David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Day 38 - Recap

Another protester and I made a 30 minute trip today to see the owner of a vacant parcel next to Camp Pervert. We spoke with him and he was not very thrilled to hear a half way house for child rapists, molesters and parolees was right next door and that they were driving across his property without his permission. I put in some No Trespassing signs for him.

We are acquiring more property around the clown house, getting closer and closer, slowly tightening our grip. We are stealing pages out of the militarys PSYOP playbook. Think 1989's Operation Just Cause. A fitting name for our 38 days, and counting, of activities.

There were only 6 protesters when I arrived at 6:30 pm but the numbers grew to over 20 as the sun sat.

Again we split up, some going up to our spot next to the clown house while others remained down on the road to protest and keep an eye out for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. We did see a deputy's car drive by a couple of times but that was about it, no harassment.

I almost forgot, I used my weed wacker on my property today and no deputies showed up to ask me what I was doing or to see my papers. Very odd.

One of our friends from Corrections showed up and protested with us again. We are discussing coordinating an event with them, more on that later.

We called it a night at 10 pm.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!

Day 38 - Article: Starting anew

On Riverside's Antioch Avenue, children play outside while a parolee paces the sidewalk, waving his arms and shouting profanities into the air.

It's an everyday scene in this working-class neighborhood. Over the past year, residents have called police 126 times to investigate reports of violent, mentally ill people, drugs and other, more serious crimes.

Three Antioch Avenue houses for people fresh out of prison are magnets for trouble, Riverside police say. Most of the calls for help stem from activity at or near the parolee homes, police records show.

Frustrated neighbors, weary of the chaos, question how their street became a dumping ground for criminals. State and local policymakers say the situation on Antioch Avenue is not unique.

Click here to read the entire article (free registration required)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Day 37 - Recap...not really

Why no recap?

Because we had no protest today. Yes, we planned it this way.

We learned earlier this week that a gentleman was getting married very close to the clown house tonight.

To avoid his guests hearing shouts of 'Pervert!' and 'Rapist!', we took the day off.

We did not announce it here because we did not want to tip off the perverts.

See you all tomorrow and keep protesting!

Day 37 - 24 child molesters found in one massive clown house!

According to the Megan's Law website there are 24 child molesters living in one location in Good Hope. Good Hope neighbors Mead Valley and like Mead Valley is an unincorporated community in Riverside County.

The address is 24691 State Highway 74, Perris, CA.

For those of you who do not live in the area, Hiway 74 is the main route between Perris and the 215 freeway and Lake Elsinore and the 15 freeway. Along Hiway 74 are mostly small businesses and commercial properties. However there are several adjacent roads that have residential housing.

Here are the names of those listed as living at the clown house:

David Almond, Randy Norman Blacketer, Richard Edward Blackman, Bruce Max Bridges, Lawrence K Cortez, Donald Cox, Roy T Farris, Raul Toribio Fernandez, Anthony Fontana, Keith Ellington Frazer, Herman Louis Haithcock, James A Heard, Kenneth Alonzo King, Byron Doyle Ledgerwood, John Edward McMahan, Richard Medina, Roy Scott Perry, Frederick Arthur Reese, John H Tyree, Douglas Vasquez, Alfonso Marcellino Villegas, Charles Watkins, Thomas Pat Weimer, Glen Edwin Welkley

The reason I listed the names is because the Megan's Law website is not always accurate when searching by address.

As I was driving away I saw 3 pre-teenage kids walking along side the road, just a block away.

24691 State Highway 74

Initiative would limit sex offender's choices

A Corona councilman and two state legislators Monday filed an initiative with the California Attorney General's office to keep sex offenders farther away from schools and parks.

The Safe Schools and Parks Act of 2006 makes it a felony for a person convicted of child molestation or sexual assault to come within 2½ miles of a school or park.

Current law restricts sex offenders from living within a quarter mile of an elementary or middle school, said Corona Councilman Jeff Miller. Miller, state Sen. George Runner, R-Lancaster and wife Rep. Sharon Runner, R-Lancaster, are honorary chairmen of the initiative.

