David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Day 79 - Recap

Today, Saturday, was not supposed to be an off day, but it turned into one because many some protesters were out of town.

No worries, it just adds to confusion of the parole agents, which seems to be happening more often of late.

See you next time.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Day 78 - Recap

Protesters were supposed to take tonight off but guess what, a bunch showed up any way!

The parole agents are trying to avoid arriving when we are there, but since we are varying our times they don't know what to do.

Thats about it, nothing else happening, see you next time.

Erin Runnion's prepared statement

Your Honor, please bear with me. I have a lot to say, but I think it will only take about five minutes. I hope it is okay if I do this. I have to thank you Judge Froeberg for the way you managed and set the tone in this courtroom. This system seems so contrary to human nature and you made it as humane and tolerable as possible. You were fair and careful and I was less burdened because I was confident that you would uphold the integrity of the process.

I want to thank the jurors for your time and attention, but really for treating this case with so much respect. You too were careful and diligent and you did the right thing. This was not about me and my family vs. this man, it was our community, the “people” vs. him… because when someone hurts and kills an innocent child, it is a crime against all of us. And I am sorry that you had to be a part of this, but I feel like you went through this part with me and I’m glad it was you who were here.

For mitigating to the greatest extent possible the impact of this horrible crime, I want to thank everyone at the DA’s office: David Brent, Camille Hill, Jim Mulgrew and all of your awesome staff, Minerva Hidrogo, our victims' advocate. You were so wonderful to my family. Combined with my friends from the Orange County and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, you all made an incredible team. You did a fantastic job.

It seemed that everyone who was involved from the day Samantha was taken did their difficult jobs with such care and thoroughness that the sincerity of their intentions was obvious. Thank you for caring. You treated Samantha and this case with the respect and diligence she deserved and it is by your intent and wonderful work that justice was done for her.

Ms. Gragg and Mr. Zelweski, I feel badly that you had to defend this man. It just seems so wrong that we put people in a position to pretend someone is innocent when no one wants this man on the streets.

I don’t imagine he has given any thought to what you all went through, personally. I know you were fulfilling the duty set out in the Constitution that is truly the absolute backbone of our democracy; that is a judicial process that ensures that innocent people are not falsely imprisoned or murdered to satisfy a popular demand. That very thing is happening in so many countries around the world today that in spite of how mad you made me, watching the process made me appreciate its intent. I was very frustrated by the posturing and convolution of facts, and you must know that a few of the tactics you employed crossed the line from defense to distortion. I understand that our adversarial system perpetuates that dilemma and I’m not qualified to suggest any alternatives. I just wish that we could find a way to infuse the system with more common sense and decency.

I also want to acknowledge all of the strangers who watched this story and let it touch them because it really helped me to know that so many people saw this for the truly heinous crime that it was; for acknowledging how important my daughter’s life was. Every child deserves that kind of love and advocacy.

I have written and re-written what I would say today to you.

Part of me doesn’t want to speak to you or acknowledge you in any way, but I’ve decided that I have to address you because I hope to never see you again. I never want to hear your name or see your face. You don’t deserve a place in my family’s history. And so I want you to live. I want you to disappear into the abyss of a lifetime in prison where no one will remember you, no one will pray for you, no one will care when you die. Since Samantha’s death I have felt more hate and rage than I ever thought possible, but I love that little girl so much that it would be a horrible insult to her to let my hate for you take more space in my heart and head than my love for her.

I am supposed to speak to the impact of this crime on my life. There is no describing the impact and I am not sure you’re intelligent enough to ever comprehend it anyway. I wrote this statement on the third anniversary of the night you took my baby and hurt her and scared her and crushed her until her heart stopped. She fought. I know she fought. I know she looked at you with those amazing, sparkling brown eyes and you still wanted to kill her. I don’t understand it. I never will.

It’s like you never learned to think. You have absolutely no concept of how heinous, how egregious your crimes were. I can’t help but wonder how it is you survived as long as you did being so stupid.

