David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Day 31 - Recap, I took one for the team

This one is long, read it carefully folks, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department is getting frustrated.

Another fun day of protesting. Good crowd, varied between 10-35, growing as the day went on.

Someone came by from parole and gave us some t-shirts and "ScrewArnold" bumper stickers. A lot of them don't like these perverts being dumped here any more than we do. We appreciate their support.

This afternoon the guy with the loud, Queen Mary type horns showed up again. He blasted again from the road before I got there. After I arrived he came again only this time he drove right up next to the house and did it. We were yelling, even with bullhorns, for him not to do it but he did and then took off.

We later found out his daughter's burned body had been found in an orange grove this past December, very sad. He obviously has some very personal reasons to be angry when child rapists are dumped into the community.

In the late afternoon Lirra, Gary (from Phelan) and myself walked up the dirt road that leads to the vacant parcels next to the clown house. I continued up the road to speak with my neighbor (who unknowingly bought 10 acres behind the clown house) while Lirra and Gary remained behind to insult the perverts.

As I was speaking with my neighbor he told me he had planned to split his 10 acres into smaller parcels and sell them. Now he does not think that is possible because of the half way house next door full of child rapists, molesters and other parolees. No one will want to live there. He said he did not know what to do. I told him to do nothing, let us deal with it. He has children and we do not want them to become a target. Remember this conversation, its very important later in the story.

I walked back down the dirt road, met up with Lirra and Gary, and we all walked back to the road in front of camp pervert. When we got there we saw the sheriff's arresting the guy with loud horns whose daughter was murdered last December. He came back while we were up the dirt road. They say he is drunk. We offer to drive him home, he has lost a child, they don't really care and take him away.

At 9 pm Lirra and I walked back up the dirt road. As you may remember, as you walk along this road there are 3 vacant parcels to the right. On the other side of those parcels is camp pervert. We walked to the last parcel. It borders my neighbors property and is the parcel the perverts have been driving across to avoid us out front.

We walk along the trail carved out by the perverts to the far corner. We are just on the other side of the property to camp pervert. We see someone walking in the dark so I hit them with the light. Its the 2 parole agents. I use the light to show Lirra where the property line is because camp pervert has no fence. We weren't making any noise. We did yell hi to the parole officers. We were there probably less than 5 minutes.

About that time we see a car driving up the dirt road. We watch as it turns up the trail, heading towards us with its bright lights on, gaining speed. Is it one of the perverts coming back home? Lirra and I are standing it what amounts to a dark field. There are no lights, its pitch dark, and some screw ball is flying at us. I hit the car with my light, making sure they know 2 people are standing there.

The car slides sideways to a stop, missing me by 1 foot, really. Lirra was directly behind me. This lunatic almost killed us both. The first thing I did was yell "Whats your problem?"

Out pops a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy, shoving his service weapon in our faces and ordering us to turn around. He handcuffs me, puts me in the back of the car, and starts questioning Lirra. Hey, how come she did not get any handcuffs? Thats discrimination! Or maybe he just likes to handcuff men.

We later learn its Sgt. Brown. We will just call him Brown-nose for now since he has his nose so far up Harriet Cooks ass (she runs Camp Pervert).

Brown-nose points at my neighbors property and tells Lirra he has talked to them 3 times and they are sick of us protesting. Bold face lie. Of course Brown-nose does not know they are my neighbors. He thinks he can pull one over on us. Remember my conversation earlier in the day with my neighbor? Told you it was important. We just caught Brown-nose in a lie. Brown-nose is a liar, na na na na na na.

When Lirra told Brown-nose I knew those people, Brown-nose dropped it and tried another tactic. Brown-nose started talking about how if some of the protesters started getting arrested it would turn the media against us.

Really? Lets see, concerned parents protesting to protect their children vs a house full of convicted child molesters, rapists and parolees. Gee, thats a tough one. Don't give up your day job Brown-nose.

Lirra held her ground and Brown-nose gave up. He send her walking, took me out of the car, and started in on me. Of course he skipped the whole "the neighbors are complaining" routine because he knew I would know thats a lie.

He tried something new on me, the "you shined your light on me, boo hoo" routine. He felt threatened by my light. OK, I confess, its not just a light, its a death ray cleverly disguised as a light. Brown-nose is just lucky I did not hit the vaporize button.

Then he gave me the same "media will turn on you", yada yada ya speech he gave Lirra. Don't they have some sort of minimum IQ standards to become a deputy?

