooperative with her.

Perhaps Agent Hernadez has never read this part of the Parole Division's Code of Ethics:

"We believe that public safety is best served through a partnership between parole staff and the community."

What part of 'community' don't you understand Agent Hernandez?

Parole Agent I Mr. F. Hernandez ( 951-571-4040 x238)

Call him and tell him what a lousy job he is doing!

20 time child molester Richard Arlin Ratliff

Day 21 - Parole agent locks keys in car while its still running

This is one of those 'on the lighter side' stories.

A parole agent escorted another vehicle out of Camp Pervert. When he tried to re-enter his vehicle he discovered he had lock the doors with the keys still in the ignition.

The Ford Focus has a full tank of gas so it should run for a long time. Apparently Triple A refused to come and assist him because of the protest.

Being the good citizens that we all are, we offered him some cold water while he waited for someone from the state to come out and help him.

group photo with the parole agents car

Lirra offering the parole agent some ice cold water

The parole agent can be seen in the background calling for help

I hate when that happens

Day 21 - The face of your childs enemy

Mark Leno is for the child rapists

Jackie Goldberg is pro child rapist

Mervyn Dymally is for the child rapists

Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally are all on the Assembly Public Safety Committee and have consistently voted against you and your children and for the perverts and child rapists!

If thats what you want, to nothing.

If you want to protect your children, call them and tell them how you feel!


Mark Leno

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA
Fax (916) 319-2113
Phone (916) 319-2013

District Office
455 Golden Gate Ave.
Suite 14300
San Francisco, CA
Fax (415) 557-3015
Phone (415) 557-3013


Jackie Goldberg

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
(916) 319-2045
(916) 319-2145 Fax

District Office
106 North Avenue 56
Los Angeles, ca 90042
(323) 258-0450
(323) 258-3807 Fax

Email Assemblymember.Goldberg@asm.ca.gov


Mervyn Dymally

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0052
(916) 319-2052

District Office
322 W. Compton Boulevard
Suite 100
Compton, CA 90220
(310) 223-1201

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Day 20 - Department of Corrections, Parole Division Value Statement

We serve, protect, and are responsible to the public

We will...
  • Protect the community.
  • Strive for the public's trust and respect.
  • Exercise our power and authority judiciously.
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner above reproach with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.
  • Use public funds and property in the most prudent and cost-effective manner.

We value professional excellence and a supportive atmosphere in which staff is
encouraged to realize their potential.

We will...
  • Commit to the treatment of all people with dignity and respect.
  • Further professional development through training and education.
  • Pledge ourselves to the highest standards of staff safety and competency.
  • Encourage and reward creativity, constructive criticism, teamwork, and responsible risk taking.
  • Maintain a healthy attitude through compassion and humor.

We accept the challenges of leadership.

We will...
  • Articulate a clear vision for parole.
  • Communicate the importance of our work by consistently and boldly presenting our mission.
  • Be ethical, responsible, and responsive leaders and expect the same from those who lead us.
  • Lead by example, cognizant of our responsibility as role models.
  • Demonstrate a passion for parole work.
  • Maintain flexibility and the ability to adapt to change.
  • Acknowledge our role in the criminal justice system and commit to the development of a partnership with other departmental divisions, outside agencies, and the community.

We believe that parolees are ultimately accountable for the quality
of their lives and are capable of change.

We will..
  • Provide a range of resources and services to offer the opportunity for change.
  • Encourage and assist parolees in their effort to reintegrate into the community.
  • Impose sanctions and/or incarcerate parolees who engage in serious misconduct.
  • View crisis situations as opportunities to exert positive influence on parolee values and behavior.

We believe that public safety is best served through a partnership
between parole staff and the community.

We will...
  • Enable parole agents to be an active part of the community's public safety plans.
  • Work with our communities as partners in public safety, public service, and offender reintegration.
  • Acknowledge the unique character of the communities in which we work.
  • Encourage staff to become involved with community agencies, to share resources, and obtain services for parolees.
  • Encourage and welcome the participation of volunteers in our work.
  • Respect the rights of crime victims, provide them with access to appropriate information, and obtain their input when establishing parole plans.

We believe that organizational review and self-examination
are critical to our effectiveness.

