David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day 73 - Recap

This afternoon Molly, Bonnie and I were doing recon in the hills behind Camp Pervert. We ran across a young lady in distress.

She was out of water, dirty, altered and wondering around alone in 100 degree heat with only socks covering her feet.

We got her to the nearest fire station. After the fire fighters and deputies talked to her we learned she was from Perris Place, an adult residential facility. Apparently her altered status was the result of her being off of her medication. She had made it about 5 miles when we found her. The nice Sheriff Deputy gave her a ride home.

We waited at Last Chance until 8:10 pm and did not see any parole agents. Late again, par for the course.

We then headed over to Frank's place for the Taylor / Hopkins fight. After that, the real battle began. VOLLEYBALL!

Yours truly led team pervert patrol to 4 consecutive victories over team parole agent. The outcome was never in question, the pervert patrol always beats the parole agents.

See you tomorrow.

Day 73 - parole agent report

Its 1:30 am and its dead silent out here.

We have access to enough properties that we can observe Camp Pervert from all directions.

Bonnie and I are moving around in the dark, from the field to the north, to the road, to homes to the south.

JD and Kristy are in back, due east. Its a great spot on the hill, it over looks Camp Pervert and has lots of rocks to hide in.

We are talking on the cell, laughing at the parole agents. They have motion sensing lights on the half way house for child molesters so its easy to tell when they are moving. One agent seems to like sitting on the front porch.

They keep shining their lights out back but never up in the rocks where JD and Kristy are.

These parole agents seem very paranoid. Maybe they should be, they have no idea how close we can get to watch them. There have been times when we could have hit them with a spit wad had we wanted to.

They have no clue whats going on out there in the dark. And we are just a bunch of regular folks, imagine what the criminals could get away with.

Well at least we did not catch them sleeping again.

Shhhh, see you tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 72 - Recap, more fun with parole agents

2 parole agents where there before 7 pm today, maybe they are making up for being 2 hours late yesterday.

Bonnie was busy packing the dirt with a large 4x4. The 2 female parole agents did not seem very happy and were taking pictures. I hope we get copies so we can post them here.

The wind was blowing in the perfect direction. I joined Bonnie in the 4x4 and as we kicked up lots of dust it traveled right into the sex offender clown house. We love it when a plan comes together.

Molly had a good conversation with Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy Decker. He was on the dirt road enjoying the show.

Frank got into the action in his compact car and got stuck in the field. Fortunately for him he had GIRL POWER working for him; 5 teenage girls got him un-stuck.

After it was dark we took 3 trucks and SUV's up to the side of the clown house. High-beams on, horns blasting, lots of yelling, the parole agents were not thrilled.

They started taking pictures with a small digital camera. There are a couple of problems with that. One, its dark, they are at least 50 feet away and that flash is only good for about 10 feet. Ah, poor babies. Two, even if the pictures did come out, all they would show is members of the community excercising the First Amendment rights to protest. Parole must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to send these 2 intellectually deficient individuals out to babysit David Allyn Dokich.

We had a good time. Its always fun watching the paranoid parole agents running about.

See you tomorrow.

Day 72 - Sex offenders in the news

NV - A convicted sex offender has been arrested in Reno after an alleged attempt to lure a 5-year-old girl from an apartment complex was foiled, authorities said.

Read more

IN - A 64-year-old convicted sex offender admitted Thursday in Allen Superior Court to having sex with a 6-year-old girl and to molesting her brothers.

Tommy Dama, of the 10300 block of Valley Hills Lane, pleaded guilty to three of eight molesting charges under a plea agreement that caps his sentence at 30 years in prison. The five other charges will be dismissed when he is sentenced if a judge accepts the agreement.

Dama testified he had sex with the 6-year-old girl in his home between May 1 and May 11. He also testified that he performed a sex act on her 11-year-old brother and fondled her 7-year-old brother between December and May 13.

Read more

San Diego - Convicted sex offender Douglas Badger will not be released into San Diego County -- for now, a judge ruled Thursday.

The judge cited the fact that the therapist who originally recommended Badger for release had her license revoked because she was in a relationship with one of her patients. The relationship occurred at the time she recommended Badger's release.

In September, a judge will listen to testimony from other therapists and decide if Badger is ready to be back in the community. Thursday, a prosecutor agreed with the judge's decision, while Badger's defense attorney said his client was more than ready for release.

Read more

IA - A convicted sex offender living at a Cherokee nursing home is accused of sexually abusing elderly women at the home.

Read more

FL - Authorities are on the look-out for a convicted sex offender and they're asking for your help in putting him behind bars.

Fifty-four-year-old Wallace Sheats is wanted for failing to register.

Read more

FL - Police in Titusville, Fla., said they found a police badge in the vehicle of a man arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, according to Local 6 News.

During a traffic stop Thursday, officers said they discovered the badge in Mark Mikulski's vehicle.

