David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 59 - Recap

We did not protest today as many had other activities; birthdays, partys, out of town, ect..

I have been able to piece together the various conversations protesters had with the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy last night.

To refresh your memories, per Lt. Herrera a deputy is assigned to the immediate area for 15 hours a day. They park in one of three locations:

  • Around the corner on Orange Ave, just 1 block away
  • Around the corner on Michael Rd, just 1 block away
  • On Old Elsinore, just a couple hundred yards from the entrance to Last Chance
Last night we noticed a Sheriff's vehicle parked on Old Elsinore with the parking lights on. We felt bad that he was all alone so a few of us walked down there and started protesting around his vehicle.

We were chanting "CHP...CHP...CHP" for a minute or two when we heard him mumble an unenthusiastic, perhaps even condescending "CHP" out his window. He then invited one of the protesters, Molly Brown, to come and speak with him.

It did not start out well.

He seemed to be reading from Lt. Heckle Herrara's book "How to deal with protesters".
  • We have to remain neutral - check
  • We treat everyone equally - check
  • We can't take sides - check
We informed him that we have had 59 days to observe the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in action and that most of them treat us like the criminals and have done everything possible to discourage us from exercising our First Amendment right to protest.

We brought up the recent incident where a lone protester with his arm in a sling was chased and threatened with murder by 2 people from Last Chance and that nothing was done. Two deputies showed up, took a statement, and bailed. No guns, no handcuffs, no trips to the backseat of the car, thats all reserved for the evil protesters. Nothing happens if you are a child molester, rapist or parolee.

About this "we treat everyone equally" routine they keep laying on us. There is one deputy per 4,000 residents in our area. Only the perverts, rapists and parolees have a deputy sitting within 1 block, waiting for their call. No other citizen gets that level of service. But they keep wanting us to believe they treat everyone equally. Sure, whatever you say.

I had heard enough and walked away. Besides, Molly Brown and Bonnie were giving it to him in both ears, and once these two get wound up it damn near impossible to stop them.

As the night progressed more protesters spoke with this deputy. The general consensus is that he is not one of the bad guys in the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

He took the time to explain some things to us. Some I cannot repeat here as we do not want to get him in trouble.

He said he will follow up on the protester being chased and threatened incident.

We learned that the 15 hours per day that a deputy is assigned to the clown house area is an extra duty that they have to sign up for. Sounds like OT, must be expensive.

He has decided to no longer sign up for that duty.

We found out that there are members of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department that would like to join the protest during their non work hours but they are afraid of retaliation from the department.

So, our encounter with this deputy started bad but ended good.

Did we treat him unfairly in the beginning? Unfortunately we did. But keep in mind we have been treated extremely poorly by the majority of the Riverside County Sheriff Deputies we have encountered in the past 59 days. We no longer trust them.

2 months ago when we saw a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy we thought 'good guy'. Thats no longer the case and it will take a concerted effort on their part to change that.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Day 58 - Recap, a variety of things happening

Four of us went over to Last Chance South on a stake out today. This is where child molester Michael Shawn Rock moved to.

Its about 1 mile away. There are actually 3 clown houses on Cox street, and its not a very long street so they are very close together.

Last Chance South - click to enlarge

We sat across the street and watched the activity. There were lots of low life looking people coming and going. A white Ford Expedition was in the driveway. The female driver was talking to a guy in a black wife beater. It seems a lot of the rapists, molesters and parolees wear wife beaters.

The Expediton pulled out and drove past us. I had my camera hanging out the window taking pics. The driver stopped and asked us what we were doing. We informed her we were looking for perverts because we are the Pervert Patrol.

Another pervert lover

She said she does not like them being here any more than we do. Really? Then why the hell are you hanging out with them?

Obviously this conversation did not go well and I won't repeat every thing that was said.

She drove away, we followed at a distance.

She went a few blocks to a bus stop on San Jacinto, picked someone up, and drove them back to the clown house. Apparently she is some sort of shuttle service for the perverts and parolees.

Here is a notice for everyone who does business with the perverts and parolees. We are watching you and documenting your activities. Don't like it? Too bad. Get the hell out of our community.

We have lots of license plates of pervert lovers

Camp Pervert put up a new chain link fence this morning. They now have 2 sets of fence on parts of the property, an outer fence and an inner fence. All they need now is a guard tower and it will be just like a prison.