You killed a child with a loving and passionate heart. Samantha was outrageously bright and funny. She wasn’t demanding, she didn’t ask for everything under the sun, just to play and have fun as much as humanly possible. Why would you want to take that away? I have researched and really thought about pedophiles and your psychology and blah blah blah… you’re a human being, you’ve know pain and fear… Did you pretend that she wasn’t real?

I want an apology. Someday I want you to feel the impact of what you did to Samantha. I want you to realize how much you stole. I have to take family photos and my little girl isn’t there; she will always be missing. Every happy moment of my live has a moment of gut-wrenching agony because she’s not there. And I have to stop and acknowledge how much it hurts to live without her.

Samantha made me feel like I had a purpose on this planet. She was so incredible that I felt sure that if I just did what I could to give her every opportunity to become the best person she could be and I didn’t mess her up in the meantime, she would have done something truly wonderful for this world. She wanted to be a dancer, a teacher and a mother. She was a wonderful storyteller and she wrote all the time. Who knows what she would have become?

But you just don’t care. You have no idea of what it is to love someone… you have no concept of what life is about and yet you were so arrogant as to think you has a right to take it.

For me and my family – our lives were shattered. For the past three years we’ve been trying to paste it back together, but there’s this huge void and the lack of her laughter, of art on the walls of her dancing and singing and running and jumping and swinging and smiling… the lack of Samantha is actually a part of our life now. The pain is impossible to describe, the guilt I feel for bringing that sweet baby into the world only to be tortured and terrified… I am so sorry I let her down.

And you should be sorry you took her away. You should be so sorry. Not sorry you got caught; not sorry that your wasted life will be taken (as if it’s worth could ever compare) but sorry that you took a life – the life of a very special little girl.

While everything in me wants to hurt you in every possible way, when I’m very honest with myself, what I want more than anything is I want you to feel remorse. Everyone feels alone in our pain and confusion. There is so much misery built into being a human being that I can’t fathom what would make you want to add to it.

In choosing to destroy Samantha’s life you chose this… You chose to waste your life to satisfy a sick desire. You know it was wrong, but you chose not to think about it. Now you have a lot of time to think about it. Don’t waste it. Write it down so that the rest of us might learn how to stop you people.

You are a disgrace to the human race.

Day 78 - Judge sentences Avila to death for child's murder

10:54 AM PDT on Friday, July 22, 2005

Alejandro Avila, the Lake Elsinore man convicted of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering 5-year-old Samantha Runnion, was sentenced on Friday morning to death despite an empassioned statement from his victim's mother who said she wanted him to die in prison.

Avila looked straight ahead as an emotional Erin Runnion, Samantha's mother, pleaded with him to apologize for killing her daughter.

Orange County Superior Court Judge William R. Froeberg imposed the sentence recommended by an Orange County jury in May. Erin Runnion said she wanted Avila to "disappear into the abyss of a lifetime in prison where no one will remember you, no one will pray for you, no one will care when you die."

Avila, 30, snatched the little girl from outside her mother's apartment three years ago. Her death was the focus of national attention and generated efforts to expand the Amber Alert system to find abducted children.

Prosecutors portrayed Avila as a sexual deviant who thirsted for children. They called as witnesses three Riverside County girls who said Avila had molested them. He was acquitted of molesting two of the girls 18 months before he grabbed Samantha.

Click here to read the entire article

Day 78 - Little Hoover Commission report on parole policies

I have just started digging into this report, its quite good.

Here are a couple of notable excerpts:

California is Out of Sync

California puts more offenders on parole:
  • California: 95%
  • National Average 82%

More prison commitments are returning parolees:
  • California: 67%
  • National Average 35%

Fewer parolees successfully complete parole:
  • California: 21%
  • National Average 42%

Sources: Jeremy Travis, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute, Written testimony to the Commission, February 27, 2003. Michael P. Jacobson, Ph.D., Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York. Written testimony to the Commission, January 23, 2003.

The bottom line: California’s correctional system costs more than it should and it does not provide the public safety that it could.