Read more

San Jose - A San Jose man who bailed out of jail after allegedly assaulting a woman in San Francisco earlier this month has been re-arrested and hit with additional charges after investigators learned he is a registered sex offender, a U.S. deputy marshal said today.

Read more

Day 72 - another update on the tweaker

This just keeps getting better and better. Read on.

Back on June 17th (day 44) the Pervert Patrol scored its first bust.

Long story short, Sheriff Deputies let a clearly under the influence driver go, CHP arrests him and we find out he is a Parolee at Large.

Kirk Daniel Fletcher

We later learned he has a long arrest history, recently spent time in Lancaster State Prison (level 4, the highest security) and was released on parole on 4/20/05 to Region 4, Office #2 of the parole department. Yep, the very same parole office that babysits Dokich was supposed to keep track of Kirk.

But it gets better.

We just learned that Kirk Daniel Fletcher was living at, you guessed it, Last Chance with David Allyn Dokich!

Here is the timeline the best I can piece it together.

4/20/05 - Fletcher released from Lancaster Prison and placed on Parole.

4/21/05 - Fletcher starts living at Last Chance.

5/05/05 - David Allyn Dokich placed in Last Chance, protesting starts.

5/18/05 - Parole discovers Fletcher has been missing for 2 days.

5/24/05 - Fletcher calls parole, said he could not take the protesting. Parole orders him back to Last Chance, Fletcher refuses. Fletcher becomes a Parolee at Large.

6/17/05 - Fletcher, for some dumb reason, decides to visit his parolee friends at Last Chance and gets arrested. This is your brain on drugs.

So it seems that with 10 days of protesting we drove him out of the clown house and then 1 month later we got him arrested. Score another one for the Pervert Patrol!

He will now be doing 7 more months in prison.

This has been a Pervert Patrol investigative report.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 71 - Recap

8 pm came and went and no parole agents. Odd, for the past 2 months they have arrived at 8 pm (more or less).

The half way house for child rapist David Allyn Dokich was strangly quiet. We were using a large 4 wheel drive vehicle to pack the ground next to the clown house. We saw no activity nor did we hear anything.

There was a large Ford SUV parked directly in front of the house. The occupant seemed to be keeping an eye on the house.

Right before 10 pm both parole agents arrived but from separate directions. Either they were 2 hours late or they have a new schedule.

According to the conditions of parole for David Allyn Dokich, he is supposed to remain inside the residence from 8 pm till 6 am. Thats the normal time the parole agents babysit Dokich (when they arrive on time and don't leave early like they did this morning).

We will have to see when the parole agents arrive tomorrow.

Thats all for day 71.

Comments from someone who did time with Dokich?

I found the below comments posted in response to my inteview with one of the sons of David Allyn Dokich.

Its important enought that I am reposting it here to make it easier for all to see. Its impossible to verify but it sounds legit.

I met Dave in state prison. I was released not too long after Dave. I served 2 years for residential burglary.

I didnt know he was a two time rapist until i saw him on the news. I asked him what he was in here for and he said "Kinapping and armed robbery and claimed he served about 24 years.

He has a bad temper and gets mad at every little things. I got to know him very well while we were incarcerated.

After I read this story of John, all I have to say he still has'nt changed, he made alot threats and I think he his really going to kill his next victim. He is a phycopath.

I asked him what was he going to do when he gets out and he said he was going to get his sons to work with him in construction. Daves mother died not too long ago and inherited about $250,000 I've seen the paper work.

He also claims he was going back to Orange County, Newport Beach. He also claims he has a brother who owns some kind of company.

If I knew he was a rapist I would of never talk to him. Everyone in Prison believe his story. Until the news came on. Everyone was shocked that he is a rapist and a child molester.

I hope he goes back to Prison as soon as possible. He is a very dangerous pervert and I hope he won't find another victim. Child molesters and rapists get treated badly in prison by other inmates. I wish I would of found out earlier. I wish for the best for John and his mother.

On his fist release date was put on a 45 day hold by the DA. He was very mad and thought he wasn't ever going to get out. He said the DA was trying to get him on another case but it never happaned.

On the 45th day morning of his release he didnt sleep through out the night. He was very nervous and wanted to get out so badly. When his name was called he was happy. The DA really did try to keep him in. But I hope they find a way to send him back as soon as possible.

Day 71 - Who is Billy Lee Overstreet?

During the dog and pony show last night one guy out of the whole audience got up and said that we need to work together and find places for these parolees to live. It was odd and now we know why.

His name is Billy Lee Overstreet. He claims to run a sober living home in Riverside.

What he did not tell us, nor will you read it in the main stream press, is that he has a long criminal history dating back to the early 90's.

He has had charges and done time for possesion of a controlled substance (even while he was in prison), Under Influence/Controled Substance, Driving Under the Influence, Felony/Addict W/Gun, Assault w/weapon likely to produce GBI, False Imprisonment, Prohibited person own/ posses firearm or ammo, the list goes on.