An interesting fact about the new fence is that it is a Rent-a-Fence. The poles are not set in concrete, there is no top rail, in other words its just a temporary fence and will be removed at some time. Gee, thanks for the effort Harriet.

We had about 20 protesters tonight, including some from as far away as Utah. They read this blog every day, were in town visiting relatives and just had to come by and see all the fun.

Some folks from Utah getting in on the action

We did get up to the side of Camp Pervert to welcome child molester and flasher Michael William Bryan. Bet he wishes he was back in prison.

Hey Michael, be very carefull around David Allyn Dokich, we have had him cooped up in there for 2 months now, he's very frustrated, he may toss his '16 and under' age requirement out the window and introduce you to Mr. Happy.

And finally we had another run in with a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy. I am still gathering all the details so I will have to write about it later, but if you want to get under their skin just start chanting "CHP...CHP...CHP".

Be safe.

Day 58 - A new pervert is in da house

Good grief, you get one pervert out and they move another one in.

Michael William Bryan - Child Molester

Michael William Bryan has moved into Last Chance Enlightenment on 21200 Old Elsinore Rd.

Lets see what he is all about:

Offense Code

Hey Michael, stay away from the windows when we are protesting, we certainly don't want to get an eye full of you.

Arrest Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea
1 PC 314(2) M PROCURE COUNSEL TO EXPOSE 08/09/2002
Filed Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea
1 PC 314(1) F Indecent Exposure 08/09/2002 GUILTY
Alleged Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea
999 PC 667(C) F PRIOR FELONY CONVICTION -DEFINED IN 667.5(C) OR 1192.7(C) PC 08/09/2002
Certified Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea
1 PC 314(1) F Indecent Exposure 08/09/2002 GUILTY
Other Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea
999 PC 667.5(B) F Prison Prior within 5 Years 08/09/2002
999 PC 667.5(B) F Prison Prior within 5 Years 08/09/2002
999 PC 667(E)(1) F 1 Prior Felony Conviction/ALLEGED STRIKE. 08/09/2002

Great, just great.

Click here to learn more about Michael William Bryan

Day 58 - Another pervert has left the building!

Look at that mug, no wonder his family won't take him in

Child molester Michael Shawn Rock, who moved into Last Chance Enlightenment after David Allyn Dokich, has moved to another location less than 1 mile away.

According to the Megan's Law website his new address is: 23280 Cox Street, Perris

Click here for a map

BTW, 23200 Cox Street is the sister location for Last Chance Enlightenment.

Day 58 - Pervert caught in toilet bowl

Albany, N.H. - A teenage girl went to use the bathroom and found something in the toilet looking back at her.

Police pulled 45-year old Gary Moody from a tank under the toilet of log cabin outhouse off the Kancamagas Highway in Albany - the tank and the man was full of human waste.

According to police, they got a call from the parents of a teenage girl who said when she went to use the facilities, she saw Moody's face staring back at her from the hole.

Moody was hosed off before police cuffed him, reporting he was treated like "hazardous material."

Police reportedly don't know how long Moody was in the tank, but because the door was locked, authorities figure he must have gone in through the toilet.

Moody is charged with criminal trespass and could face more charges. He is out on bail and due back in court next month.


Sorry, did not intend to gross anyone out. But this story illustrates that there are some people out there that are just plain wired wrong in the head.

Look at what this creep did to get his jollies. Would a normal person do that? Of course not.

Will spending time in jail or prison re-wire this perverts brain? Nope.

This shit head (get it?) will do his time, get out, then climb right back into a big pile of poo.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Day 57 - Recap, fresh fish

We had around 25 protesters tonight.

Our new signs really grab traffics attention.

Starting next week we will have them out on the main traffic corridor between the 15 and 215 freeways during peak drive times.

Are you paying attention Arnold? Thousands of drivers will be seeing these signs every day! Its been almost 2 months pal, the gloves are coming off.

We are also planning some activities for the 4th of July. That used to be Independence Day for us, until the state moved David Allyn Dokich into our community and took all of our independence away.

Linda Soubirous came by the protest again and this time she brought her husband. They stayed for a few hours and seem very supportive of our efforts. They have a good grasp on a lot of things going on in Riverside and are very informative.

Bonnie's husband Clyde came back from his ocean fishing trip off of Mexico. I am not much for fish myself but I have to admit that was damn good grub. Clyde did the deep fry thing, had some pasta, bread, mmmmmmmmm, see what you miss when you don't come out to protest!

