David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, August 13, 2005

100 days of hell

Today is day 100.

100 days of parents living in constant fear for their children.

100 days of children no longer being able to walk the streets.

100 days of children no longer being able to play in their own yards.

100 days of hearing lots of talk but seeing little action from public officials.

100 days of no leadership on this issue from Rod Hickman and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We will not be protesting this weekend. People need some time off. School is starting soon. Some of us will be doing 'other activities'. Yes, thats code for something we are doing that we cannot speak about at this time.

See you Monday.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Day 99 - Recap, we had a party, sort of

The good folks from Phelan and Norco, who have been fighting their own battles against the perverts and clown houses, came by to celebrate our 100th day of protesting.

They actually brought us a cake with "100 days of Hell" written on it. It was the most depressing cake I have ever seen.

I remember when we were just a couple of weeks into this I made the comment 'if this gets into triple digits in days.....', well here were are, 100 days tomorrow.

Special thanks goes to Jeff Fagot who gets his jollies by placing high risk sex offenders into communities with children and Rod Hickman and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. We would not be out here were it for their complete lack of leadership on this issue.

See you next time.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day 98 - Recap

No protesting, just 'other activities'.

We are seeing some interesting things, unfortunately I cannot share everything with you at this time.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day 97 - Recap

No parole agents, looks like the $1,100 a night babysitting duties for Dokich have come to an end.

We knew the parole agents would eventually stop showing up because they never planned to babysit Dokich in the first place. The only reason the parole agents were showing up was because of the protesters.

Lets recap. The parole agents spent about 90 nights babysitting David Allyn Dokich. The cost was about $1,100 per night. Thats $99,000!

Exactly what did we tax payers get for that $99,000? Not much. The only ones who seem to have benefitted from this was the parole agents, lots of OT money in their pockets.

We are waiting for things to happen now. We will be spending less time actually 'protesting' and more time doing 'other activities'.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

Day 97 - 2am, no parole agents

Its 2am at the clown house.

Harriet Cooks' and Corissa Cooks' vehicles are in back, but there are no parole agent vehicles.

Have the nightly Dokich babysitting duties come to an end?

More on this later.

Day 97 - Categories of registered sex offenders

High risk: Someone convicted of multiple violent offenses, one being a violent sex crime such as rape. Information on the offender appears on the Megan's Law database.

Serious: Someone who has been convicted of a felony sex offense (except those listed in the ‘‘other'' category), or of misdemeanor child molestation. Information on the offender appears on the Megan's Law database. Some information may be ommited, such as a street address.

Other: Someone convicted of child pornography, indecent exposure, spousal rape, incest or misdemeanor sexual battery, or someone adjudicated in juvenile court. Information on the offender does not appear on the Megan's Law database

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day 96 - Recap, the freakshow is back

Parole agents arrived around 5pm to take Dokich somewhere. This may be a Tuesday thing.

Just before 10pm a gold, non parole looking vehicle dropped the freakshow, aka Terence Glenn Hanley off at the driveway of Last Chance Enlightenment. They did not even bother to drive him up to the gate, he had to walk. More on Hanley tomorrow.

We never did see the parole agents return with Dokich, we think they wait until very late to avoid us.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe.

Day 96 - How many people are in Last Chance?

Many of these halfway houses can avoid being licensed because they have 6 or fewer residents. A resident is anyone with a heartbeat, not just parolees.

As of now we know the following live at Last Chance Enlightenment located at 21200 Old Elsionore Rd., Perris CA.

Well thats 6 so called 'residents'.

You may remember that Vanessa had been moved to Moreno Valley. Well she is back at Last Chance. We saw her on the 1st of August and now have other information confirming that Last Chance is her current residence.

What about Terence Glenn Hanley? Back on August 1st he committed battery on a protester, was arrested by RSO, went back to prison and then was released back to parole. Although Hanley is required to register as a sex offender his offense does not require his address to be made public. Is Hanley back at Last Chance? If he were would parole even admit it?

BTW, Hanley's page on Megan's Law says the following: THIS SEX OFFENDER HAS BEEN IN VIOLATION OF REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS SINCE 08/08/2005.

We will keep an eye on the situation.

Day 96 - afternoon report

2 parole agent vehicles spotted at Last Chance, one having just arrived at about 5:15pm.