Whats the point?

The point is he was passing himself off as just another member of the community who happened to agree with CDCR.

The facts seem to be that he runs a sober living home and therefore profits off of the release of these parolees back into the community.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

Day 71 - Parole agent report

At 5:50 am both parole agents were gone from the clown house.

They are supposed to babysit Dokich from 8 pm to 6 am.

Why are they leaving early?

Day 71 - Exclusive pic of the back of Fagot's head

A sharp eyed member of the Pervert Patrol spotted something odd about the back of Jeff Fagot's head. Jeff Fagot is the one responsible for keeping 2 time violent child rapist David Allyn Dokich in a community with children.

Take a look at the photo below.

Now look at it after we zoom in and use the Pervert Patrol's proprietary image enhancing technology.

There you have it, Jeff Fagot is a minion of Satan!

Now its clear why Jeff Fagot likes to place violent child rapists where they have easy access to victims. You are doing a great job Jeff, you are making Satan proud.

You can call Satan's little helper at 909-468-2300.

Day 71 - Bye bye Vanessa

According to the Megan's Law website, convicted child molester Vanessa Teicher has left Last Chance and moved to Moreno Valley.

Her new address is:
23581 Alessandro Blvd. Apt. 218
Moreno Valley, CA 92555

It wasn't anything we did now was it Vanessa?

Hey, we even sung Happy Birthday to you.

Oh no, less money in Harriet Cooks pockets, thats a real shame.

See ya around Vanessa, try to keep your hands to yourself and off the kids.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day 70 - Recap, we got a dog and pony show

Today started early with a little suprise for the 2 parole agents. They have a habit of arriving late and leaving early.

This morning at 5:30 a female parole agent got into her car and started driving down to the road. There is not timeclock, who is going to know when she knocks off early? She had quite a shock when she saw 2 members of the Pervert Patrol waiting for her. The look on her face was priceless. Yep, she was busted.

Perhaps they did not get the memo: We are watching you.

And here is a new memo: We are documenting your activities.

No more arriving late. No more leaving early. And no more sleeping on the job!

What, you don't think we see you in your cars at 3 am, heads back, eyes closed? Well we do.

Tonight was the big meeting with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials. This meeting was requested by Assemblyman John J. Benoit and Supervisor Bob Buster over a month ago. We appreciate their effort but unfortunately is was merely a dog and pony show.

Supervisor Buster and Assemblyman Benoit

The press release stated "a public informational meeting to discuss the process of releasing and placing paroled sex offenders back into society" and "There will be time for the public to ask questions on the procedures and rules involved in the placement of sexual predator parolees."

What a joke.

They talked and talked for almost an hour and a half and did not mention David Allyn Dokich once. Not once! It was a slap in the face to everyone in the community. They knew damn well why everyone was there and they flat out did not care.

They were going on about parolees with aids, parolees on drugs, how they have spent millions to figure out where to place parolees (they need a refund), etc.. It was more of a presentation they would give to get a budget approved.

Speaker after speaker got up and spoke in a v e r y m on o t o n e v o i c e w i t h n o c h a n g e i n p i t c h o r c a d e n c e in an attempt to put the audience into a coma.

It worked as several people left before they had finished.

Jeff Fagot and Jim L'Etoile

This much was made clear. They feel that 2 time violent child rapist David Allyn Dokich, who vowed to kill his next victim, is in an 'appropriate' place. If you happen to have children and live near by, tough shit. Its your problem now, not theirs.

When the remaining audience did have the opportunity to ask questions few were actually answered.

I asked why is it that Riverside County has 1.3 sex offenders per 1,000 residents and Perris / Mead Valley has 5.7, over 4 times the county average. Jeff Fagot could not explain it.

Molly brought up community after community that have larger populations yet much fewer sex offenders. Jeff Fagot could not explain it.

We did get one answer. I asked who made the decision that David Allyn Dokich will not be moved? Jeff Fagot said he made the decision.

One guy in the audience took a different tact. He was saying we need to work with them and find appropriate places for these offenders. That brought a smile to Fagot's face. We later learned that this guys name is Billy Lee Overstreet and he runs a sober living home in Riverside and is an ex-con. Of course he is all for sticking these perverts in the community, its more money in his formerly shackled hands. More on Bill later.

I also over heard a 'private' conversation. 2 guys were talking about how they were trying to move Dokich. Just a couple of weeks back they tried to move him to salton sea or San Diego, I'm not sure which, but were refused. So publicly they say they are not moving Dokich but behind the scenes it looks like they are still trying.

The bottom line is its been 70 days and David Dokich is still living in a community with lots of children, children that are in grave danger because of the actions of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Article: State sticks to big picture

By LISA O'NEILL HILL and KIMBERLY TRONE / The Press-Enterprise

A forum to explain how officials monitor high-risk sex offenders left those who have protested the placement of a rapist in their Mead Valley neighborhood disappointed Wednesday night.