Again with the trespassing. I looked it up after the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy lied to us about it last night.

I have to digress here. Why do the Deputies feel the need to continually lie to the public? It must be contagious, its seems to be spreading amongst the deputies, maybe they need a prophylactic dispenser in their locker room.

I mentioned to Brown-nose penal code 602 which clearly states a peace officer can request we leave the property only if its on behalf of the property owners request. Since all the owners live out of the area we know damn well no such request has been made.

Brown-nose did not like that. They don't like it when you catch them in their lies. So Brown-nose came up with penal code 836. I looked it up.

A peace officer may arrest a person in obedience to a warrant, or, without a warrant, may arrest a person whenever any of the following circumstances occur:
(1) The officer has probable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense in the officer's presence.

Exactly what public offense did we commit Brown-nose? Standing in the dark and almost getting run over by you?

Anyway, he cut me loose. I think he was getting frustrated with me because any time I used a word with more than two syllables he got this dull look in his eyes.

As Lirra and I walked back to the road we both agreed we would go to jail if thats what it takes. Brown-nose is very wrong if he thinks his antics will stop us from protesting, it only deepens our resolve.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!


We later learned that Brown-nose's nightstick recently filed for divorce. Maybe thats why he is so grumpy.

Day 31 - A solution as to where to place perverts like David Allyn Dokich?

The following was written by Paco Villa who has an entire site dedicated to all things relating to the California Department of Corrections (CDC).


The answer to the High Notoriety Sex Offender placement conundrum

Giving CDC its due, the laws pertaining to placing sex offender parolees are stupid. The legislature, in its minimal wisdom magically converted inmates FROM COUNTIES to parolees FROM THE STATE. Then, they caved to the whining of certain Sheriff's and mandated parole to the county of last legal residence. Yet, once a sex offender (or ANY offender for that matter) is committted from a county, city and county law enforcement consider them state property (read problems). But, that's the way it is.

So, what to do with parolees like Mr. Dokich who draws Frankenstein-esque crowds of torch-toting locals wherever he goes? Should we transfer him to a remote fire camp in Modoc County like the last Sex Offender of the Year designee? Paco has the answer: and it will save untold millions every year!

Let's kick the wardens and their kids out of on-reservation "staff housing" and convert the perquisite-pads into halfway houses, sex offender housing, "transitional homes" etc. Spud (thats the nickname for Rod Hickman) could easily relieve P&CSD of supervisory responsibilities by having the OP or Central Services S & E's verify curfew, conduct searches, collect piss etc. And, under existing law, any alcohol or drug possession on grounds would constitute a potential new term. And, when it's time to roll one up: there you are! Kismet!

CIM, Folsom, CTF, SQ and MOST of the pre-boom prisons have state owned residences currently being rented to mucky-mucks for next to nothing. Each such facility could serve as regional sex offender placement centers and, while they are at it, surplus homes could be converted into whatever other residential rehabilitation program is slated to be our next failed effort. Consider that P&CSD routinely houses 290's for their entire parole term...and 290's don't discharge early. Invariably, placement in halfway houses, residential centers and the like costs many times more than luxury apartment rent or the average house payment. Think of the savings!

Of course, the only unanswered question is community reaction. That is, how will the locals react when they learn displaced Wardens and their toadies are moving into the neighborhood?

Click here to read the article

Day 31 - Remember, the parole agents are not the issue

Everyone, please, take it easy on the parole agents.

They did not place David Allyn Dokich in our neighborhood and they can't get him out.

I know they are a convenient target, but they are not the decision makers.

The bone heads in Sacramento are the real problem.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Day 30 - Recap, it was awesome

Wow, what a night, probably the best ever.

We started out small, only about 6 when I got there. But it grew to about 25 protesters. A whole van full of new protesters showed up, fantastic.

A full size pickup truck with what I can only describe as a couple of good ol' boys pulled up and stopped directy in the driveway to camp pervert. They hopped out and yelled "we are here to honk our horn". That was the understatement of the year. The entire bed of the truck was filled with 5 giant horns and a massive air compressor and tank. They let loose a blast for 2 solid minutes that sounded like the Queen Mary! That got the perverts up and running around the yard.

At 9 pm a group of 6 of us walked over to our new favorite spot next to the clown house. We had a bullhorn but with the women there it really doesn't matter, they are loud!