Yes, those are fictitious names but I do it for a reason. Actually a few reasons.

If you are a regular out there you know who I am talking about.

If you are one of the evil people (perverts, RSO, etc..) it keeps you guessing.

And if you don't fall into the first two categories it really doesn't matter now does it?

Keep your kids safe, keep protesting and we will see you tomorrow.

Day 57 - DA Dunn keeps predator locked up for 2 more years!

Our fantastic Deputy District Attorney Linda Dunn scored a knock out victory in court yesterday.

Serial rapist James Howard Dixon Jr. was wanting to be back on the streets. It was up to a jury to decide. DA Dunn made sure they made the right decision.

Here's the deal. After these predators serve their prison time its possible to keep them off the streets and locked up in a state mental hospital. The DA's office has to take it before a jury every 2 years and convince them that the defendant is a sexually violent predator. Our Riverside County District Attorney's office has done this successfully with Dixon since 1999.

James Howard Dixon Jr.
Photo by Carrie Rosema / The Press Enterpise

This scumbag has pleaded guilty to raping 3 women in the past. And you just know there are others, there always are.

In 1978 he raped a 15 year old baby sitter. That same year he severely beat and raped a taxi cab driver in her own taxi. Both of these incidents occured in San Diego.

In 1987 he beat and raped a 52 year old woman Riverside woman in her apartment for several hours.

Thankfully 2 of these victims had the courage to come forth and testify before the jury. The jury heard their graphic testimony and saw police photos of one of the victims beaten face and body.

A psychologist, Mary Jane Alumbaugh, tried to convince the jury that Dixon was better now. The jury did not buy it. Hey Mary, next time take Dixon home with you, let us know how it goes.

At one point Dixon said that he had
found an anchor in his 1984 marriage to his wife, Kathy. Thats interesting because I found court records that showed she filed domestic violence charges against him in 1999.

O.K., now for the moment of truth.
From the court records:


Yes, the good guys win one!

Deputy District Attorney Linda Dunn, on behalf of the community I want to say thank you!

We are proud of you and very lucky to have you fighting for us.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Day 56 - Recap, Dokich taken away again and other fun stuff

Assemblyman Todd Spitzer was on the John and Ken Show during the 4 o'clock hour. He spoke about what a failure the Public Safety Committee is and how the Evil Trio of Jay Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally repeatedly kill bills meant to protect your children.

Here is an example of one recently killed bill. Currently if a parent or other adult in a home molests a child, they do not have to go to prison, they can get 'therapy' instead. The bill that was killed would have required the molester to go to prison just like all the other molesters.

But the Evil Trio killed it. They don't want to break the family apart. They think its better that the child has to remain in the home with the person molesting them. Unbelievable but true.

Some time between 6 and 6:30 pm two parole agents left with David Allyn Dokich in their backseat. Where they went we do not know. They only other time we know of when they took Dokich somewhere is when he was fitted with his GPS device.

As the car left the driveway and turned onto Old Elsinore Rd., Dokich spotted one of the female teenagers protesting. Her mother watched as Dokich stared at her daughter, turning his neck as far as he could as the vehicle drove away. Her mother said she was enraged at how Dokich looked at her daughter, it was very creepy.

Supervisor Jeff Stone was speaking with John and Ken during the 6 o'clock hour about the Sudefed / methamphetamine issue the Board of Supervisors were working on. Before they let him go John said that it had been weeks and nothing had happened regarding the David Allyn Dokich situation in Mead Valley.

Supervisor Stone agreed. He said that the protesters are still there every day and that there was even a protest at the governors Riverside office.

None of them could figure out why Dokich is still here and why the Governor Schwarzenegger seems to be ignoring the issue. Neither can we.

Supervisor Stone also mentioned the crazy monthy operating expense reports we have. There are halfway houses that are getting 20, 30 even 70 thousand dollars a month from the state!

I was hoping to get these to John and Ken at KFI and maybe have Eric Leonard do some digging. He is a fine reporter and could get more details than I. But Jason was out of town when I called and Ray Lopez never returned my calls! Thats one de-merite for you Ray.

Jeff offered to send them. I will check with Jeff Stone's office tomorrow and make sure they did. John and Ken will go nuts when they see these.

We had a team meeting tonight. Its coming up on 60 days and we need new tactics. We came up with several new ideas and will be implementing them soon.

A group of about 10 of us went up to our property next to the clown house. One of the resident parolees was very nervous at our arrival. The parole agents were gone, he he, no one to protect them.