David Bauman / The Press-Enterprise

Parole officials with the Department of Corrections said the Riverside event was organized to educate the community about programs in place for convicts while they are in prison and after their release.

"This presentation is not about one person," said Jim L'Etoile, director for the Division of Adult Parole Operations. "It's about hundreds of individuals all across the state."

The meeting was spurred in part by a public outcry over the release of two-time rapist David Allyn Dokich, 52, and his placement into a Mead Valley group home in May. Protesters have gathered outside the home daily to demand that Dokich be moved.

Authorities maintain that Dokich has served his time and that he has to live somewhere. They said he will not be moved because other locations are too remote to allow adequate monitoring.

Click here to read the entire article

Reminder: Dept. of Corrections meeting tonight

Be there or show you don't care.

This isn't just about Mead Valley or Riveside County, its about the placement of High Risk Sex Offenders everywhere in the State of California.

7 pm

Bobby Bonds Park and Sports Complex

2060 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

The California Department of Corrections, in response to a request by Assemblyman John J. Benoit and Supervisor Bob Buster, will hold a public informational meeting to discuss the process of releasing and placing paroled sex offenders back into society.

The request for the forum was made at a meeting on May 31, regarding the last minute placement on May 5 of paroled sex offender David Dokich into a Meade Valley neighborhood.

There will be time for the public to ask questions on the procedures and rules involved in the placement of sexual predator parolees.

You can go directly to the location or meet us at 6 pm in front of camp pervert.

Senate Public Safety Approves Benoit’s Sex Offender Parole Reform Measure


California Legislature

John J. Benoit

Sixty-FOURTH district




Barry Nestande, District Office, 951-369-6644

David Duran, Capitol Office, 916-319-2064

Senate Public Safety Approves Benoit’s Sex Offender Parole Reform Measure

Governor-Backed Bill Clears First Hurdle in Senate

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman John J. Benoit’s (R-Palm Desert) legislation aimed at preventing the reoccurrence of many of the problems associated with the release of paroled convicted sex offenders was approved by the Senate Public Safety Committee. Benoit’s proposal was prompted by circumstances surrounding the placement of David Allyn Dokich into a Mead Valley neighborhood recently. Less than two days notice was given after a last moment location switch.

“As a former law enforcement professional, my priority is keeping people safe. I understand the importance of proper notification to both the residents and local law enforcement to allow them to prepare for this type of violent parolee in their area. Families have a right to feel safe in their community – and we as public authorities have a duty to keep them safe. My bill will correct some major shortcomings made evident by David Dokich’s manner of release,” stated Benoit.

As passed, Assembly Bill 1120 (Benoit) would:

1) Mandate personal telephone notification to designated officials in the District Attorneys Office and Local Police/Sheriff’s offices, in addition to existing written notifications required by current law.

2) Establish a Law Enforcement Consortium to allow local law enforcement officials to work with the Department of Corrections in a formal collaborative process to address issues relating to offender re-entry, with the goal of increased public safety.

“It is my intent for the consortium to weigh issues such as unlicensed group homes housing numerous sex offenders and proper site selection for violent sex offenders,” said Benoit. A consortium of this type existed in the 1990’s and was instrumental in bringing forward meaningful changes in the sentencing and parole of sex offenders. Unfortunately, the consortium was never passed into law and disbanded under the former administration in Sacramento. I want to bring it back to stay,” continued Assemblyman Benoit.

Benoit added, “I’ve worked closely with the Governor Schwarzenegger’s office and the Department of Corrections in developing this proposal. I appreciate their willingness to work with me to prevent a re-occurrence of the problems we experienced with the Dokich placement.”

The bill as originally drafted included a 45 day extension of the sexual predator’s term for notification but was removed at the direction of the majority democrats on the committee because of a perceived violation of the sex offender’s rights. Hopefully the consortium will address that issue when it convenes.


Assemblyman John J. Benoit’s law enforcement career spans 31 years, including 13 as a California Highway Patrol Commander in Riverside County. Assemblyman Benoit is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has held key positions in both local and countywide police chief associations. Since 2002, he has represented the 64th Assembly District, which includes Mead Valley and the cities of Riverside, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Moreno Valley, Canyon Lake and portions of Perris, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Hemet, Menifee and Murrieta.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 69 - Recap

Not much going on.

Small crowd, only about 10 tonight.

Parole agents seem to be back on their normal schedule, 8 pm to 6 am.

The did arrive late, again, 8:07 pm to be exact. For $58.33 an hour you would think they could manage to show up on time.

Both parole agents arrived at the same time, something we do not normally see. It may be a new protocal put in place since Friday's incident.

Thats all for now.