Click here to read the entire article (free registration required)

Senate bill requires offenders to renew drivers license more often

Registered sex offenders would have to renew their driver's licenses every two years under a bill passed by the Senate on a 36-0 vote.

Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga, said of California's 65,000 registered offenders, 18,000 do not inform authorities of their addresses as required by law. Requiring them to renew their licenses frequently, as SB629 requires, is designed to help police track those who fail to update their residency.


Article: Money needed to watch sex offenders

LOS ANGELES - County supervisors agreed Tuesday that the state should better fund its supervision of sex offenders who are sent to the county on parole.

The board unanimously supported a motion by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich to send a letter to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature urging the allocation.

"How we deal with (sex offenders living in the community) is to make sure they are where they are supposed to be, and make sure they are monitored very closely," said Anna Pembedjian, an aide to Antonovich, who represents the Antelope Valley.

"We'd rather have them in no part of the county, but while we can't push them out of the county, we can lobby the state to allocate the resources for proper monitoring of these sex predators."

Click here to read the complete article

Thanks Shellee for providing the link.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day 36 - Recap, all you protesters are "heros"

The son of David Allyn Dokich that I spoke with and wrote about was on the John and Ken Show today. It was an incredible interview and I hope you were able to listen.

One of the reasons I felt is was so important that we hear the story of the son and his mother is that the Megan's Law web site gives us very little information on the actual crimes Dokich or any child molesters are convicted of. For example, the site will list an offense as 288a(a), oral copulation. Thats all, it does not convey the brutal violence inflicted on the victims by these predators.

They covered most of what I wrote about earlier, however they did touch on the mental status of David Dokich and it was quite interesting. The son spoke of how Dokich is very manipulative, gaining a victims trust before he attacks. He believes Dokich is intelligent and a psychopath and will attack again.

While most everyone including our fantastic DA Linda Dunn, victims of Dokich and 2 doctors argued against Dokich being released after only serving half his time, it only took 2 limp wristed socialist doctors who probably have no children and live behind gated communities 450 miles north here to be fooled by Dokich and set him free to prey upon our community.

It cannot be easy speaking of the years of abuse his mother suffered from David Allyn Dokich. This son came forward and shared their story in the hope that effective changes can be made to keep these predators incarcerated. We owe him and his mother a great deal of thanks. Lets hope it can help punch through the fog clouding the minds of the softies in Sacramento. And thank you John and Ken for conducting a skillful interview on a very difficult subject.

The son also called each one of you who have been protesting 'heros'. Your continued protesting is protecting the community from a violent predator.

I arrived later than normal to the protest because I remained at home to listen to the interview. When I arrived around 7:30 pm we had about 10 protesters.

Before I could even exit my vehicle many had run up to our spot next to the clown house. Once I got up there I found out that some teenage girls were there protesting when one of the occupants of Camp Pervert came outside and started taking their pictures. They yelled for help and the parents down on the road made a mad dash up there. Of course the pervert ran back inside once adults were on scene. Typical.

The crowd varied between 10 and 20 throughout the night. We split the group, some staying down on the road and some protesting next to the predator infested house.

We did notice something odd. Its been 2 days and we have not been harassed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. What is going on? Speculation is running wild. Has Lt. Heckles Herrera finally figured out that we are exercising our constitutional rights under the first amendment to protest?

Perhaps. But most think that the powers at be above Heckles are tired of their foolish behavior (and it being reported right here for the whole world to see) and thus have told them in no uncertain terms to knock it off. If thats true we are going to miss them. Deputy Brown-nose trying to run us over with his vehicle keeps us on our toes, and Lt. Heckles Herrera's tall tales of being 'neutral' are always amusing.

It was a great day for the good guys. As the son of Dokich said, you are all heros. Keep protesting!

My interview with the son of David Allyn Dokich

I have spoken with one of the sons of David Allyn Dokich 3 times in the past 24 hours and he has sent me information via e-mail.