We spread out along the property line. He had a light and was running around, trying to keep an eye on all of us. It was hilarious watching this guy.

At one point new Last Chance resident Vanessa Teicher emerged and started cursing at us. Wow, she has the mouth of a drunken sailor, she must have learned a few words in prison. Welcome to the neighborhood Vanessa, where are your 3 children?

We called it a night around 9:30.

See you tomorrow and keep protesting!

Day 56 - Protester threatened, Sheriff's do nothing

If you recall, yesterday 2 guys from the clown house started chasing a lone protester threatening to kill him. I waited until today to write about it because I wanted to see if there had been resolution. Here is the whole story.

One of our regular protesters, lets call him Frank, arrived before anyone else and went up to our property beside the clown house.

Frank recently had a cast removed from his arm and still has it in a sling.

Frank saw a local character we have had problems with before named Sweeney. Sweeney was doing the discing at the pervert house way back when we first started protesting. It was Sweeney who attempted at least 3 times to hit and/or see how close he could get to protesters with his old grey truck. Two police reports were filed but nothing happened to our knowledge. Thats not a big shock to us any longer. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department acts like its in some alternate universe where every thing is backwards.

Anyway, Frank saw Sweeney very near the property line and noticed Sweeney's truck was full of debris. Frank thought Sweeney might try to dump it on our property. We can still see the tractor tread marks from when they pushed some old stumps onto our property recently.

Words were exchanged. Rev. Abraham Capers, who is at the clown house very often, got into the truck with Sweeney. They drove down camp perverts driveway, headed north on Old Elsinore, made a right on the dirt road, then turned onto our private property (which is clearly posted No trespassing btw). They started yelling they were going to kill Frank.

One armed Frank hoped in his car and the chase was on. Frank headed south on Old Elsinore with the pervert lovers right on his bumper. Frank finally made it to another protesters street, turned onto it and the pervert lovers did not follow.

These cowards only come down when they can threaten women or a guy with only one arm.

Most of us got to the protest almost an hour after Frank. He did not have his cell with him so he had not called in a complaint. After Frank did call 911 2 sheriff deputies arrived.

Frank told them what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Yep, Frank told them what happened no less than 5 times and they still could not grasp what happened. They clearly had no interest in pursuing this matter.

The deputies were really hung up on the fact that Frank did not know the name of the driver. Frank saw the driver and could identify him, but he did not know the drivers name, we did.

Apparently in Riverside if you want to threaten to kill someone and chase them with your vehicle you are supposed to wear a name take for identification purposes.

I was losing my cool. I have watched these clowns with badges act like fools for the past 55 days and I let them know it. One deputy told me he did not need me telling him how to do his job. I replied "I just did, now be on your way".

Lirra was pulling me away, afraid I was going to get arrested.

They left to talk to a neighbor down the road who saw the truck chasing Frank. She could not see the driver so again the deputies did not think it was note worthy.

The 2 deputies went up to camp pervert and stayed about 45 minutes. They spoke with the parole agents (this happened before they arrived at 8 pm). We could not tell if they spoke with anyone in the clown house. We did not even see the point of them going up there because neither Sweeney or Renee Winifred had returned.

The deputies headed down the driveway in their vehicle. We expected them to stop and give us an explanation. We expected too much. They just took off.

Lets do a little comparison. Over the past 56 days of protesting we have had the $500 an hour helicopter over head on multiple occasions, a gun pulled on us, two of us have been put into the back of a Sheriff's vehicle and one of us has been handcuffed. All because we are protesting and making noise. The perverts call and the Sheriff comes running.

Today two of the pervert lovers make a concerted effort to approach, threaten and chase a protester. What does the Riverside County Sheriff's Department do? Absolutely nothing.

Back on June 17th we reported a clearly intoxicated driver trying to enter camp pervert, a driver who was later arrested by the CHP for DUI, being under the influence of a controlled substance, not having a valid CDL, not have vehicle insurance and being a parolee at large. But the Riverside County Sheriff's Department spoke with this individual for 15 minutes before the CHP arrived and what did they do? Absolutely nothing.

Whats wrong with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department?

I am not sure, but I can tell you that a lot of people are taking notice.

Day 56 - Todd Spitzer to be on John and Ken at 4 pm

I think the number of sex offender bills this year alone is over 30. Most have failed to get past the Evil Trio of Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally in the Public Safety Committee.