An email from Mark Muckenthaler

>>> Mark Muckenthaler <> 05/25/05 10:03 PM >>>

Supervisors Stone and Tavaglione

I work at the Moreno Valley Parole complex and I have found your characterization of parole in dealing with Dokich way off base. To the casual observer it appears that you are two public servants just doing your job but I see two politicians just playing the game of politics. Parole and the field agents are committed to protecting the community from people like Dokich and they do so on a daily basis. In fact there are many more parolee's in Riverside county that pose a greater danger than this piece of shit. The fact of the matter is that Mead Valley is trash dump and nobody including you Mr. Stone really care about it. In Mead Valley there are several sober living homes that house many parolees and have for many years. It is far safer to house these people in a home where they can be monitored on a regular basis by the field agents.

What disturbs me most is that there are many more problems that the county Riverside faces that nothing has been done about. This includes the 91 fwy which has been a nightmare for almost 20 years. The county has reaped the added property tax from all of the new residence but continues to nothing about it. The only improvement has been the addition of an extra lane by OCTA on the west bound OC side but nothing from Riverside county.

The fact is is that these people are going to continue to be paroled to the county and you can give parole all the support it needs to do a very difficult job or you can play bullshit politics and make a case out of nothing. By the way I live less than 3 blocks from a convicted sex offender and I don't like it but I take the precautions I need to to protect my family. Instead of writing stupid county laws that even your own county council says cannot override state laws work on the problems that most of us face every day.

Mark Muckenthaler

Thanks for the support Mark.

Norco only has .76 sex offenders per 1,000 residents compared to 5.7 per 1,000 in Perris.

Have fun on the 91.

Public Meeting on Sexual Predator Parolee Procedures Announced

Riverside – The California Department of Corrections, in response to a request by Assemblyman John J. Benoit and Supervisor Bob Buster, will hold a public informational meeting to discuss the process of releasing and placing paroled sex offenders back into society.

The request for the forum was made at a meeting on May 31, regarding the last minute placement on May 5 of paroled sex offender David Dokich into a Meade Valley neighborhood.

There will be time for the public to ask questions on the procedures and rules involved in the placement of sexual predator parolees.

What: CA Department of Corrections Sex Offender Parole Forum

When: July 13, 2005 – 7:00 PM

Where: Bobby Bonds Park and Sports Complex

2060 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

(University Ave between the 60 & 91 Freeways)

Cost: FREE

# # #

Assemblyman Benoit represents the 64th Assembly District, which includes Mead Valley and the cities of Palm Desert, Riverside, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Moreno Valley, Canyon Lake and portions of Perris, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Hemet, Menifee and Murrieta.

Rantings of Joseph Duncan / child rapist

Because of the number of posts Joseph Duncan made in his blog, I have decided to condense the past year.

You will read, in his own words, how child rapists like him are 'victims', how its society's fault and how the sex offender laws are unfair.

You will read, in his own words, how he claims a year ago to not be a pedophile or child molester / rapist.

As the months go on you will read, in his own words, admitting that he has been molesting / raping children multiple times and has not been caught.

Joseph Duncan posted under the name Joe. He was in college, had a job, apartment, car and every chance to lead a decent life.

Take your time when reading, its a rare opportunity to get into the head of one of these perverts.

Friday, January 16, 2004

6:34 AM
I not only work full time off campus as a software engineer, but I also have a part time position on campus doing research for the Computer Science Department.

Monday, May 10, 2004

12:54 PM
Sometimes I Just Want To Cry

I read in the news this morning that the police intend to make their harassment address checks on sex offenders even more frequently than before (four times a year now). This really really bothers me. So much that I am having a hard time concentrating at work today. I keep thinking about how dehumanized I feel, like I am not wanted. I keep thinking about how people are terrified when they find out I am a "sex offender."

Once I visited with another student after a class two summers ago. When she found out later that I was a "sex offender" she was so scared that she complained to school officials and stopped coming to class!

If anyone reads this and thinks, "good, you probably deserve it." Then you may as well go out and rape a child, because that's exactly what your attitude is supporting. You are giving in to the sickness that I've spent half my life trying to understand, and that I'll spend the rest of my life trying to fight! People must somehow understand that the sickness is in our society, not the individuals in it. We are all victims!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

12:45 PM
Dirty Dishes

It has been dawning on me lately that the reason I have been feeling uncharacteristically unmotivated for the last couple of years is because of all the stress associated with being required to register and basically not being able to do anything without being immediately concerned about people knowing I am a "sex offender" (which as I've already explained, I do not consider myself).

Friday, July 09, 2004

5:41 PM
Here We Go Again!

I got a call today from an investigator in a city about an hours drive away from where I live. Apparently I am a suspect for some un-defined incident that occurred last Sunday. He would not tell me anything about what happened, though he did not seem too concerned except to say it was a felony and all felonies are serious (in other words it probably was not too serious at least).