Again we shouted the usual insults "Child rapist", "Perverts", etc.. One of the occupants came out and did the tough guy routine. It looked like child molester Michael Rock but its hard to tell. He got so frustrated he actually stomped up and down on the ground like a 5 year old having a tantrum, it was hilarious.

After about 10-15 minutes of us yelling we spotted a sheriff's car flying up the driveway to Camp Pervert. Soon the deputy was on foot and running at us. Well running might be an exaggeration considering his girth.

I have to stop and take a moment to talk about this response time. I have lived here for over 15 years. Myself and others can tell you it usually takes at least 45 minutes for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to respond when we call. Yet for some reason a house full of child molesters, rapists and other parolee's get the type of service the honest citizens in the area can only dream of.

Anyway, the deputy gave us the "your trespassing, get off their property" routine only we were not on their property. We know where the property lines are and we are not going across them.

The property we were on is owned by someone who does not live in the area. When we told the deputy that he tried the "its posted no trespassing" routine. Wrong again Bubba. The property next door (the owner of which I know) is posted, not the property we were on.

It should also be noted that the molesters, rapists and parolees have been driving through the very same private property we were standing on to avoid us out at the front entrance. Its O.K. for them to trespass but, if concerned citizen protesting to protect their children do, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department suddenly wants to crack down on trespassers. Once again they illustrate how ass backwards their priorities are.

Soon after that the police helicopter showed up. This baby cost $500 just to get off the ground and they felt the need to send it over to us. Concerned citizens, trying to protect their children, shouting in protest, no weapons, no violence. What a remarkable demonstration of the best way to use law enforcement resources.

But wait, it gets better.

I told the deputy the owners don't want the perverts next door to their properties. How could they, the property value is going down the toilet. The deputy said we would need to file a letter at the Perris station from the owners saying we could be on their property.

After we got the women calmed down we started walking back down to the road. One of the protesters phone rang. It was her mother wondering about the police helicopter. When she told her mother what happened, her mother then informed her that the property we were on is owned by a relative! We are in baby!

Thanks to the police sending their $500 an hour helicopter, we now know that 2 of the 3 parcels closest to the clown house are owned by a protester's relatives!

Plans are under way. We will be filing the letters with the police, mowing the weeds on the parcels and soon we will be tailgating right next to the clown house!

The fun is just getting started, see you tomorrow!

Great sign!

Day 30 - Lets protest peacefully

I understand that 30 days of protest is frustrating but lets keep it peaceful and lawful.

Apparently last night some nails were placed in the driveway to Camp Pervert. You may think it serves them right to get a flat, maybe so. But they could just as easily be driving on the freeway and get a blowout going 60 mph. Who knows how disastrous that could turn out.

We can't control what every screwball who drives by does, but we can control ourselves and continue to protest the right way.

Also, lets be respectful of the parole agents on the ground. They are not the decision makers, they did not place David Allyn Dokich in our neighborhood, they are there to try and keep everyone safe.


Word is camera's will be going up around Camp Pervert. If you plan on breaking the law, bring bail money with you.

Day 30 - Stop voting for the Pervert Protectors!

2004 November General Election Results

Jackie Goldberg (district 45) 76%
Mark Leno (district 13) 82%
Mervyn Dymally (district 52) 100%

Each of the above are members of the Public Safety Committee and have consistently sided with the child rapists and molesters and against you and your children.

You, the voters in their districts, are giving them landslide victories. Why? What the hell are you thinking?

You voted them into office, you have only yourself to blame when the next child is molested or raped.

Day 30 - The Evil Trio

Mark Leno is for the child rapists

Jackie Goldberg is pro child rapist

Mervyn Dymally is for the child rapists

Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally are all on the Assembly Public Safety Committee and have consistently voted against you and your children and for the perverts and child rapists!

If thats what you want, do nothing.

If you want to protect your children, call them and tell them how you feel!


Mark Leno

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA
Fax (916) 319-2113
Phone (916) 319-2013

District Office
455 Golden Gate Ave.
Suite 14300
San Francisco, CA
Fax (415) 557-3015
Phone (415) 557-3013


Jackie Goldberg

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
(916) 319-2045
(916) 319-2145 Fax

District Office
106 North Avenue 56
Los Angeles, ca 90042
(323) 258-0450
(323) 258-3807 Fax

Email Assemblymember.Goldberg@asm.ca.gov


Mervyn Dymally

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0052
(916) 319-2052

District Office
322 W. Compton Boulevard
Suite 100
Compton, CA 90220
(310) 223-1201

Day 30 - The Pervert Patrol's first sting operation was a success!