Incarcerating parole violators costs $900 million a year. The State spends another $465 million on parole, the bulk of which is for parole agents, who spend much of their time filling out paperwork to send parolees back to prison. Another $660 million is spent incarcerating parolees convicted of committing new crimes.

Stay tuned, more to follow.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 77 - Recap, the perverts were busy

The perverts, child rapists and molesters put some plywood sheets against the northern fence in an attempt to stop us from protesting there. It won't work.

We have to wonder, who paid for it? Did it come out of Harriet Cooks pockets or did parole pay for it like they paid for the rent-a-fence? They don't really care about the cost, its just more tax payer money.

Parole agents arrived right at 8 pm. They actually semi-slowed down when they turned into the driveway.

We have a lot of other behind the scenes things going on that I can't share at this time.

Take care and keep your kids safe.

Article: Keeping children safe from sex crimes

By Jack Levin | July 18, 2005

Jack Levin is director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University and co-author of ''Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder."

JOSEPH EDWARD Duncan III, who allegedly bludgeoned to death three people in northern Idaho and kidnapped two children, killing one of them, represents a tremendous challenge to our criminal justice system. What are we to do with a dangerous Level Three sex offender who has served his sentence but is likely to repeat his offense?

Duncan had served a 15-year sentence in a Washington State prison for raping a 14-year-old boy and was out on bail for molesting a 6-year-old boy. For every repeat offender who turns his life around, there are several others who commit even more hideous crimes. The typical child sex offender attacks more than 100 children. That is why legislators around the country have recently devoted so much time writing tougher laws to track, restrict, or sentence dangerous rapists and child molesters. While well motivated, almost all such legislation is bound to fail.

Sex offender registries, including the Comonwealth's version, have been ineffective. They make citizens feel safer but do little else. Many dangerous offenders never register. Others register but reoffend. Joseph Duncan was a registered sex offender.

Not even a strong national offender registry would discourage recidivism. Notifying the neighbors that an ex-con is in their community only assures that he will be pulled out of mainstream society and pushed back into crime. As soon as the word gets around, he undoubtedly will lose his job, be evicted from his apartment, and be shunned by his friends and neighbors. Then he will move to somebody else's city or town.

Some states have sought to put distance between sex offenders and children. At least 14 states have passed laws which provide buffer zones between convicted sex offenders and places where children congregate. The problem with such laws is that children are almost everywhere, not only in schools and at bus stops, but also at daycare centers, zoos, swimming pools, churches, shopping malls, and playgrounds. It is almost impossible for offenders to live in a community and not be in proximity to children.

Click here to read the entire article

Day 77 - Watch channel 2 news tonight at 11 pm

Something about catching the child molesters and rapists living where they are not supposed to be living will be on.

Day 77 - National Sex Offender Registry is up and running

22 states are currently listed, the remaining (including California) should be available by the end of the year.

The total number of registered sex offenders listed is expected to be about 500,000.

National Sex Offender Public Registry

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Article: California's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Convicted child molesters are warehoused by officials across the state, while the Megan’s Law database breaks down


Photo by André Coleman
~ Father Marshall: “Maybe they’ll live next to you now.” ~

t provides an offender’s name, his crimes, sometimes a photo, and, if the bad guy was bad enough, maybe his address. But at best, what the Megan’s Law website (www.meganslaw.ca.gov) really tells us is that L.A. kids are anything but safe from known sexual predators living – sometimes in groups – near schools, parks, and family homes.

Earlier this month, Pasadena residents were shocked to discover that at least 10 sex offenders were living together in a home less than half a mile from Cleveland Elementary School and two public parks. The convicts, whose grotesque crimes included rape and sodomizing children, were placed at the house by state corrections officials who some say use so-called “sober-living facilities” like this one to warehouse dozens of sex offenders recently released from prison.

Pasadena officials quickly shut down the Back To Life house, as it was called, after a community activist discovered the facility had been operating without a license and in violation of city zoning laws. “They’ve known I was here since 2002,” said Father Roger Marshall, rector of St. Luke’s Holy Church of the Anglican Rite in La Verne and operator of the home. “I was the elephant in the living room that they didn’t want to deal with. It became public knowledge that I was here, so they had to deal with it.”

While Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian described the incident as “an inexpensive lesson in paying closer attention to this stuff,” 68-year-old Marshall said he’d rather risk jail time than to stop housing sex offenders.

“I’m prepared to fight. They can take me to jail, but I’m not closing my doors,” said Marshall.

Click here to read the entire article

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day 76 - Recap, they got us....under their skin

Well that was the most fun we have had in some time.

The $58.33 per hour rent-a-babysitter parole agents arrived at 7 pm. We could see one sitting on the front porch, reading the paper and playing with the dogs.

As it was getting dark we took 6 vehicles up to the side of Camp Pervert and let them have it for about 45 minutes, it was great, lots of car horns, 2 bullhorns and a bunch of pissed off parents.

The parole agents get upset and like to take our pictures, not sure why.

We could try to explain to them why we are here but their primitive intellects just wouldn't understand things like the First Amendment, love of family and multiple syllable words.

We all started driving down to the main road and I decided to make another pass. I did a circle around our properties and drove past the clown house blasting my horn. As I was heading away they started shining their light on me. So I backed up to the fence and gave them a better view. I tried communicating in sign language to no avail. We may need to try a box of bananas next time.

Just after we all got back to the entrance to Last Chance a Sheriff's deputy arrived and started up the driveway. The deputies can no longer get all the way up to the house because of the parole paid, with your tax dollars, rent-a-fence.

After a few minutes he headed back down. He is one of the good guys, Sgt. Brown. We chatted for a few minutes then he had to take off.

As soon as Sgt. Brown left a few of us decided to head back up. Harriet Cooks was home and we were getting to her.

We got up beside the play-house for perverts and parole agents, a mom in her minivan coming from the west and myself coming from the east. Odd, the lights on the side of the house did not come on. They have motion sensors and trip easily. My suspicions were quickly confirmed as I saw the little red light on the front of the parole agents camera. They were just on the other side of the fence trying to film us and had turned off the lights thinking we would not see them.

I lit them up with the death ray and told them to come and get a better look. They walked to the fence and towards the back of my vehicle, taking pictures of my license plate.

What these primitive screwheads failed to notice is that my plates were covered with black plastic. And they kept taking pictures, it was hilarious.

They were scratching their heads in confusion and I could hear them talking:

Primate #1 "Picture no come out"

Primate #2 "Make more picture"

Primate #1 "Picture no work"

Primate #2 "We go now, make fire, cook food"

Word of this gets out and anthropologists from all over the world will descend on this place.

I was laughing so hard my side started to hurt. We took off after that.

See you tomorrow and keep your families safe.

Day 76 - Multiple code violations being investigated at Last Chance

322150015 CV052145 Substandard m/h 21200 Old Elsinore Rd Perris Invest

322150015 CV052146 Substandard structure - detached garage/shed 21200 Old Elsinore Rd Perris Invest

322150015 CV052147 Illegal business 21200 Old Elsinore Rd Perris

Source: http://www2.tlma.co.riverside.ca.us/cgi-bin/codeinfo.pl?CODEAPN=322150015

Day 76 - California Penal Code 3003.5

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, when a person is released on parole after having served a term of imprisonment in state prison for any offense for which registration is required pursuant to Section 290, that person may not, during the period of parole, reside in any single family dwelling with any other person also required to register pursuant to Section 290, unless those persons are legally related by blood, marriage, or adoption. For purposes of this section, "single family dwelling" shall not include a residential facility which serves six or fewer persons.

Interesting, there have been 3 to 4 sexual offenders at Last Chance since David Dokich arrived. The CDCR will say that its 'O.K.' because its six or fewer persons. But we know thats not true, there are more than 6 in Last Chance.