He wants to help as much as possible and still try keep as much privacy as possible for himself and his family. Therefore I will not use any real names or disclose where he is currently living. I will simply refer to him as 'John'.

John contacted me yesterday. We verified with a source that he is who he says he is. John is 25 years old and lives in another state.

As I spoke with him on the phone I told him is was odd because this was his father we were going to talk about. John told me that David Allyn Dokich is his father in biological terms only. John really has no use for the man.

I asked him how he found out about this blog. John said he and his mother have watched for any news regarding David Dokich since they were informed of his pending release by the DA's department. They search google on a daily basis and found this blog. They really like what the community is doing and got a kick out of our sting operation.

John and his mother did all they could to prevent David Allyn Dokich from being released, as did our local District Attorneys office. John is really worried about the young girls in our community.

John's mother is still trying to cope with the abuse she received from David Dokich. 25 years later and she is still suffering. Dokich is out of prison but the life long sentence of abuse he imposed upon her continues every day.

There are still some things she cannot talk about, its simply to painful. John said his mother has not even told him the worst of it, things that are to terrible for her to discuss, even after 25 years.

John's mother met David Allyn Dokich when she was 15 years old. Dokich would have been about 28 years old at the time. Dokich charmed her, gained her trust, even charmed her mother (John's grandmother).

John's mother was in a girls boarding school when David Dokich helped her sneak out and move into an appartment. Once Dokich had her away from the family the abuse started. His mother was only 15 years old at the time and very petite. When Dokich would leave he would lock her in. When he would return he was usually drunk or high on drugs and would beat her or worse. John could not elaborate on what 'worse' was, but lets just say it falls in line with what he has been convicted for in the past.

The abuse continued even after John's mother became pregnant with him.

David Allyn Dokich took John's now pregnant mother out of state, moving from state to state, the horrific physical and mental abuse continuing the entire time. John's poor young mother did not know what to do. Remember, this is a 15 year old child we are talking about.

They returned to California for John's birth. The abuse did not stop and Dokich even beat his infant son when he cried.

John said fortunately his birth motivated his mother to escape and seek refuse in a battered womens shelter. Even that did not stop the horror. One day David Dokich found her driving down the hiway, with her infant son in the car, and he ran them off the road. When Dokich got out of the car John's mom was able to speed off and escape.

Dokich showed up at John's mother parents house looking for her and threatened them with a gun. Dokich tried to kidnap John from his mother. Fortunately his grandmother grabbed him and would not let go.

John, only being an infant and thus too young to remember, has been told by people who saw his mother during those 2 years of violent abuse that she was often covered with bruises so deep that even heavy makeup could not cover them.

She eventually had to move out of California. John said they moved from state to state when he was a kid to make sure Dokich could not find them.

John stopped talking about the abuse there, he was getting pretty emotional just thinking about it.

John also has a half brother about 4 years old than him who's father is also David Allyn Dokich. He said his half brothers mother went through the same ordeal as his mother.

John went on to say that the 2 girls Dokich attacked and served time for were able to escape after one night. John's mother and his half brother's mother lived through the daily violence for long periods of time. And there may be others.

John also said that David Dokich's history of violence goes back a long way, even to when he was just 15 years old and held his own parents at knife point.

Based on the timing of events, John would have been about 7 years old when Dokich went to prison for the second rape. John said that David Dokich's parents actually took John to prison to see his father when he was about 12 years old. He said he saw 'dead eyes' and never returned.

Since John was born around 1980 and his mother went through 2 years of abuse, I asked John if she was the first victim Dokich served time for. He said no, the first victim was raped shortly after his mother finally got away from Dokich.

John told me his mother instilled in him a strong sense to help and protect women and children. I can tell you from his current occupation John is doing just that.

John, on behalf of the community of Mead Valley and others, I want to thank you for your courage in sharing you and your mothers story. We all wish you and your mother our best and let her know we are doing what we can to make sure David Allyn Dokich can inflict no harm to others.

Day 36 - Dokich son to be on John and Ken Show today

He should be on at 6 pm today.

The John and Ken Show is on KFI am 640.