Scanning the Megan's Law website revealed a child molester by the name of Bruce Robert Cook living here in Mead Valley. Turns out he lives with a pastor for Crosswinds Community Church.

Bruce Robert Cook

A few protesters checked out the location. Its a home with a skateboard ramp and basketball court clearly visible from the street. Very enticing to kids.

One of our protesters called the number (951) 657-3265 pretending to be new to the area. She said she heard they had an area for local kids to skateboard and play and that her son loves to skateboard. The man on the phone was very friendly, said her son was welcome to come over and spoke of what great things they do for the community.

The protester then mentioned that she keeps seeing these signs in the area about a child molester and asked if they had anyone there like that. The man said "no we don't....well not that I am aware of".

She then asked the man for his name and he replied "Bruce Cook"!

Bruce Robert Cook, child molester, luring children over to his residence, unbelievable.

Day 30 - More pressure, new tactics

Its been 30 days folks. 30 days since the State of California, Department of Corrections, Parole Division and governor Schwarzenegger's office declared war on our community by dumping a 2 time child rapist into our neighborhood.

The Parole Division said they would "hunker down and wait us out". Well we are still here!

Starting today we will be changing tactics. One of the things we will be doing is notifying all the neighbors of each child molester listed on the Megan's Law website. A unique flyer for each of the molesters will be distributed to the surrounding homes. It will contain the perverts mugshot and phone numbers to call and complain to, including the usual cast of characters in parole and the governors office.

More to come.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day 29 - Recap, we have no class?

Another small crowd tonight, only about 10 protesters.

We made 2 more trips up to the side of the clown house, the second time being the closest so far. We had to walk through some weeds but it was worth it. We were directly north of the pervert infested house where it sits closest to the property line.

Never under estimate how loud women can be when they are concerned for their children. All those years of yelling at kids really paid off. These gals set some sort of decibel record and the perverts were not very happy about it.

One came out of the house and said we "had no class". Yep, a child molester actually said we were the ones without class. A couple more scumbags appeared over the course of the next hour, yelling things I cannot repeat here.

One tried to shine a light on us but drown out by my spot light. My light weighs about 10 pounds, is powered by a small car battery and is the brightest thing this side of a Night Sun. Next time get a mans light, not a sissy light you perverts.

We look forward to our next trip up to the clown house, its a fun time for all, unless you are one of the perverts.

See you tomorrow.

Day 29 - Rod Hickman calls the parole system a 'failed' system

Agency Secretary Rod Hickman told reporters the new parole strategy would fix a failed $1 billion-a-year system that has produced the highest recidivism rates in the country while doing little to help parolees readjust to life on the outside.

"The current parole system doesn't promote public safety, it ignores victims, shortchanges taxpayers and fails the residents of this state," said Hickman, the Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointee who sets policy for the Department of Corrections, the California Youth Authority and the Board of Prison Terms.

Read the complete story

That was over a year ago, how long will it take for those idiots to get it?

Secretary of the California Department of Corrections Rod Hickman - (916) 323-6001

Governor Schwarzenegger:

(916) 445-2841 - Sacramento
(951) 680-6860 - Riverside

Day 29 - Reminder "Safe Escape" replaying today

Safe Escape can be seen on Val Verde Unified School District’s “MVEd-TV,” Adelphia Cable channel 16 on Thursday at 1:00 pm, and 11:00 pm.

Day 29 - Internal documents from parole being leaked

Last night while protesting, a vehicle (which I will not describe here) slowed to a stop in front of me and just sat there. I walked up to it, the drivers window lowered, and arm emerged and handed me dozens of documents. Before I could say a word the vehicle sped off.

Turns out they are internal documents from the parole division of the department of corrections.

I posted a couple of quick scans. I will be going through these today to see if there is anything of interest.

Internal documents, this could be interesting

Notice it says "community services" under Jim L'Etoile's name, what a joke

Day 29 - David Allyn Dokich victim reading this blog

An official very close to the David Allyn Dokich case has informed me that one of his victims is reading this blog to keep up to date on whats happening.

I hope she can take some solace in knowing that the community is trying to make David Allyn Dokich's life as miserable as possible.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Day 28 - Recap, we had some fun tonight

Another low turn out, we had less than 10 protesters tonight. Some are on vacation, some have end of school year activities, lets hope that explains it and not a lack of interest.