Day 96 - Morning report

6:30am, no parole agent vehicles seen at Last Chance.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Day 95 - Recap, meeting with Sheriff Doyle

Today a few of us met with Sheriff Doyle in his office for about 1 hour. The following persons attended:

  • Sheriff Bob Doyle
  • Captain Randy Throne
  • Lori Stone-Rubin from Supervisor Stones office
  • Hymie from Supervisor Ashley's office
  • "Molly"
  • "Clyde"
  • Myself
The purpose of the meeting was to address our concerns regarding various actions and/or inactions by members of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and to discuss how we can work better with the department.

I started out by getting right to the heart of the matter and asked Sheriff Doyle the following question:

"Do you feel the citizens of Mead Valley, and others, have the constitutional right under the First Amendment to protest the placement of a violent 2 time rapist into the community?"

Sheriff Doyle responded that he believed we did have the right to protest so long as we did it legally. He also added "I think you guys have done a pretty good job". We appreciated that Sheriff Doyle.

This was an important question because for a long time deputies really appeared to be trying to discourage us from protesting. They did not take our complaints seriously, they lied to us about various penal codes, etc..

Sheriff Doyle attributed this to the deputies not being sure of their roles and that they have never had to deal with a situation like this before.

The incident with the tweaker, Kirk Daniel Fletcher, was discussed and we learned that the deputy who took over the scene, Sgt. Anderson, is being investigated due to our complaints.

I want to make it clear that for about the past 4-6 weeks we have seen a noticable change in the behavior of the deputies. Some even smile and wave at us as they drive by.

We made it clear that our agenda was simply to get Dave Dokich out of the area and away from children so we do not end up with another Samantha Runnion or Anthony Martinez tragedy, that we were not professional activists, that we all would rather be doing other things with our time and that we were all just minding our own business until 3 months ago when parole dumped David Dokich on us.

We expressed our opinion that the parole division of CDCR could not be trusted. We have observed them for over 90 days and have documented the following:

  • On 2 separate occasions we have seen evidence of alcohol being in the residence, one of which the parole officers lied about to the deputies.
  • One parole agent lied about a battery by a parolee she witnessed.
  • One parole agent lied about his role in an assault on a protester.
  • The parole agents seldom enter the residence.
  • Lisa Abma informed us that she has an 8 year relationship with Harriet Cooks and that Harriet takes all the parolees other halfway homes refuse. Its clear that Abma does not want to jeapordize this relationship because Harriet make her job easier.
We asked Sheriff Doyle if his department could assist in insuring that Last Chance Enlightment was operating under what guidelines exist, lax as they may be:

  • 6 or fewer residents.
  • No alcohol
  • No pornographic materials
  • No visits by known felons
Sheriff Doyle said he was not adverse to this but stated he had to do it in concert with parole.

Sheriff Dolye also stated that the day was soon coming when the parole agents would stop watching Dokich on a daily basis. This is not unexpected to us because parole officials have said from the beginning that the day would come when Dokich would have to get a job and integrate back into society.

Sheriff Doyle said that because parole would have a less active role in monitoring Dokich that he would have to increase the amount of patrols in the area.

We all felt that Sheriff Doyle took us and the situation with David Allyn Dokich seriously. Both he and his legislative liason, Captain Randy Throne, were friendly and respectful towards us.

We want to thank Sheriff Doyle for taking the time to meet with us about this very serious issue and we look forward to working with him and his office in the future.

We did have about a dozen protesters out tonight. A new, very bright light has been installed at the clown house. It illuminates the inner gate on the driveway. They may be getting ready for the day when they no longer have parole agents at their disposal to escort vehicles in and out of the property.

We never did see any parole agents arrive. We will keep an eye out for parole agents, but they may have ceased their nightly babysitting duties.

Keep your kids safe.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Day 94 - Recap

We had a meeting to discuss what questions we would ask Sheriff Doyle during our meeting tomorrow.

This afternoon Ron Samuel, son of Harriet Cooks and CEO of Unleashed Magazine visited the clown house. He did not bring his 2 young sons, Jaylen and Sebastian, to visit grandma.

Why is that Ron? Perhaps you don't trust a house full of convicted rapists and molesters with your children?

Since Harriet and Ron decided to write a slanderous article about the good folk protesting David Allyn Dokich we have been doing some digging of our own. Wait till you see what we have discovered. You can read all about it here very soon.

Tonight we made a trip up to the side of the clown house. After all the time and expense of installing lights all around the halfway house they have decided to go dark and keep the lights off. Well peek-a-boo, we can still see you.

We could see one of the parolees in back without a shirt on. We could hear him on the phone, saying something about 'they are coming over the fence'. Typical lies, but thats to be expected from a house full of convicts.

I left at 10:30pm and did not see any parole agents.

Take care of your kids and we will see you next time.


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