Day 36 - Article: Dokich release exposes problems

The release of high-risk sex offender David Allyn Dokich has exposed the callous disregard the state of California has for the welfare of our citizens, especially our children.

Dokich was convicted of violently assaulting and raping two women, and was accused by a fellow inmate of raping him in prison. No formal charges were brought against Dokich on the alleged prison rape.

Click here to read the entire article (free registration required)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Day 35 - Exclusive, interview with son of David Allyn Dokich

Yep, you heard it here first.

One of the sons of David Allyn Dokich contacted me today. He lives out of state but has been following all the news since the release of Dokich. We have independent confirmation that he is legitimate.

We had a 20 minute conversation. I am keeping his name out of it for now. He wants to discuss with other family members how many details they want to share.

However, he made it clear, he wants to help us in any way he can. The 2 rapes that we know of are just the tip of the iceberg.

More will follow, probably tomorrow.

Day 35 - Turmoil inside Camp Pervert?

Some inside information has come my way. This source knows as much as anyone what goes on inside Camp Pervert.

My source tells me tensions are high inside the clown house.

Since the arrival of 2 time violent child rapist David Allyn Dokich and subsequently our protest and 2 parole agents at night, things have just not been the same for the residents of Camp Pervert.

They can no longer come and go as they please. They get an earful from the protesters. And having 2 parole agents baby sit them from 8 pm until 6 am really puts a cramp in their night life.

Plus the fact that Dokich has 'issues' with anyone who is not white should make for some interesting times around the dinner table.

Harriet Cooks (who runs Camp Pervert) has no contract for David Dokich. She is not getting anything extra for all the trouble he is causing, just the standard $20-$30 per day.

Harriet could load him up and drop him off at a parole office.

Do it Harriet.

Trade him in for a drug offender. Same amount of money in your pockets and a lot less headaches. Fill your house up with potheads, we could care less about that.

Do the right thing Harriet, for yourself and the community, take David Allyn Dokich out of Mead Valley now.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Day 34 - Recap, its fun out there

I arrived at Camp Pervert at about 6:30 pm and found a crowd of less than 10, including Hymie and Steve from Supervisor Marion Ashley's office. They were holding signs and protesting with everyone else.

They mentioned a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy had just passed by and pointed at every protester. They think he was counting, maybe he wanted to make sure he had enough ammo to handle all of us hooligans. I spoke with Steve briefly and told him Mr. Ashley and Mr. Stone had been two of our strongest supporters and that we really appreciate it.

I headed up to our property next to the clown house. I brought a folding chair, sat down alone and started making a new sign. My current sign simply says "HONK". Since I would be pointing this one at the clown house I needed another message, "U R LOSERS" sounds good.

It was less than 10 minutes when I received a communicae from our spotters on the road. A Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy was heading my way. Yes, now we not only have to watch for child rapists and molesters, we also have to watch for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department because of their past harassment. Told you we were taking precautions against them and this is just one of the things we are doing.

I watched as his vehicle slowly drove past me, up to the end of the dirt rode, turned around, head back to our freshly cut trail and stop. A couple of minutes later and the deputy was standing next to me.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Making a sign, what are you doing?" I replied.

Silence. I better help this guy out, he seems like the shy type, the type that goes to a party and pretends to be facinated with the potted plant in the corner.

"Did you talk to Heckles, er, Herrera, we gave him our paperwork yesterday".

We now call Lt. Peter Herrera 'Heckles' because the way he talks out of both sides of his mouth makes us laugh.

"No, let me see those" the deputy replied.

So I handed him my papers like a good little member of an eastern bloc nation.

He asked how many would be out tonight. I said its hard to tell. Its the last week of school, parents have awards, etc.. to attend, but it will vary between 10-30.

He then asked if we would be quiet and I replied with an enthusiastic "No".

Satisfied he left. I never got his name because I never bothered to lift my butt out of my comfy chair. Honestly I am being a bit hard on him, he was nice about it and is probably a good guy, but I will tell you something. I could sit in the field next to my house for the next 100 years and never be asked if I had permission to be there or for paperwork. This is the atmosphere Lt. Heckles Herrera has created for his troops. Fantastic leadership. Hey Heckles, you are a credit to the badge.