Yesterday they killed 3 more bills.

Good guy Todd Spitzer will be on the John and Ken Show today to talk about how the Evil Trio is protecting the child molesters and putting your children at risk.

Tune into 640 am at 4 pm.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Day 55 - Recap, something odd with the Sheriff's department is going on

Small group, only about 10 protesters tonight.

I arrived late because I watched the first round of the NBA draft.

An incident occured today when 2 guys from the clown house chased a lone protester who had his arm in a sling and threatened to kill him.

I am waiting to see what the final resolution is from the Sheriff's department before I write the details of the event, but odds are they will not do a thing.

See you tomorrow.

Day 55 - Benoit Announces Sex Offender Parole Reform Measure

California Legislature

John J. Benoit

Sixty-FOURTH district




Barry Nestande, District Office, 951-369-6644

David Duran, Capitol Office, 916-319-2064

Benoit Announces Sex Offender Parole Reform Measure

Governor-Backed Legislation Would Allow More Time, Better Notice Before Release of High-Risk Sex Offenders

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R-Palm Desert) today introduced legislation aimed at preventing the reoccurrence of many of the problems associated with the release of paroled convicted sex offenders. Benoit’s proposal was prompted by the lack of adequate notice preceding the placement of David Allyn Dokich into a Mead Valley neighborhood recently. Less than two days notice was given after a last moment location switch.

“As a former law enforcement professional, my priority is keeping people safe. I understand the importance of proper notification to both the residents and local law enforcement to allow them to prepare for this type of violent parolee in their area. Families have a right to feel safe in their community – and we as public authorities have a duty to keep them safe. My bill will correct some major shortcomings made evident by David Dokich’s manner of release,” stated Benoit.

As proposed to be amended, Assembly Bill 1120 (Benoit) would:

  1. Allow the Department of Corrections to place an additional 45 day hold on the release of high risk sex offenders from prison in the event they are rejected for Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) status.

  1. Mandate personal telephone notification to designated officials in the District Attorneys Office and Local Police/Sheriff’s offices, in addition to existing written notifications required by current law.

  1. Establish a Law Enforcement Consortium to allow local law enforcement officials to work with the Department of Corrections in a formal collaborative process to address issues relating to offender re-entry, with the goal of increased public safety.

“It is my intent for the consortium to weigh issues such as unlicensed group homes housing numerous sex offenders and proper site selection for violent sex offenders,” said Benoit.

Benoit added, “I’ve worked closely with the Governor Schwarzenegger’s office and the Department of Corrections in developing this proposal. I appreciate their willingness to work with me to prevent a re-occurrence of the problems we experienced with the Dokich placement.”


Assemblyman John J. Benoit’s law enforcement career spans 31 years, including 13 as a California Highway Patrol Commander in Riverside County. Assemblyman Benoit is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has held key positions in both local and countywide police chief associations. Since 2002, he has represented the 64th Assembly District, which includes Mead Valley and the cities of Riverside, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Moreno Valley, Canyon Lake and portions of Perris, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Hemet, Menifee and Murrieta.

Article: Houses of Horror

"We got the three things we didn't want," said official scorekeeper and RPD Chief Russ Leach. "A sex offender, a parolee, living in a group home."

The chief was speaking of an accused murderer-rapist. But he left a couple of things out:

Tony Lee Reynolds, indicted on suspicion of killing Estela Perez and her unborn daughter, raping another woman and committing several burglaries, was placed in the group home by the state, which, of course, paid his rent.

There's no way Riverside becomes a parolee-free or group home-free sanctuary. These people have to live somewhere. Besides, some group homes are downright reputable. But we got trouble.

Mr. Reynolds' former residence is a parolee home -- eight occupants, according to RPD Lt. Mark Boyer. Last week, the city boarded up the garage. People were living in it. Did the state pay that rent, too?

Click here to read the complete article (free registration required)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Day 54 - Recap, Dokich does have GPS

If you recall, back on Day 47 (Monday, June 20th) Dokich was taken away by 2 parole agents. Speculation was that he was being fitted with a GPS system.

I confirmed today that Dokich is indeed being monitored by the GPS system as well as the 'active' electronically monitoring system.

Todd Slosek, Department of Corrections spokeshole, said "The GPS monitors, collects and records all movements and location data of every parolee 24/7".


One of the parole conditions for David Allyn Dokcih is:
  • You will remain inside your residence of record between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
If the GPS system is so incredible, if they really can tell where Dokich is 24/7, then they would know instantly if he left his residence between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m..