We have looked at the county records and have all the property lines identified. There are 3 parcel's to the north of the clown house that are vacant and very close to the house. All of the owners live out of the area but are concerned about their property values dropping since a half way house for parolees, molesters and child rapists is right next door.

Around 7 pm a female protester and I walked over to the back corner of the property of Camp Pervert. She had a bull horn. We were only about 40 feet from the back of the house. We yelled the usual insults "Perverts!", "Child rapist" etc.. A male hispanic emerged (probably a parolee for a non child molestation crime) and cried that we were trespassing. Nice try bubba, we now know where the property lines are. He also took our picture. Hey pervert lover, e-mail me that pic and I will post it here.

Shortly before 8 pm each parole agent drove in and actually waved at us, I think that is a first. Plus they were both on time for a change.

One of the parents had to leave to attend her daughters tennis event. When she returned she spoke of how she could not relax and enjoy it but instead kept wondering if the residents of the sexual predator clown house had been watching her daughter and when her daughter would be safe again.

At 9:45 pm six of us again walked over to the back corner. We were about 40 feet from the house. It was a moonless night and we were very quiet. On cue we all started yelling "Perverts!", "Child rapist" etc.. For 2 minutes nothing happened so we kept yelling. Then we could see flashlights searching the yard. It was the 2 parole agents but they could not figure out where we were. For 1 month we have been out front on the road, now we changed tactics. We started yelling "over here, we're over here dummies" and "you're getting warmer" and "marko.....polo". It took them a few minutes but they finally spotted us. Good grief, talk about Keystone Cops.

We all had a good laugh watching the parole agents fumble about.

See you tomorrow.

Day 28 - Governor Schwarzenegger ignores residents pleas

I asked Kate (916)445-2841 in Governor Schwarzenegger's office today what the governor's position was on the David Allyn Dokich situation.

She said "he has no position" and is leaving it up to the California Board of Prison Terms

Looks like the governor of California does not care that violent child rapists are being place in your neighborhoods. Come to think of it, Arnold's family probably lives in a nice, safe, gated community. You can bet none of these child predators are being placed near his family!

Governor Schwarzenegger carried Riverside County in the recall election and now he just thumbed his nose at every one of us.

Call his office and tell him what you think:

(916) 445-2841 - Sacramento
(951) 680-6860 - Riverside

Arnold does not care about your children or things of that nature

Day 28 - Some statistics regarding child molesters

Some excerpts from the article:

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 20 percent of all U.S. girls and 10 percent of all U.S. boys suffer some form of sexual assault, before reaching adulthood. Child molestation is a national epidemic.

The California Department of Corrections reports that over half of convicted sex-offenders return to prison, within a year of their release. That number jumps to three-fourths, after a year. In fact, 20 percent of all U.S. prison inmates report to having molested a child. However, incarceration does nothing to end their desire to abuse children. You simply cannot punish the evil 'out of someone'--you can only extinguish that evil.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average child molester sexually abuses 117 children over his lifetime.

Click here to read the entire article

Day 28 - AB 35 killed by Public Safety Committee

Click here to read the bill analysis

AB 35 would provide the public with more information regarding sexual predators in their neighborhood. It would add the name and address of the offender's employer and the make, model and license plate number of the offender's vehicle to the information available via the Internet. Also, it would limit the crimes for which sex registrants may apply for exclusion from the Internet web site.


Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, Inc.
Crime Victims United of California
City of Lake Forest
County of San Diego
Los Angeles Police Protective League
Peace Officers Research Association
Riverside Sheriff's Association
San Bernardino County Office of the Sheriff


American Civil Liberties Union
California Alliance Against Domestic Violence
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
California Public Defenders Association
Voters Corrections Reform Coalition
1 private citizen

This bill was killed by the Public Safety Committee with Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervin Dymally all voting against it, against you and your children and for the child molesters and rapists.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Day 27 - Recap

I arrived at 6 pm. About a half dozen protesters were there along with Lori Stone-Rubin from Supervisor Jeff Stone's office.

Lori spoke of all the avenues they are exploring in trying to get Dokich moved and we appreciate their efforts.

Supervisor Marion Ashley showed shortly after 6 pm. Again he brought cold drinks for all and offered his support. Thank you Supervisor Ashley.