I finished my sign, yelled 'in protest' at the clown house (first amendment Heckles), and headed back down to the road.

The crowd had more than doubled in size and was now around 20 protesters. Someone commented that they have lived here for over 30 years and in that time have seen as many Riverside County Sheriff Deputies as they have in the past 30 days.

About 6 of us headed back up to our property next to the clown house and started yelling 'in protest' (first amendment Heckles). A few went back down to the road and left just myself and 2 women.

As soon as they left one of the occupants of the clown house in a wife beater emerged from the far corner and started our way. He only got about 10 feet, stopped, turned around and left. I was sitting in my chair, fairly low to the ground. Odds are he thought 2 women were there alone he could threaten. They like that, picking on women. But when they see a man they have a change of heart. Cowards.

The sun had sat and more protesters had made it up to our spot. Lirra, who was supposed to have the night off, came by to give us some insider information that I cannot talk about here. A woman stuck her head out of a window of the clown house and started cursing at us. We like that.

At 9 pm sharp we got another alert from out spotters on the road, Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy headed our way. We were dark, no lights, lets see if he/she can find us. Nope. He/she used a spotlight to scan the field and still could not see us. When I mowed the path Sunday I left the surrounding brush alone. Its 4-5 feet in some places and makes for effective cover. On the second pass we started waving and yelling "over here". We are having fun playing cat and mouse with them.

At 9:30 pm we headed back to the road. I was getting ready to head home when a neighbor of the clown house showed up. He said he was getting married at his home this Friday and asked if we could stay off the bullhorns between 7 pm and 8:30 pm. I appoligized to him and said we were really not trying to be a pain to the neighbors. He stopped me and said "no, no, no, we are all behind you 110%!". I said thanks, congratulated him on his marriage and told him we would be more than happy to accommodate his request.

Shortly after that I called it a night and headed home. One thing is for sure, its never dull at the protest.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!


Day 34 - Board of Supervisors meeting recap

There were 2 items on todays agenda regarding the Dokich situation.

One was Riverside County ordinance 841. They continued it for 2 weeks to give themselves time to meet with the DA. They want to make sure all their T's are crossed and I's are dotted.

The other was a 'vote of no confidence' in selected members of the state assembly. My guess, and its only a guess, is its about the evil trio of Leno, Goldberg and Dymally on the Public Safety Committe. They delayed this for another 2 weeks while they review it further.

Thank you Shellee for attending the meeting.

Day 34 - Riverside County Ordinance 841

An ordinance of the County of Riverside regarding the release of registered sexual offenders.

Click here to download the document. Its in PDF format and is 5 pages long.

Read it, its good, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors are doing their best to help us.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Day 33- Recap, they really don't like us anymore

Lieutenant Peter Herrera called Lirra today and wanted another meeting. If you recall, we had a another meeting with him back on May 27th.

Lirra called me, I called 2 people, they called 2 people, and so on. A dozen concerned residents were waiting for him when he arrived at the clown house at 5:30 PM today.

Like in the previous meeting, Lt. Herrera asked us how long we were going to be there (at the clown house). In unison we all replied "Until David Dokich is gone".

This seems to be an obsession with Lt. Herrera, residents of Mead Valley exercising their First Amendment rights.

Perhaps Lt. Herrera never bothered reading the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. No problem, here it is:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Hey Lt. Herrera, don't say I never did anything for you.

Take note of the part that says "the right of the people peaceably to assemble". It says peacably, not quietly. Peacably, as in the absence of violence.

Its been 33 days and there has been no violence, at least not on the part of the protesters, although one could argue that residents of Last Chance and/or their cohorts and Deputy Brown from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department attempting to hit us with their vehicles is violence.

No angry, torch bearing villagers storming the castle to slay the monster. No attempts to block vehicles from entering or exiting the property. No fires. No destruction of private property. No trespassing. No rocks throw. No so much as a spit wad has been hurled at the occupants of Last Chance Enlightenment by the protesters.