The officer wants me to drive to his city to talk to him. I almost told him I would, until he told me I was a suspect (I had to ask). Then I told him I would get back to him after I talk to an attorney.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

2:21 AM
First Line of Defense

I decided to hire an attorney to help in situations where I am being investigated just because I am on the "List of usual suspects." It cost me $500 out of pocket, but I think it could end up being well worth it for my own peace of mind. The attorney already saved me the headache of having to deal with the police who called the other week and wanted me to drive 45 miles just so he could eliminate me as a suspect. What a hassle, I also spoke with this attorney about the possiblity of filing a harasment law suit.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

7:30 AM

Even though the chances of a child being abducted by a stranger are less than the same child being struck by lightening, or bitten by a shark, children today are preoccupied with that fear. Fear is the beginning of isolation, confusion and hate.

All governments know that the biggest threat to their power over the people is unity amongst the people. Governments throughout history have sought ways to disrupt that unity. Our government is the master of this technique. It is routine and even expected for our children to turn in their parents if they even suspect they are not conforming.

Our children are taught in schools, "Do not talk to strangers, they are dangerous and want to hurt you." "If any adult makes you feel uncomfortable, run away and report them immediately." "The police are your friends."

What a great way to keep our children from learning new things and thinking for themselves. The last thing the government wants you to do is think, the first is to feel...Fear!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

6:26 PM
Home Invasion

My home was invaded by several police officers just this last Friday while I was at work. I caught them just after they broke in through a window on my web cam which sends an alert to my cell phone when it detects motion. My phone alerted me to the break in while I was waiting for Investigator Chad Jutz fill out the paperwork after searching my car and taking a disposable water proof camera.

The said they were looking for pictures of two boys who were molested more than a month ago by a man driving a red car and who had a "bump" on his lip. The man took pictures of the boys and so they took all my cameras and my home computer to look for pictures. Of course I am clean, they might find some pictures of me naked, non-sexual mode photos I used once to make a birthday card for a girlfriend once) but that's about it.

At first the search did not bother me too much, since I anticipated it happening eventually considering the way the police think (a sex offender driving a red car committed a crime, I'm a sex offender and I drive a red car, it does not matter I live about 60 miles from the crime and even in a different state). They can get away with the search warrant because I am a sex offender and no one is going to blame them if they find nothing since I am guilty by historical fact.

I am now 99.99 percent sure I will move to a different state as soon as I graduate and can find a job in a state where I'm not required to register.

Friday, October 08, 2004

9:35 AM
Without Forgiveness There Is Only Insanity

I was thinking on the drive to work yesterday that much of the insanity in this world is directly driven by the lack of our willingness (or ability) to forgive. This is actually a fairly profound and involved concept that would likely take a book to explain, so I'll just leave it to you to figure it out (if you care to of course).

Here's a hint: Forgiveness is letting go of blame; by letting go of blame we are forced to confront the problem. By not letting go of blame we evade the problem and it will invariably come back, usually worse than before. This applies to all levels of the "Human Condition" from personal problems where we fail to forgive ourselves, to criminal issues where we fail to take responsibility for crime in our community and country (by blaming or not forgiving the offenders). Forgiveness allows us to see the problem more clearly, and if the forgiveness is genuine then it also motivates us to do something about the problem via the empathy we feel for those we have forgiven.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

11:59 AM
On The Planned Murder of Scott Peterson...

No matter how you rationalize it, punishment is not a deterrent to criminal behavior (as has been shown by numerous studies). It is plain and simple vengeance, and as such serves no function other than to create more strife. If you think that most of that strife is on the criminal, then you are a victim of your own limited thinking. The strife invariably works its way over and over back into our lives. If we don’t stop seeing just the elephant’s tail, then we will keep getting trampled under its feet!

Murder is murder is murder. How do we ever expect our citizens to respect life, if we don't respect it as a society? If you think I'm a leftist bleeding heart liberal, then what would you have called Jesus? (Who was publicly executed for a "serious crime" in his day.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

8:52 PM
There Can Be Only One!

The mind is nothing more than a dream machine. Science has known this for some time, you merely dream all that you think you see. Sure, that dream is based on inputs from the "real world," but it is still just a dream, and as such with a little practice you can have a lot of fun manipulating your dream while you are awake!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

11:04 AM
On Sex Offender Hysteria

Sex Offender Santa I committed a sex crime when I was very young.

All my psych reports say I am a low risk; I was just a kid acting out confusion over my own abuse and study's show conclusively that my type of offense is rarely repeated.

And yet almost 30 years later, while I have no parole nor have I ever committed a new crime, the police insist on knocking on my door several times a year, and sometimes in the wee hours, as a matter of ‘Magnus Genius’ to check that I still live here.