LA has the same issue and their DA's office is fighting back:

Los Angeles City Attorney Rockard Delgadillo has already appealed to Schwarzenegger for his direct intervention in the issue. After studying the state law -- Penal Code Section 3003.5 which governs the disposition of paroled sex offenders -- Delgadillo, the nine deputy city attorneys he has assigned to the case and city attorneys of two other cities agreed that the state’s Department of Corrections is in violation of that law by allowing more than one sex registrant on parole to reside in the Rochester House, which the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has determined to be a single family dwelling, irrespective of its use as a sober living facility.

This is the description of the Last Chance residence according to Riverside County:

  • 2160 sq.ft.
  • 4 bedroom
  • 1.75 bath
  • 1 story
  • Wood frame construction
  • with composition roof
  • Constructed 11959
Sure sounds like a house, not a 'facility'.

Lets see if we can get our DA's office to pursue this.

Source: Click here

$80,000 in parole agents pockets to babysit Dokich

Yep, you read it right, 80 thousand dollars in the pockets of the parole agents.

Do you really think they want this to stop? They are loving this. Its easy money!

There have been 2 parole agents babysitting David Allyn Dokich for about 70 days now. They were not there most of the first week of his arrival at Last Chance. The agents are at Last Chance for 10 hours a day. This does not include the time they spend chauffeuring Dokich around to his various appointments.

They have had a recent pay increase so we will split the difference and go with $57 per hour.

57 x 2 agents = $114 per hour
114 x 10 = $1,140 per day
1,140 x 30 = $34,200 per month
1,140 x 70 = $79,800 for the past 70 odd days.

The California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) is a union of workers in the field of corrections. They are one of the most powerful unions in the state and contribute millions of dollars each year to get what they want; more money.

CCPOA's 64,000 square foot headquarters

According to the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice, CCPOA members salaries were as high as $73,000 per year in 2003 and they contribute $22 million in dues each year.

In 2003 the union employed a 91 person staff including 20 full-time attorneys and uses the services of five lobbyists and a team of public relations consultants.

CCPOA members earn the highest salaries of correctional officers anywhere in the country. In the mid-1990s, CCPOA had the best pension plan in the nation and an average salary 58% higher than the correctional officer national average.

These salaries are particularly high considering that the job requires a high school degree or equivalent. A correctional officer earns more than an associate professor with a Ph. D. in the University of California system.

A generous benefits package also sweetens correctional officers’ contracts. Union members receive a healthy pension, reimbursement for school courses, and a monthly budget for staying physically fit.

The parole division of the CDCR has said they are prepared to babysit Dokich for 3 years. Thats a projected cost of 1.7 million for tax payers, 1.2 million of which go to parole agents.

Stay tuned, there is more to come, for example, how Grey-out Davis re-paid CCPOA for the millions of dollars they gave him by shutting down privately run, non-union, prisons.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

Source: http://www.cjcj.org/cpp/growth_CCPOA.php

Day 76 - Sex offenders in the news

Joseph Edward Duncan at 16

Joseph Edward Duncan now

Idaho Suspect Considered 'Decent Guy'

(AP) Fargo, N.D. Former North Dakota State University police chief Tim Lee remembers telling Joseph Edward Duncan III a few years ago that high-risk sex offenders were statistically likely to re-offend.

"He said, 'Well, it's not going to apply to me. I'm going to make it,"' Lee recalled, in an interview with The Forum.

Duncan, 42, who goes by the nickname "Jet" (Joseph Edward the Third) is now charged in Idaho with kidnapping two children and bludgeoning three people to death.


Fargo Police records show murder suspect called doctor hours before his capture

SPOKANE, Washington -- KREM 2 News has uncovered new information about murder and kidnapping suspect Joseph Edward Duncan. Fargo Police records have revealed that Duncan made a phone call to one of his financial supporters just hours before police arrested him in Coeur d'Alene.

On Friday, July 1st, police records show Duncan called Doctor Richard Wacksman. Wacksman is the doctor who gave Duncan $6,500 for attorney fees back in April. The telephone call reportedly lasted four minutes.