We had a smaller than usual crowd, only about 20 protesters tonight. Around 7 pm about a ten of us took a little walk. We have looked up the property lines and found we can get very close to the side of the house. We had a bull horn and yelled some insults. No one from Camp Pervert would come out. When we walked back down to the road 2 individuals then emerged from the clown house.

A couple of our regular protesters are heading out for vacation and will be gone a week. The crowd was definately smaller than usual, lets hope it picks back up.

Day 27 - Meeting with local law enforcement

Lirra was contacted by the Riverside Sheriff's Department. They wanted to meet with her, about what was not clear. She asked me to attend also as we have been advised by members of law enforcement sympathetic to our cause to never be interviewed alone.

We arrived at 4 pm and were greeted by Lt. Peter Herrera. Lirra thinks he was a bit surprised she was not alone. Sgt. Patrick Chavez also attended the meeting.

Their first concern seemed to be how long the protest would last. I think they were disappointed when we told them "until Dokich is gone". They have to dedicate resources to the area around Last Chance, I wish they could send the bill to Sacramento.

We asked them if there was any coordination going on between them (sheriff's department) and Last Chance. Lt. Herrera assured us that is not the case. If a sheriff's vehicle drives by as a vehicle enters the property its purely coincidental. The officers are trained to diffuse situations and thus will try to make sure vehicles can enter the property as quickly as possible.

Lt. Herrera mentioned the incident last week when 2 of the 'residents' of Last Chance were chased by local residents. Lt. Herrera said "they were not sex offenders". We informed him one of them was identified as an individuals who came down to the road and threatened some women protesters a couple weeks ago. Husbands take exception to that sort of behavior.

Lt. Herrera said the Parole Division is afraid of setting a precedent by moving Dokich. If they move him because of our protest then other communities will demand the same.

They expressed concerns about escalating violence and for the safety of all. We tried to make it clear that the protesters that are there on a regular basis are protesting in a non-violent fashion. However, we cannot control what any individual does and every now and then a knuckle head shows up and wants to do something crazy.

Both Lt. Herrera and Sgt. Chavez were courteous, friendly and professional.

Day 27 - High risk sex offender among us

The following appears in the May 2005 issue of the Benoit Bulletin.

On May 5, 2005, a dangerous convicted sex offender named David Allyn Dokich was released from prison into Mead Valley, a small community in the 64th Assembly District. Dokich is a high-risk sexual predator. In 1987, Dokich was convicted of nine counts of forcible rape and oral copulation against a 16-year-old Lake Elsinore girl and sentenced to 35 years in prison. He had previously served time for raping an Orange County girl in 1982.

When he was sentenced, he told the court, “Thirty-five years? I may as well kill the next one.” Now, after serving only half of his sentence, he is out on parole. Dokich was released early because the law he was sentenced under allows criminals to be released early, after serving as little as half their original sentence, if they earn “good time” credits in prison. The Riverside District Attorney’s Office attempted to have Dokich held as “mentally unstable” but was unsuccessful.

Initially, the Department of Corrections notified Riverside County officials that Dokich would be released to a home owned by his parents in Sun City. Only days before his scheduled release did the Department of Corrections learn that the homeowner association’s age restrictions prevented Dokich’s placement there.

Therefore, at the very last minute, Dokich’s placement was changed to Last Chance Enlightenment, a group home for parolees in Mead Valley, located near family homes and a school. The surprise nature of the placement allowed insufficient time for vital notifications and preparations to ensure the safety of both Mr. Dokich and the community.

The result of Dokich’s hasty and ill-advised placement has been disastrous. The Mead Valley community and local law enforcement officials received little to no information prior to his release. Community members, concerned for the safety of their children, are conducting daily protests in dangerous circumstances. Tensions are rising, creating a clear and present safety danger for all involved.

On May 13, I convened a meeting to address the Dokich situation. Attending were Riverside County Supervisors Bob Buster and Jeff Stone, Sheriff Bob Doyle, Deputy District Attorneys Rod Pacheco and Linda Dunn, Riverside City Councilmen Dom Betro and Steve Adams, and representatives from the offices of Governor Schwarzenegger, Senators Battin, Hollingsworth, and Dutton, and Assemblymembers Bogh and Haynes. Joining us by phone were two directors from the Department of Corrections – Jean Woodford and Jim L’Atoile. Together, we urged the Department to immediately relocate Dokich.