So, some of the more ignorant people in the world will read this and think, “they deserve it.” I call these people ignorant because they don’t see the hurt they are causing, more children, more victims, just because they are afraid to admit their own secret desires.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

9:49 AM
Criminals Are Victims Too

As long as we keep attacking the symptoms of social disease--the so called offenders--then our problems will keep getting worse. Some day (soon I hope) society will be forced to "wake up" and recognize how it propagates its own misery by denying the truth that criminals are victims too.

Monday, February 21, 2005

8:01 PM
Cure For Crime

The only cure for crime is Love. Everything else is just more crime.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

12:26 AM
What Friends Are For

A friend of mine pointed out that I spend too much time dwelling on my past (sex offense 25 years ago) and she offered this blog as evidence. She said I was also very negative, likewise evidenced in this blog.

Wow. She is obviously correct, and it bothers me that I hadn't seen this before. Not that I'm really negative inside, I'm really not.

I love my life, and I love the world, and I believe genuinely that God does not make mistakes, so there is nothing “wrong” about the way things are. I know from ongoing personal experience that my struggle to know the Truth is Gods gift to me! His gift can be acknowledge and recognized, but it can never be lost or possessed. So, I truly am a happy person on a level where being happy really counts.

So, Thank you pretty neighbor girl for pointing out this sad impression I’ve been giving and allowing me the opportunity to amend my ways.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

9:26 PM
A Conversation With God

Monday, March 21, 2005

11:06 PM
Who's Gonna Save Me?

"When you can see the strings that control your life, you tend to wonder." -- Jet (McNiel Island State Penitentiary, 1987)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

6:26 PM
Teaching The World To Sing

Each time I re-read what I wrote in Key West I understand a little more, and realize more what God has been trying to tell me for the longest time, and what I have been wanting to know for just as long.

For instance, just now I realized the answer to a question I've been asking myself for years: What can I do to get people to realize how everything is connected? Well, I just found the answer hidden in my own ponderings from that Sunny Sunday morning: Any attempt to make the world a better place imediately and directly interfers with God's Harmonic intentions.

All answers must come in there own time, and God has the timing already figured out according to reasons infinitely beyond my own ability to reason. So, there is nothing that I "can do," but instead I must continue to strive to give-in to God's Will, because it is through this "non-doing" that his Will can be seen. I'm growing a lot lately faster than I want at times.

Friday, April 15, 2005

1:19 PM
The Boogyman Will Get Ya

I wrote the following as a draft
So, I've been accused of molesting a little boy. Those close to me know I didn't do it of course, how could I, I'm not even a pedophile.

Well, I'm not a psychopath either, I feel the full force and pain of everyone I have ever hurt, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I need to do. Ultimately my feelings don't matter, I learned that in prison. I have to carry out my orders or a lot worse than just me dying could happen.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

7:21 PM
Wrestling With Demons

Yes, I am still alive. I honestly wish not, I just don’t know how to kill myself so it makes sense. Nothing makes sense to me right now. Last night I realized I was “scared and alone.” Being scared doesn’t bother me as much as being alone, but it is a fate that I probably chose sometime before I was ever born because I’ve been making the decision to fight my battles alone since I was a small child.

The current battle is of epic proportions (I do not make this claim idly either). It is a battle between me and my demons. Only two people in the world have a clue as to the power and nature of my demons (besides me) and they will probably never read this. But just the same, these demons are stronger than even I gave them credit for, and now they are taking my best blows and not even staggering.

I’m afraid, very afraid. If they win then a lot of people will be badly hurt, and they’ve had their way before, so I know what they can do.

I’ve been praying a lot and asking God for help. I’ve asked him to step in and intercede directly, because I see no other way at this point that I can win. If you are reading this, and you believe in God, please pray for God to help me defeat my demons.

God has shown me the right choice, but my demons have me tied to a spit and the fire has already been lit. I don’t know if the right choice is even an option any more!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

9:17 PM
The Demons Have Taken Over

As far as letting God take care of the Demons, too late. They've locked up the "Happy Joe" person in the same dungeon that "Happy Joe" kept them in for so many years. Now they are loose and I am very afraid.

From now on I may refer to "Happy Joe" as "Jet" (me) and the demons as "The Bogeyman."

I have been asking God to help defeat the demons. In fact, last night I was on my knees begging him, crying out loud to him, to help me. He didn't answer, again.

The problem is I am loosing my religion. I don't accept anything at face value, not even my own thoughts. So when I start having religious convictions I question the source. And in my current situation I figure I am under a lot of stress, and there are perfectly natural human mechanisms that account for all religious experiences.

The demons (if that's what they/it are/is--I use the term for mere convenience) have convinced me that I should at least question my religious beliefs, (this makes sense, otherwise I would believe anything) and that is how they got the key to the dungeon, and trapped me inside.
To be more specific, I am scared, alone, and confused, and my reaction is to strike out toward the perceived source of my misery, society.

My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die. As for the "Happy Joe" (Jet), well he was just a dream. The bogeyman was alive and happy long before Happy Joe.