We will...
  • Hold ourselves accountable by setting standards of performance and consistently applying these standards.
  • Be proactive in our efforts to review our effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Involve staff in the development of programs, processes, and procedures.
  • Encourage risk taking, learn from our mistakes, and demonstrate strong support for our staff.
  • Incorporate technological advances into our systems for service delivery.


Who are they kidding?

Call these clowns and tell them their 'value statement' is a joke and to get David Allyn Dokich out of Mead Valley and away from children now!

Director of the California Department of Corrections Jeanne Woodford - 916-445-7682

Secretary of the California Department of Corrections Rod Hickman - 916-323-6001

Deputy Director of Paroles Mr. Jim L'Etoile - 916-327-0693

Regional Chief Deputy of Field Operations Alfred Martinez - 909-468-2301 x2322

Thanks to Carlos for providing the info.

Day 20 - Site getting hammered, we almost got run over

We were getting so many visitors this afternoon that I could not add any new posts. I left and went back to the protest.

About 9:20 tonight a white Jeep grand cherokee entered Camp Pervert. A woman was driving and there was an unidentified passenger.

Because one of the double gates was closed and she tried to squeeze through, she scraped up the side of her Jeep.

About 10 minutes later she again tried to squeeze through the gate and again she scraped the side of her vehicle. This time she was alone.

She then drove about 40 feet down the road, put the Jeep in reverse, and headed backwards as fast as she could towards the group of protesters on the side of the road. She stopped about 10 feet from them then fled the scene.

A cowardly act from a pervert lover.

Day 20 - John from KFI speaks with Supervisor Jeff Stone

Supervisor Jeff Stone talked about the urgency ordinance (see my earlier post about the board of supervisors meeting). He was trying to send a message to the state to stop dumping sexual predators in our neighborhoods.

Stone said Deputy Director of Corrections Jim L'Etoile told him they have no plans of moving Dokich. Stone said Jim L'Etoile did not seem very interested in trying to move Dokich.

Stone talked about how the sheriff's department went to the sexual predator clown house and a young woman answered the door. When asked where the person responsible for running the facility was the young woman said it was her mother and that she was out running errands.

Stone also spoke to the fact that the corrections department (I think its the actual facility holding the inmate) simply sends a letter via regular mail as notification that a sexual predator will be placed in the area. There is no follow up to ensure local officials are actually notified!

Stone talked about the initiative for the state ballot. They will need 800,000 signatures and they will start collecting them in about 30 days.

Stone sent the John and Ken Show a list of the assembly bills killed by the public safety committee that would have put tighter restrictions on sexual predators and provided more safety for the public.

I will try to get those bilsl and the names of the losers that killed them and post them later.

Day 20 - John from KFI speaks with Sheriff Doyle

Sheriff Bob Doyle spoke with John from the John and Ken Show today. He said he had not heard back from Rod Hickman or anyone from his department today regarding moving David Allyn Dokich.

Sheriff Doyle said they cannot get any help from the Public Safety Committee. John mentioned that they just got a 12% pay raise!

Sheriff Doyle talked again about getting a proposal on the ballot.

The Phelan guys brought their sign, thanks!

Day 20 - Watch Channel 4 news tonight

Mary Parks from NBC 4 news was at the protest today with a camera man. She interviewed several of the protesters.

Watch channel 4 news today at 5, 6 and 11 pm for the story.

Mary Parks from Channel 4 News

Day 20 - Board of Supervisors meeting recap

Yesterday I hinted that something may happen today that would result in David Allyn Dokich being removed from Mead Valley.

I could not share all the details at that time because we did not want to tip off the parole department.

Yesterday, Supervisor Jeff Stone told us he was bringing before the board of supervisors an urgency ordinance that if passed would allow the county sheriff to immediately arrest and transport David Allyn Dokich to the county jail.

Bottom line, that did not happen as planned, read the following for all the details of this mornings meeting.


Supervisor Jeff Stone wanted the supervisors to vote on an 'urgency' ordinance that would restrict high risk sexual offenders from living within 2 miles of any school K through 12.

Supervisor Stone talked about how they have little or no warning when the state dumps these predators in our neighborhoods. He is concerned that the state does not provide proper monitoring. Mentioned the Sheriff's visit to Dokich's group home when there was no supervision from the state.

Said a popular radio station (referring to KFI and John and Ken) would be broadcasting from the location tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th.

