David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Day 93 - Recap

One of the neighbors was having a party so we did not protest, although we did keep a somewhat 'quiet' eye on the clown house and parole agents.

See you next time.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 92 - Recap

We had about a dozen protesters out tonight.

After it got dark 5 of us went up to the side of the clown house. One of the windows did not have the shades pulled and we could see inside. The door to the room had the number 5 on it, so apparently each room has a number.

In the past the outside of the clown house is well lit with a combination of standard and motion sensitive lights. Many of these were installed after we started protesting the arrival of twice convicted violent child rapist David Allyn Dokich.

Tonight all the lights were out. Maybe its a new strategy on the perverts and parole agents part. Perhaps they think that if its dark we will just forget about the perverts and go home.

Well we have news for them, we can see just fine in the dark, it is 2005 after all. The 2 parole agents were sitting at the table in the back of the house. Thats about all they do, sit around, read the paper, play with the dogs, take naps in the cars and make nice with the parolees.

We had a couple of bull horns working to full effect. Shortly after 9pm a Riverside County Sheriff Deputies car drove up the dirt road. We watched as it got to the end of the road, turned around, and left.

Finally the RSO got it right. They have to respond to the calls from the perverts and parole agents, which they did, and they have to leave us alone because we are not violating any laws, which they did.

We have a meeting with Sheriff Bob Doyle on Monday. While the RSO deputies gave us a hard time in the beginning, the past month has been pretty good on their part and I will make sure he knows that. Hopefully we can work with Sheriff Doyle and improve the situation for all of us, protesters and deputies.

Just before 9:30pm the Reverend Abraham Capers aka Limp Pimp Daddy arrived.

Right about 10pm a deputy (one of the nice guys) stopped and started chatting. Apparently Harriet Cooks had called 911 (you know, the number for an emergency) and wanted the sheriffs to be there when her daughter, Corissa Cooks, arrived. You can read more about that in the post below, but here are a couple of additional thoughts.

Normally the parole agents walk down to the road and escort vehicles in and out of the property. This time, while there were 2 parole agents at the halfway house, they apparently refused Harriets request.

Why is Harriet Cooks tying up the emergency line when there is no emergency?

Thats about all for now, keep your kids safe.

Tragedy at the clown house, 911 called, Sheriff responds!

Breaking news from the clown house...its so shocking, I need a minute to compose myself, oh, my, this is terrible, oh, my, get out of the way, please! This is one of the worst catastrophes in the world!...Oh, ...oh, the humanity!

We have just learned that Harriet Cooks, perveyor of perverts, placed a frantic call to 911 to alert public safety officials that her daughter, Corissa Cooks, was traveling home to the clown house!

Thanks to our super secret Pervert Patrol eavesdropping technology, we are able to replay the conversation between Harriet Cooks and the 911 operator:

911 - "911 operator, what is your emergency"
HC - "Hurry, my daughter is driving home!"
911 - "So?"
HC - "So I live with a bunch of perverts!"
911 - "Ma'am calm down, what is the emergency?"
HC - "Well there are some moms out on the road and they will yell at my daughter!"
911 - "So?"
HC - "So do something about it!"
911 - "Are you the tax dollar whore I heard about on KFI today?"
HC - "Yes thats me, no wait, I am not a whore!"
911 - "Yeah, whatever, we will send someone over"

Hey Harriet, next time call (951)776-1099, the NON emergency line.

Unleashed Magazine and Harriet Cooks busted on the John and Ken Show!

'Molly' was on the John and Ken Show today just after 6pm to talk about the Unleashed Magazine article.

John and Ken mentioned how 25 copies of this magazine they had never heard of before (neither had we) was dumped off at their office with the last page bookmarked. Thats where the 'Can You be Judge & Jury' article appeared.

'Molly' walked them through how she exposed the article as a sham, linking the subject of the article, Harriet Cooks to the magazines CEO and Editor in Chief, Ron Samuel.

I can't remember the exact words he used, but John did ask about the undesirable types that get attracted to various causes and protests and its a good question. We have had a couple of those ourselves.

Over 2 months ago a character showed up and wanted to knock down the gate with his truck. The protesters discouraged him from doing that, but he did end up tossing some sort large fire cracker at the gate.

After that another distraught gentleman whos daughter had recently been murdered drove his truck up the driveway, parked right next to the clown house and blasted his rather large horns for about a minute. We were yelling at him from the road not to do it, but thats about all we could do.

Thats the only 2 incidents I can recall. Has anything happened when we were not there? I can't say. But Harriets false statements were clearly directed at the regular protesters. Fortunately we were able to expose her, Unleashed Magazine, its CEO and her son Ron Samuel and the author of the article Todd Cole.

Thank you John and Ken and KFI for setting the record straight.

More on the freakshow, aka Terence Glenn Hanley

Back on August 1st the scumbag on the right, Terence Glenn Hanley, threw the contents of a large cup into the face of a protester. The contents were ice cubes and hard alcohol.

The parole agent on scene who witnessed the battery, Y. Fernandez, denied it happened when questioned by RSO. More on this later.

RSO did arrest Hanley and placed a parole hold on him because he is a parolee.

Hanley was incarcerated for the past year at Chino for PC 422 (criminal threats against a school official), a felony.

But his history goes back a long, long way. Read on.

6/99 - charged with pc 288, lewd conduct with a child, a felony
6/99 - plead guilty to M647.6, molest child under 18, a misdemeanor

647.6. (a) Every person who annoys or molests any child under the age of 18 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both the fine and imprisonment.