I was in prison for over 18 years, since the age of 17. As an adult all I knew was the oppression of incarceration. All those years I dreamed of getting out...And getting even. Instead, I got out and I got even, but did not get caught.

So, I got even again, and again did not get caught. So, I figured, well, I got even twice (actually more, but that's here nor there), even if I'm the only one who knows, so now what?

Well that was when the "Happy Joe" dream started. I met a bunch of really great people, the kind of people I didn't even know existed, but here they were, bunches of them, my neighbors, my landlords, my professors, my coworkers, and they were all good people, who were willing to give me a chance despite my past. They were willing to accept me and be my friend, something that was new for me, having been betrayed by many "friends" and even my own family.
So, I tried to make it work.

But the problem was those demons. The ones who "got even" for me. They kept reminding me that if my new "friends" knew about them (and what they, I, had done to even), then so much for their friendship. So, "Happy Joe" was just dreaming, or pretending to be happy.

Friday, May 13, 2005

5:43 PM
Still Confused

My blog entries lately are erratic and full of a lot of B.S., for that I apologize. I am just trying to put down what is in my head, regardless.

As far as "taking people with me" well, I don't know if that is right or wrong. In fact, I don't know much any more what right and wrong even is.

My view is either everything is right (in some regard) or everything is wrong (in some other regard). The question (one I am struggling with at this point) is, "Does it matter?"

Does anything matter? My mother is crying right now, because her son is in trouble again. She tried to raise a good son, and she knows her son has a good heart, so why does he do these things? She is probably more hurt and confused than me. Does it matter?

It hurts me to know these things, but DOES IT MATTER???

A hundred years from now, all my mothers pain will be forgotten, and other mothers will cry for there sons. A million years from now there probably won't be any mothers (at least not like we know).

I have feelings, in fact I think I must be more sensitive than most people because I seem to feel more than they do, at least more than what they openly express. I feel for the starving children and families in the world, others say, "Oh, that's too bad, but I can't do anything so..."

I wish I could be more honest about my feelings, but those demons made sure I'd never be able to do that. I might not know if it matters, but just in case, I am working on an encrypted journal that is hundreds of times more frank than this blog could ever be (that's why I keep it encrypted). I figure in 30 years or more we will have the technology to easily crack the encryption (currently very un-crackable, PGP) and then the world will know who I really was, and what I really did, and what I really thought. Also, maybe then they will understand that despite my actions, I'm not a bad person, I just have a disease contracted from society, and it hurts a lot.

I hope to complete this journal before I die (soon) or turn myself in (I still might do that, I think it is the right thing, but of course, I'm not sure).

Speak of being sure; I wish I could be sure about my thoughts. But right now the only thing I'm sure about is that I'm sure about nothing. It is not a good position to be in considering my circumstances (being a felony fugitive and all).

Just 3 days later, May 16th, Shasta and Dylan Groene were discovered to be missing when police found the bodies of the girl’s mother, older brother and mother’s boyfriend bound and bludgeoned to death.

Joseph Duncan was found with Shasta Groene on July 3rd in a Denny's resturant.

Shasta has told authorities that she and her brother were repeatedly molested by Duncan.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 68 - Recap, something odd is going on

Normally there are 2 parole agents at the sex offender clown house from 8 pm to 6 am.

Since Saturday night, when an ambulance visited Last Chance, it seems that 2 parole agents are there 24 hours a day. Thats going to throw off my whole tax payer cost counter :(

They were there Sunday at noon and were there before we arrived today at 7 pm.

2 ambulances in as many days, someone sets themself on fire in bed, now the parole agents appear to be there 24 hours a day, what in the world is the state of California thinking putting these places into neighborhoods?

We had a good crowd tonight, about 25 protesters.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 67 - Recap, fire...fire

It was a bit before noon today when we got a call that an ambulance was at the sexual offender clown house again. Molly and I arrived as quick as we could but the ambulance had already left.

An independant video crew arrived right after we did. They heard over the scanner that someone had set themself on fire in bed. When the state crams that many child molesters, rapists and parolees into one house things are bound to get tense.

We later learned it was a J. Simmons that set himself on fire. We see no listing for him on Megan's Law so it would seem he is not on parole for child molestation.

We took the video crew over to the side of the clown house. Not much was happening.

There were 2 parole agent vehicles at the halfway house. Normally we only see them from 8 pm to 6 am.

We did notice that our parcels had been plowed. The ground is very loose now, we will have to pack it down so no one gets stuck.

We later learned that the person who last night had agreed to plow for free arrived today only to find it had already been done. Now we have a mystery, who plowed the field? Who ever you are, thanks, its a big help.

We had a small but vocal crowd tonight.

We also seem to have a new, friendly Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy on duty. We have spoken with him the past couple of nights and its been great. I'm leary to post his name, we don't want to get him in trouble for being nice to us 'evil' protesters.

Signing off for Sunday, see you tomorrow.


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