Said he spoke with the Deputy Director of Corrections this morning (probably Mr. Jim L'Etoile), no decision had been made yet regarding moving Dokich.

County council gave their opinion that this ordinance would supercede state law which is not allowed. Concerned it would allow Dokich and others like him to sue the county.

Supervisor Stone said the state's system is broken. The supervisors were sworn to provide safety for the residents. Supervisor Stone said he would spend time in jail if thats whats needed to send a message to Sacramento.

Supervisor Stone said the current legislature in Sacramento was 'disfunctional' and that Riverside is drafting a proposition for the ballot.

Supervisor John Tavaglione agrees with Supervisor Stone, wonders if the Sheriff would enforce the ordinance because it supercedes state law, Tavglione would prefer to do it legally but would go to jail with Stone if needed.

Supervisor Marion Ashely mentioned the 8 or 9 assembly bills that would put restrictions on sexual predators have all been killed by the legislature.

Supervisor Bob Buster, who's district has Dokich's group home in it, was the lone dissenter. He said while he shared the 'concerns' of the others, he is against breaking the law. Wanted language added to the ordinance that would prevent it from taking affect until it was approved by the state attorney general. Its unlikely the state attorney general will approve of a county ordinance that supercedes state law, so that will effectively kill it.

It took about an hour to add the language Buster requested. Supervisors voted and passed the urgency ordinance.

Many residents spoke and gave impassioned pleas to the board for help.

Unfortunately, Dokich is still in Mead Valley at this time.

Day 20 - Sheriff Doyle spoke with Rod Hickman

During this mornings board of supervisors meeting Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said he spoke briefly this morning with Secretary of the California Department of Corrections Rod Hickman. Doyle said Hickman told him Dokich 'may' be moved this afternoon.

Lets see if that happens. If it does it clearly in response to the John and Ken Show making a promise to broadcast their entire show tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th, from across the street of Camp Pervert.

John and Ken made the announcement yesterday, today Rod Hickman says Dokich 'may' be moved this afternoon, you do the math.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Day 19 - Is Camp Pervert losing its charm?

A check of the Megan's Law website shows that some of the sexual predators in Camp Pervert have relocated!

It now shows that John Thomas Hawthorne resides at 23343 Old Valley Rd, Moreno Valley, 92553

It also shows that Rene Pryor has moved to 1328 Euclid apt # 5, Santa Monica, 90404

As you may remember, Esteban Rocha was incarcerated last week.

Whats wrong perverts, don't like the neighborhood?

Day 19 - Important Announcement!

We have a chance to get David Allyn Dokich out as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23rd.

In order for that to happen we need your help!

I cannot provide all the details at this time but you need to do the following:

Attend tomorrow's Board of Supervisors meeting. There will be a very important vote by the supervisors. If passed, Dokich will be gone!

Show your support and get to that meeting. I cannot stress this enough. Bring your children, bring your family, bring your friends and neighbors.

Arrive between 8 and 8:30 am. Ask to sign in so you may speak before the board.

Tell them you support Supervisor Jeff Stone's emergency messure to deal with high risk sex offenders!

4080 Lemon Street
Riverside, CA

The address is above, click it for a map.

Also, please e-mail Jeff Stone:


Again, write that you support Supervisor Jeff Stone's emergency messure to deal with high risk sex offenders! This way Supervisor Stone can present these to the board.

After the meeting tomorrow I will post all the details.

Molestation Valley

Day 19 - Supervisor Jeff Stone stops by the protest

It was about 6:30 pm and Supervisor Jeff Stone stopped by and spoke with myself, Lirra and the other dozen or so protesters.

It was a real moral booster for us and we greatly appreciate it.

Supervisor Stone gave us the details on his emergency messure that deals with high risk sex offenders. Everyone was smiling after hearing what he had to say.

Tomorrow will be a huge day in the battle between the residents of Mead Valley and David Allyn Dokich and his pals in the Corrections and Parole department.

Day 19 - I'm back

Well I took the weekend off. I had family in town from out of state. I got to get caught up on e-mails, phone calls, etc.. When you spend 2 weeks in front of Camp Pervert you can really fall behind in the other aspects of your life.

I did drive by on Day 17, Saturday evening, and saw about a dozen protesters.

More to come and keep protesting!

Day 19 - John and Ken show to appear!

Details to follow!

Stay tuned!


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