Wacksman told police Duncan sent him a picture of himself during the phone call. He did not think Duncan was with anyone else. Police say Wacksman yelled at Duncan for running from the cops and Duncan hung up.

Records also show in August of 2004, Duncan was reported to be increasingly angry at officers who kept checking on his whereabouts after he was accused of child molestation in Minnesota.


Escaped sex offender sought; another captured

DE - Police are searching for a registered sex offender they said escaped from the state psychiatric hospital Saturday night by climbing out a window.

Delaware State Police said anyone who sees escapee Gary N. Welch, 51, should call 911 immediately.

He fled through a physician’s office window at Delaware State Hospital along U.S. 13 near New Castle about 9 p.m. Saturday, said police spokeswoman Cpl. Helen Anne C. Zane.


Convicted sex offender back home

SC- Edwin “Sonny” Rogerson, a 65-year-old Kensington resident who is listed on the state’s sex offender registry, was back in his Pickens Street home Friday — two days after he was arrested on new sexual misconduct charges.

Rogerson was arrested Wednesday without incident at his home after an investigation by the Sheriff’s Department. He was released Friday after posting an $18,000 bond.

According to Investigator George Smith, Rogerson lured two girls — ages 14 and 15 — into his home by promising them cigarettes. The girls told investigators they would call Rogerson “the cigarette man.”

Once he gained their trust, Smith said Rogerson committed a sexual act on one and showed pornographic movies to the other.”


Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 75 - Recap

Molly had a conversation with someone from the Moreno Valley parole office. It was about the 'alleged' threats she made to parole agent Nollet after he tried to tag her with his car. We can't talk much about it because its still under investigation but I can say that Molly made no such threats because I heard everything she was yelling. Come to think of it, the way she yells the whole valley probably heard her.

Even though today was not a scheduled day to protest we had 4 vehicles up beside the sex offender infested clown house at 10 pm making quite a racket. Its part of our new tactic to keep the perverts and their parole agent friends guessing.

There were other activities from 11 pm until 1:30 am but I cannot talk about them here.

See you tomorrow.


Its been 75 days and every indication is that the parole division of the CDCR plan on keeping 2 time child rapists David Allyn Dokich in this community full of children for 3 years.

Therefore, daily protests in front of Last Chance are cancelled.

Until further notice we will be protesting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6 pm. By reducing the number of days per week we can give regular protesters part of their lives back, lives that have been stolen by Jeff Fagot and the parole division of the CDCR.

During the summer its simply to hot for most so we will continue in the cooler evening hours.

Some of us will still be performing daily activities. Some of these activities will be at odd hours, for example 3 am, and others will be at other locations. These will not be announced on this blog, notification will be sent via e-mail.

If you have any questions please contact us at the e-mail address below:

We are not stopping, just changing tactics.

Take care and keep your families safe.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day 74 - Recap

Two female parole agents arrived at 7 pm. Not sure why their schedule is so screwy lately.

A bunch of us went to Frank's place for dinner and theatre.

Frank performed his now famous rendition of Raging Bull. De Niro has nothing on Frank, nothing. Frank absolutely owns this role. De Niro may as well retire, its over.

10:30 pm drive by, all was quite.

Spotted the Silver Expedition heading north on Clarke. It made a right on Markham, then one block and another right. It headed back to Caljalco and got stopped at the light. It made a left on Caljalco (from the right lane) and headed east. It got stopped at the light at Harvill. Light turned green, it went through the light then turned right into the Circle K lot (from the left lane).

They were driving a bit paranoid, like they were afraid someone was following them. Gee, what ever gave them that idea?

See you tomorrow, pay attention, some things will be changing.

Day 74 - Child molester found working at OC Fair

A child molester was caught working at the Orange County Fair this week.

Steven Henry Torres, 44, of Anaheim was arrested Tuesday for violating his parole.

Steven Henry Torres

From Megan's Law:

Offense Code

As a condition of his parole, Torres is not allowed near areas that attract "a lot" of children.

Because of this violation Torres was sentenced Friday to three years in state prison.


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