The Dokich placement has received widespread media attention, especially on talk radio. Both my chief-of-staff, Barry Nestande, and I have been interviewed multiple times on the John & Ken radio show.

Yet unfortunately, this week I was personally notified by Secretary Hickman, Department of Corrections, that the Department is not relocating Mr. Dokich at this time. This decision is unacceptable to me and the community.

Under California’s Three Strikes Law, Dokich would not have been released until he had served 85% of his sentence, nearly 30 years. However, he was sentenced before Three Strikes. I have pledged my support to an upcoming initiative designed to toughen our other anemic laws that allow this type of situation to occur. Unfortunately, it will most likely require a vote of the people to bypass the liberal majority in the Legislature who consistently oppose even the most modest public safety proposals.

Day 27 - This isn't just about Mead Valley

Michael Raphael Aguirre

Last known residence was:

15893 Camo Bluff Court, Fountain Valley

This is withing walking distance of 4 schools and a park!

So what did Michael Raphael Aguirre do?

Offense Code

He has been in violation of his registration requirements for 2 years now so the Parole Division of the California Department of Corrections has no idea where Michael Raphael Aguirre is.

Is Michael Raphael Aguirre still in Fountain Valley or is he living in your neighborhood now?

Source: Megan's Law

Michael Raphael Aguirre

Michael Raphael Aguirre's last known address

Day 27 - AB 1603 killed by Public Safety Committee

Click here to read the amended bill

This bill would require law enforcement agencies to advise persons determined to be in a "risk zone" of the presence of high-risk sex offenders.

This bill would also expand the information given to the public relating to released sexual predators. For example, the public would be provided the description and license plate number of offender's vehicles or vehicles the offender is known to drive, the type of victim targeted by the offender, relevant parole or probation conditions, such as one prohibiting contact with children, the offender's enrollment, employment, or vocational status with any university, college, community college, or other institution of higher learning.

The California Public Defenders Association
argued against it and said "We are concerned that this bill will have the effect of spreading fear and panic in the populace. There is no requirement of reasonable suspicion that the public is at risk, there is just an unqualified mandate for the police to notify the public that they are in a 'risk zone'. Being told that they are in a high-risk sex offender's 'risk zone' will make all but the most valiant, afraid to go out in public and enjoy public amenities. The resulting panic, fear, and loathing inspired by this kind of notification of a 'risk zone' will inevitably result in harassment, vigilantism, and worse."

This bill was killed by the Public Safety Committee with Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervin Dymally all voting against it, against you and your children and for the child molesters and rapists.

Day 27 - Pay attention next time you vote

2004 November General Election Results

Jackie Goldberg (district 45) 76%
Mark Leno (district 13) 82%
Mervyn Dymally (district 52) 100%

Each of the above are members of the Public Safety Committee and have consistently sided with the child rapists and molesters and against you and your children.

You, the voters in their districts, are giving them landslide victories. Why? What the hell are you thinking?

You voted them into office, you have only yourself to blame when the next child is molested or raped.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Day 26 - Recap

I pulled a 6 pm to 9:30 pm shift. We peaked at around 30 protesters but some started leaving early, many were tired. We had a barbecue and cooked hotdogs.

Around 9 pm an older, large truck came from the south and entered Camp Pervert. As we stood in the driveway watching it drive up to the house a sheriff's deputy came from the north and told us not to stand in the driveway.

We are noticing more and more often that as vehicles enter the property a sheriff's deputy just happens to drive by. There seems to be some coordination going on between the sheriff department and the Last Chance Enlightenment but we can't say for certain.

Keep protesting and keep calling Rod Hickman (916-323-6001) and tell him to get David Allyn Dokich out of Mead Valley and away from children.

See you tomorrow.

Day 26 - A letter to Mark Leno

A protester wanted me to share with you a recent letter she sent to Assemblymember Mark Leno.


Dear Assembly Member Leno,

I am from Mead Valley, CA where recently a high risk sex offender, David Allyn Dokich was released into our neighborhood without prior community notice as required by law.

This sparked outrage among residents and has escalated to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle, District Representatives from both the CA Assembly and Senate and neighboring counties.

You may be aware of their recent passing of an Urgency Ordinance overriding State Law that is symbolic of our plight.

We need tougher laws in this state to protect our children and citizens from sexual predators. In So. Cal. the media has given us much coverage on the matter here but, without tougher laws nothing changes.