Probation Type: SUMMARY Granted: 06/28/1999 Expire: 05/26/2004


  • March 2000, possible probation violation, probation revolked, warrant issued.
  • July 2000, found and promised to appear in September.
  • September 2000, does not appear in court, another warrant issued, bail set at 10k.
  • December 2000, back in court, admits he violated probation, judge extends probation to December 2003.
  • April 2002, possible probation violation, probation revolked, warrant issued.
  • June 2002, another court hearing, defendent not present, warrant still outstanding
  • July 2002, back in court, admits he violated probation, probation reinstated with same terms and conditions.
  • March 2004, possible probation violation, probation revolked, warrant issued.
  • April 2004, back in court, denies he violated probation, bail set at $10,000, remains in custody of RSO
  • May 2004, back in court, admits he violated probation, probation reinstated with same terms and conditions, released from RSO.

As you can see, he kept violating the conditions of his probation but nothing ever happened. How can these low-lifes learn a lesson when there are no consequences for their actions?

In May 2004 when he was 'released' again for a probation violation he actually was sent to prison because of the criminal threats against a school official. He made these threats while on probation of the child molestation charges.

It makes you wonder, why was he at a school? Was he trolling for more victims?

His battery on August 1st is a parole violation. What will happen to him? Will he be let loose once again? Parole seems to think no battery occured, but my sources at the DA's office made it clear that his actions were battery.

We will keep an eye on this and see what happens.

David Allyn Dokich and Joseph Edward Duncan similarities

David Allyn Dokich was on parole for raping his first victim when he raped his second victim.

Joseph Edward Duncan III was paroled to a halfway house in September of 1994.

In March of 1997 Duncan, while still on parole, he absconded.

On April 4th, 1997 Anthony Martinez was kidnapped. His nude and decaying body was found 2 weeks later.

Two days ago the Sheriff announced that Duncan's fingerprint was found on Anthony's body.

Each one of these low lifes was on parole when they committed another sex crime against a child!

Does anyone still wonder why we protest Dave Dokich being placed into our community?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day 91 - Recap

Day off, a bug is going around and a few are feeling under the weather.


Just because we are not protesting on a specific day does not mean we are not observing the activities at the clown house. We can actually see more activities when we don't have a crowd down on the road.

Keep your kids safe.

Unleashed Magazine EXPOSED

Near the end of the John and Ken Show on Wednesday, August 3rd, they mentioned that someone had sent them a copy of Unleashed Magazine (I know, I never heard of it either). In the back is an article about Harriet Cooks and our protesting.

The magazine (and I use that term lightly, get it, Mr. Cole?) has nothing that identifies the issue. No month, no number. However, if you want to find it, it has a picture of actress Kelly Hu on the cover. She is in short shorts and does not have a top on. Yep, thats the type of 'magazine' we are dealing with here.

O.K., on to the 'article' or perhaps more appropriately, hit piece on us.

John and Ken read a few excerpts, one of which was "They blocked my driveway, hit my car with a stick, and they're out her with their kids calling me nigger, bitch, whore!".

The entire article is full of slanderous statements, but that word hurt our group the most. It never happened, period! We have been out there for 90 days and we have never heard anyone utter that word, ever!

As a group we have people of every color, whites, blacks, hispanics, all standing side by side protesting.

David Allyn Dokich tried to play the race card the very first week he arrived. A reporter asked him what he thought of the protesters and he said "they are just a bunch of mexicans, thats why they don't want me here". Now it looks like Harriet Cooks is trying to play the race card too.

We have never seen anyone hit her car with any thing, ever. As far as blocking the driveway, we do walk back and forth across it but attempting to block it would get us run over. People coming and going from that house have attempted to hit us on many occasions, but you won't read about that in the article.

I will not repeat the entire article here, but lets examine the following sentence:

Even a local radio station, K-F-I AM Radio 640 often broadcast their daily radio show (The "John and Ken Show") live from 3pm to 7pm adjacent to Ms. Cooks' property.

  1. "often"? They "often" broadcast their show from here? John and Ken have been here ONE TIME in the past 90 days. I don't think the word "often" applies.
  2. "adjacent"? They broadcast "adjacent" to the property? John and Kens sole show out here was across the street, 2 football fields away from the clown house. Again, the word "adjacent" does not apply.
  3. "Ms. Cooks' property"? Its not Ms. Cooks's property, the property the clown house sits on is assessors parcel number 322150002 and belongs to Renee Thomas Winifred, not Ms. Cooks.
So there you have it, in one sentence they have 3 inaccuracies. You can imagine how inaccurate the rest of the article is.

The article is so one sided and so false, we have to ask, why? Is it some bleeding heart softy writting this piece of drivel? Why did they not approach us for our take on the situation?

Well we know why, follow along boys and girls as we connect the dots.

Harriet Cooks has a daughter, Corissa Cooks. From her bio page from Cal State San Bernardino
we learn she has a brother, Ron Samuel.

So what does Ron Samuel do?

Ron Samuel is the CEO and Editor in Chief of Unleashed Magazine!

No where in that article does it mention that the subject of the piece, Harriet Cooks, is related to the magazines CEO and Editor, Ron Samuel.

But now you know the truth.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 90 - Recap

Have to keep this short because I am working on a few other stories.

2 parole agents arrived about 8:45 pm

Lisa Abma from the Moreno Valley parole office arrived at about the same time. She had said earlier she would look into the alcohol issues at the half way house. We don't have much faith in her because she has stated that she has an 8 year relationship with Harriet Cooks and that Harriet takes all the cases from her that other group homes refuse. She was in the house for about 10 minutes, walked past us to her vehicle and said 'bye'. Thanks Lisa, that was helpful.

Thats all for now, be safe and take care of your kids.

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