Yet Lt. Herrera and other members of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department feel the need to continually harass and threaten the concerned citizens of Mead Valley in an obvious attempt to get us to go away.

I am going to spot Lt. Herrera a quarter and buy him a clue. We are not going away. You are not dealing with teenagers, homeless people or street thugs this time. You are dealing with concerned parents. Do you really think threats of cititions and arrest will deter us? These parents would die to protect their children.

Lt. Herrera speaks of "keeping the peace". The residents in the area have not had a peaceful nights sleep in over a month. But that does not concern Lt. Herrera. He is more concerned that 2 time child rapist David Allyn Dokich can kick back in his state paid pad and not be bothered by any noise from protesters.

What probably does concern Lt. Herrera is having at least one deputy in the immediate area for 15 hours a day. Bet that is costing them a pretty penny. I will be dedicating an entire article to how much it has cost the state and county to keep David Allyn Dokich in Mead Valley for one month. The figures are staggering. Watch for it.

Listening to Lt. Herrera speak of being 'neutral' and 'fair' and 'not taking sides' is almost comical. Actions speak louder than words Lt. Herrera and we have had 33 days to watch the actions of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

After Lt. Herrera left we performed a little experiment. Six of us went up to our new property next to the clown house and made some noise. 15 minutes later 4 Riverside County Sheriff's Department vehicles raced to the clown house, some even had their red and blue lights going.

Contrast that to when I call about a noise complaint. I have some neighbors that have what amounts to a concert, sometimes as often as twice a month. They may be 300 yards away but my walls thump. Thump...thump...thump, its like chinese water torture. I call, wait an hour and call again. It usually takes the Riverside County Sheriff's Department between 1 to 2.5 hours to respond. And they only send one vehicle, not four.

Yet for some reason, when Harriet Cooks (who runs Camp Pervert) or one of the child rapists, molesters or parolees call, the Riverside County Sheriffs Department manages to respond in 15 minutes or less. Seems the only way to get decent service from them is if you have a history of raping or molesting children.

OK, end of rant, we will be taking precautions against the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Also of note is the number of new people stopping by just to say thanks. Its great and we really appreciate it.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!

Day 33 - Must see video

CBS 2 news (their desert affiliate) did a story about Dokich and sex offenders in general. Supervisor Ashley and State Senator Battin are interviewed.

Its very good and touches on how they are trying to make it tougher for the state to dump child predators into our neighborhoods.

Click here to see the video.

Its a 2 meg file, so if you are on a slow connection it will take about 5 minutes to load.

Thanks Shellee for providing the link.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Day 32 - Recap, I got a big hug

This afternoon a gentleman from CCPOA (California Correctional Peace Officers Association) stopped by for a few hours. Behind his truck, on a trailer, was a billboard of Gov. Schwarzenegger. It was not very flattering. Check out the pics below. He also passed out some stickers and pins. Thanks, we appreciated the show of support.

Today we recieved our first document giving us written permission to be on the vacant parcel to the north of Camp Pervert. We have to say thanks to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. If they had not acted like complete asses a couple of nights ago, we would never had known this property was owned by a protester's relatives. Thanks to them, we are now right next door, 40 feet from the house.

I used my big, wheeled, weed wacker machine and started carving a straight path from the dirt road all the way over to the side of Last Chance Enlightenment. While I was doing this 3 losers from the clown house emerged and started watching me. One of them got on the phone. I checked the time. We have started tracking how long it takes from the time they call until someone from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department shows up. Sure enough, 15 minutes later a Sheriff's car rolled up the dirt road. Impressive, although its a shame the rest of the community does not receive that kind of service.

I was on the opposite end of the property from the dirt road. Normally I would stop what I was doing and walk over and say hi. I have friends in law enforcement. I like law enforcement. But the past 2 nights, when deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department have acted like Rambo on crack, taught us to be very weary of them. They have lied to us on more than one occasion and we can no longer trust them.