Our plight can also be seen on the web at: dokich.blogspot.com

This site is used and read by our local officials to pass along updates to us.

I am respectfully asking for your help as a parent and active volunteer with our local high school marching band (that is considering a visit to S.F. next year).

The residence where Dokich now resides houses other sex offenders and is 1,000 feet from a school bus stop (that 2 band members use) and .9 miles from our rural elementary school. Without strict monitoring of sexual predators the rural community cannot offer enough "eyes" for safety.

I've recently read an article that was printed in the S.F. Chronicle about Florida's toughest monitoring in the country. Sadly it took the death of two young girls to make these changes.

California has long been a role model on many subjects for other states and the world. We should not lag behind on this matter.



PS. You are welcome to leave a comment on the blog for myself and others to read.

Day 26 - Sun City clarification

As you may recall David Allyn Dokich was to be released in Sun City. At the last moment this changed and he was released in Mead Valley.

Many have wondered how Sun City could keep him out but Mead Valley / Riverside County could not.

The Parole Division of the Department of Corrections was going to place David Allyn Dokich in his deceased parents home in Sun City. This home is part of an association that has an age limit of 55 or older. Since David Allyn Dokich is 52 and did not meet the age requirement, attorney's for the association where able to prevent Dokich from residing there.

The city of Sun City did not keep Dokich out, an association did.

However, David Allyn Dokich will be 55 in just 3 short years. He would then meet the association requirements and be able to move into his deceased parents home. A nice, comfy home where he can watch the residents visiting grandchildren and plan for his next victim.

The question now is, will the residents of Patio Homes in Sun City wait 3 years, after David Allyn Dokich has become their neighbor, to take action? By then it may be too late.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Day 25 - I'm public enemy #1

I arrived shortly after 6 pm and stayed until 10 pm. We had 30 plus protesters tonight. I think the night shift is the loudest, they really get into it.

Since its a holiday weekend we had a fire going and roasted marshmellows.

I got a severe tongue lashing from a Sheriff Deputy because I had my foot over the white line. Nice to know she has her priorities in order.

Dokich is still there, one of the protesters saw him in back of the house doing pushups.

Take care all, see you tomorrow.

Welcome to the night shift

Day 25 - Show teaches children to fend off predators


California Legislature

John J. Benoit

Sixty-FOURTH district




Barry Nestande, District Office, 951-369-6644

David Duran, Capitol Office, 916-319-2064

Benoit Hosts Show Teaching Children to Fend Off Predators

SACRAMENTO -- Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R-Palm Desert) today announced that “Safe Escape,” a show aimed at educating children on recognizing threats from unfamiliar adults and how to safely escape, will be airing this week in Mead Valley, Moreno Valley, Perris, and surrounding areas on Adelphia Cable channel 16. A 31 year veteran of law enforcement, Benoit collaborated with fellow retired law enforcement official Bob Stuber to produce a show containing abduction escape demonstrations and real life scenarios children may find themselves in. “Stuber’s teachings have saved countless children from would-be predators and child abductors,” Benoit said.

“With recently released double rapist David Allyn Dokick currently living in Mead Valley, Safe Escape’s timely broadcast is another step aimed at teaching area children how to avoid dangerous strangers like Dokich,” said Benoit. The half hour long segment teaches children clues on recognizing unsafe situations, how to avoid them, and what to do when they feel threatened. Most important, children are instructed on how to quickly and safely escape the situation and seek proper safety when a threat is realized.

Safe Escape can be seen on Val Verde Unified School District’s “MVEd-TV,” Adelphia Cable channel 16 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 11:00 pm until Thursday June 2nd.


Assemblyman Benoit represents the 64th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Palm Desert, Riverside, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Moreno Valley, Canyon Lake and portions of Perris, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Hemet, Menifee and Murrieta.

Day 25 - Meet Michael Rock

Secretary of the California Department of Corrections Rod Hickman (916-323-6001) thinks its a good idea to put this scumbag and others like him in your neighborhood.

Michael Rock


269. (a) Any person who commits any of the following acts upon a child who is under 14 years of age and 10 or more years younger than the person is guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child:
(1) A violation of paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) of Section 261.
(2) A violation of Section 264.1.
(3) Sodomy, in violation of Section 286, when committed by force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the victim or another person.
(4) Oral copulation, in violation of Section 288a, when committed by force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the victim or another person.
(5) A violation of subdivision (a) of Section 289.
(b) Any person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for 15 years to life.


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