Then why are they still spending $1,100 a night to have 2 parole agents baby sit Dokich from 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.?

It does not appear they have much confidence in their own GPS system.

Authorities would have us believe that the GPS system will prevent Dokich from attacking another vicitim. We know thats not true. After all, a LoJack system does not prevent a car from being stolen, it simply locates it after the fact.

And while its great to get your car back in one piece, Dokich is not going to steal your car.

David Allyn Dokich is going to steal your wife, your daughter, your grandchild, your life....and it will never, ever be the same again.

Remain vigilante and keep your family safe.

Day 54 - Assembly bill would create Sex Offender Management Board

California assembly bill 632, if passed, would create a Sex Offender Management Board under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections and modeled after the one in Colorado.

The purpose of the board would be to address any issues, concerns, and problems related to the community management of the state's adult sex offenders, with a goal of safer communities and reduced victimization.

The board would be required to conduct a thorough assessment of current management practices for adult sex offenders, and to submit a report to the Legislature on that assessment.

The board would also be required to develop recommendations to improve management practices for those offenders, as specified.

The board also would serve as a resource for the Legislature and the Governor.

There will be 15 members assigned to the board and they will serve for 4 years:

  • The Attorney General or his or her designee who shall be an authority in policy areas pertaining to sex offenders and shall have expertise in dealing with sex offender registration, notification, and enforcement.
  • The Director of Corrections or his or her designee who has expertise in parole policies and practices.
  • The Executive Officer of the Board of Prison Terms or his or her designee.
  • One California state judge, appointed by Judicial Council.
  • The Director of Mental Health or his or her designee who is a licensed mental health professional with recognized expertise in the treatment of sex offenders.
  • Two members who represent law enforcement, appointed by the Governor. One member shall possess investigative expertise and one member shall have law enforcement duties that include registration and notification responsibilities.
  • One member who represents prosecuting attorneys, appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules. He or she shall have expertise in dealing with adult sex offenders.
  • One member who represents probation officers, appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.
  • One member who represents public defenders, appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.
  • Two members who are licensed mental health professionals with experience in working with sex offenders and who can represent those who provide evaluation and treatment for adult sex offenders, appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules.
  • Two members who are recognized experts in the field ofsexual assault and represent sexual assault victims, both adults and children, and rape crisis centers, appointed by the Governor.
  • One member who is a clinical polygraph examiner with a specialization in the administration of post conviction polygraph testing for sex offenders, appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly .

Click here to read AB 632

Article: Rapist's (Dokich) parole rends old wounds

Jane moved 26 times in 13 years, terrified that the man who raped her would come after her again.

She stored packing boxes and tape under her bed. She stashed money in tampon boxes. She never left a paper trail: no checking account, credit cards or property.

Jane was 15 when David Dokich locked her in his Orange County apartment. For four hours, Dokich raped, choked and hit her while professing his love.

Dokich went to prison and was released after two years. Then he raped 16-year-old Alice, trapping her in his truck for 12 hours as she whimpered underneath a flag he used to cover her naked body.

Both women are grateful to the protesters who have gathered outside Dokich's home to tell him they don't want him in their community.

"I thank Mead Valley for standing up for themselves and protecting their children," Alice said. "They did a lot already. I'm not so much worried about me. I'm worried about the kids that live around him."

Click here to read the complete article (free registration required)

This is a MUST READ, Lisa O'Neil Hill from the Press Enterprise did a fantastic job.

Day 54 - You think you are safe?

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking there are no rapist or molesters near your home. They only put them in Mead Valley, right?


Corona - 125
Hemet - 176
Lake Elsinore - 68
Moreno Valley - 210
Murrieta - 35
Norco - 19
Perris - 200
Riverside - 506
Sun City - 54
Temecula - 31

Source: Megan's Law - Monday, June 27, 2005

Well now you know. The question is, what will you do about it?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Day 53 - Recap

The size of the group of protesters varied from 1 to 2 dozen tonight, including some from Corona.

We saw no activity in the clown house, no one was outside except for the 2 parole agents.

I did make it up to the property directly behind camp pervert. It elevated and offered a great view. Harriet, clean up that mess in the backyard, it looks terrible.

I have a ton of articles and other items to get through so I am going to keep this one short.

See you tomorrow, keep protesting and keep your kids safe from David Allyn Dokich.


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