So I kept to my weed wacking activities. For 10 minutes the Sheriff's car sat there, watching me. Finally a civilian vehicle came up the dirt road and stopped next to the deputy. I headed back. At least there would be witnesses if the deputy tried something.

When I got back to the dirt road the first words out of the deputies mouth were "Is this your property?".

Wait, wait, wait, lets examine this question for just a moment. For those of you who live out of the area, let me explain something to you about Riverside County. We have lots of open spaces. And a lot of those open spaces are covered with dry brush this time of year. And because its fire season, if you, the owner of the property, do not remove the brush, or hire someone to do it for you, the County of Riverside will send a crew out to do it for you, and then mail you a nice fat bill for it.

So weed abatement is a big deal around here. As you drive around this time of year its a very common sight, tractors and weed wackers knocking down the brush.

Now ask yourself this. How many times in the past do you suppose the Riverside County Sheriff's Department has bothered to ask someone knocking down weeds if thats their property? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say never. It does not happen! I guess I am just special.

So anyway, I whipped out my freshly signed papers. Read them and weep deputy, ha ha ha. Honestly, he was young kid, very nice about it, the deputies from the past 2 nights could learn a thing or two from his demeanor.

He handed me back my papers. Right about then I got a big hug! No, no, no, not from the deputy, ewww, don't even go there. My big hug was from the nice lady in the car.

She and her male companion came to see me after reading about our treatment last night from the Riverside County Sheriff's department. I have to apologize, I forgot their names. Frankly, with all the nice new folks I have met during the past month, I am having trouble remembering all the names. I do remember them from the community meeting a few weeks back. They were extremely grateful for all we were doing. I told them we are just trying to do the right thing. She gave me a blessing and he said "everyone who has kids supports what you are doing". I cannot express how much it means to us to get that kind of feedback from the community. Thank you very, very much.

We talked for about 15 minutes and then I had to take off and get cleaned up.

I return about an hour later. At 7:45 Lirra and I head up to our new, freshly mowed, spot next to the clown house. We want to be there when the 2 parole agents arrive for their 8 pm to 6 am baby sitting duties. They see us when they arrive. Lirra and I await in eager anticipation. A goon from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department should be here any minute. We hope its Deputy Brown-nose again. We wait 30 minutes but nothing. Darn it, we head back to the road. We pass by a family barbecuing and stop for a moment to ask if our protesting is bothering them. They say no, they don't want him (Dokich) here either. Strange, Deputy Brown-nose told us last night the neighbors are complaining. Liar.

About an hour later, after its dark, we head back up with some more protesters. We make lots of noise, yell some insults, we see the parole agents with their flash lights looking around. Nothing. Maybe word has gotten to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department that we are legally on the property next door. Rats, we were looking forward to our next encounter with them, they make us all warm and tingly inside.

At 9:30 we called it a night.

See you all tomorrow and keep protesting!



Article: Rapists' fate a matter of opinion

One rapist attacked a teenager, was sent to prison, then raped another girl after being released.

The other rapist targeted a baby sitter, a cab driver, and a woman sleeping in her Riverside apartment.

The first man is out on parole and is the subject of intense protests by residents who don't want him in their neighborhood.

The second man faces a civil trial this week. A Riverside County jury ultimately will decide whether he should be released from a state mental hospital that specializes in treating sex offenders.

The two cases illustrate the importance and consequences of clinical evaluations. The future of some sex offenders depends on the opinions of psychologists, and in some cases psychiatrists, who determine whether the offenders have mental disorders and try to predict the likelihood of whether they will commit additional crimes.

Prosecutors believe David Allyn Dokich, now living in a Mead Valley group home, and James Howard Dixon Jr., housed at Atascadero State Hospital, are equally threatening.

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Day 32 - Quick update

We are getting the signed document this afternoon indicating we can be on the property just north of the clown house.

We will be wacking down the weeds and soon will be tailgating right next to Camp Pervert.

Hey Deputy Brown-nose, how do you like us now?

See you out there.


Something will be happening on the road out in front of the clown house this afternoon between 3 pm and 5 pm. I don't know the exact details but it should be interesting.


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