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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day 107 - Taking the weekend off

Be safe

Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 106 - Dokich comes down to the road

We are trying to get out in the afternoon since the kids have to walk by the clown house.

Today Dave Dokich was working on the fence next to our property. Another person we did not recognise was with him. It looked like Corissa Cooks was out there too but she had a hood pulled over her head as a disquise.

The front gate was left wide open. Our concern is that some kid, not knowing what goes on in that clown house, will walk up there asking for help. Flat tire, bathroom, etc..

We were shooting some video of the open gate when Dokich came from around that back of the house. He saw us and did not look very happy.

It was about 4:30 pm and I was heading home. I got to Orange (just one block away) and noticed a school bus. 2 teenage girls got off and started heading south towards the pervert house.

I turned around and started driving back and forth on the road to watch and make sure they got past the halfway house.

Just as they were passing in front of the house the guy who was working on the fence with Dokich walked to the mailbox on the road. Right behind him was Corissa Cooks and behind her was David Allyn Dokich...with what looked like a video camera!

Unfortunately I was driving at the time and could not get a picture.

We have never seen Dokich down at the road. These same 2 girls walked by at the same time yesterday. Now he knows that.

We will do our best to make sure the kids can get home safely.

See you next time.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 105 - Recap, it was creepy today

Today was the first day of school.

This afternoon there were 6 people sitting in front of the clown house watching the road, the road the kids have to walk on to get home. One of them was David Allyn Dokich.

We have been out here for over 100 days and we have never, ever seen that many people sitting in front of that half way house.

Perhaps its just a coincidence that they are all out there on the first day of school. What do you think?

We have some video of it. Once we figure out an easy way for you all to see it we will post it.

See you next time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 104 - Recap

Today John and Ken spoke with Sharon Runner from the assembly and her husband George Runner from the senate about the new Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act.

In a nutshell, what they have done is taken many of the safety bills that have been killed by the Pervert Caucus and wrapped it into one big bill. The following is from the governors press release:

  • Require registered sex offenders to wear a global positioning device for the rest of their lives
  • Increase penalties for the possession of child porn to a felony, and automatically make it a felony for second or more offenses
  • Establish the Predator Free Zone 2,000 feet from parks where kids play and schools
  • Ensure Sexually Violent Predators stay in a secure hospital until they no longer pose a danger to society
  • Make it illegal to lure kids online with the intention of meeting them face-to-face to molest, rape or engage in sexual activity
  • Establish a sentence enhancement of five years for rapists who use a date rape drug
  • Eliminate “good time” prison credits for habitual sex offenders
  • Expand parole terms up to 10 years for predators who commit the most heinous crimes
  • Expand the “One Strike” sex crimes list to ensure rapists and molesters are harshly punished

Its vague but the bill is over 50 pages long so its hard to get specific in a one page press release.
John and Ken did get to touch on a few specifics.

  • All registered sex offenders (those you see on the Megan's Law website) will wear a GPS device for the rest of their lives. That could be about 100,000 people.
  • Expands the current limit of residing within 1/4 mile of a mile (1320 feet) from a school to 2,000 feet. Would change from the current K through 8 to K through 12. Would add parks to the restriction. And it would no longer apply to only while a person was on parole, it would be lifetime.
  • Extends parole to 10 years from the current 1 to 3 years.

There is a lot more. I am going through the bill now and will post what I find soon.

What is not clear is what parts of the bill will be retroactive, nor have I found anything yet that gives local governments more control over the operation of these group homes.

One thing is very clear. The Pervert Caucus of Mark Leno, Jackie Goldbern, Mervyn Dymally and Fabian Nunez will make every excuse in the book not to pass this bill.

John also mentioned the Dokich situation and said we are the most dedicated group he has ever seen. We really appreciate the comment because believe me, its been over 100 days of this crap and it ain't easy.

The protest tonight was short and sweet. A parole agent was at the halfway house at 7pm and left shortly after 8pm.

Thats all for now, school is starting, keep your kids safe.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day 103 - Recap


We showed up at 5 pm today and the perverts were not happy about it.

A Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy showed up at around 5:30 pm and drove up to the clown house. He spoke with Corissa Cooks and David Allyn Dokich outside for about 20 minutes.

As you can see in the pic above, David Allyn Dokich is sporting some fancy socks. The left ankle looks like the GPS device and the right ankel looks like the other electronic monitor. The pic is blurry because of the distance.

After speaking with Corissa and Dokich the deputy came down to the road to speak with us. The deputy (I forgot to get his name but he is a Sgt. and was very nice to us) said they told he that we were on the clown house property (not true) and that we threatened them (not true).

Here is what we think is happening. The perverts know we can protest and that there is nothing they can do about it. So when they call RSO (sometimes using 911 no less) they say we are doing other things, like trespassing, death threats, etc.. Thats the only way the perverts feel they can get the RSO to come out.

This deputy ended up coming out 2 more times in the next hour. He was shaking his head in frustration. The deputies know whats really going on but they still have to respond when called and we understand that. Unfortunately when the deputies have to respond to the perverts that means they are not available to handle other, serious requests.

A blue Honda Accord pulled into the clown hose. It looked like Vanessa Teicher was driving. According to Megan's Law her current address is in Moreno Valley. If that is correct then she should not be visiting this halfway house as known felons are not allowed to associate with known felons. If she is living at Last Chance again then she is in violation of not updating her Megan's Law info. Well pick one, and whoever is supposed to be monitoring these things, get off your tax payer funded ass and do your fracking job.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Day 102 - Recap

There was a small protest today with about a half dozen people.

When the first 2 women arrived Dokich walked down to the gate and called one of them a 'bitch'. Funny, he does not do that when men are around.

As a matter of fact, he never did that when the parole agents were around. But then he is a manipulator and he probably fooled them into thinking he is a nice guy.

Its really O.K., the more brazen he becomes, the more likely it is he will do something stupid.

See you next time.

Fontana put restrictions on parolee homes 4 years ago, Yucaipa could be next

Fontana enacted an ordinance four years ago because some homeowners were renting up to 12 beds to parolees in residential areas.

Fontana's ordinance states that no more than six parolees can live in a single-family house or apartment complex with 25 or fewer units. Larger complexes are limited to 12 parolees. The regulations also set a limit of two parolees per bedroom.

The ordinance limits parolee homes to residential areas but requires a 660-foot separation from schools and parks and a 1,320-foot distance from other parolee homes. It also requires parolee home operators to notify the Police Department weekly if residents move in or move out.

Establishment of a parolee home also requires a use-permit hearing by Fontana's Planning Commission.

Keeping parolee homes at manageable levels has made it easier for police, Fontana police Sgt. William Megenney, said by phone. He said the department has had few problems with parolee homes since the law was passed.

Since the ordinance, no parolee homes have applied to move into Fontana, said Fontana police Capt. Terry Holderness.

Now Yucaipa is looking to adopt a similar ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would require any group operating a home with two or more parolees to acquire a conditional use permit that gives city officials limited control of a facility.

The permits, which the Planning Commission would issue and would cost about $3,400, would dictate where parolee homes could be, how many offenders could live on the premises and would require an on-site manager.

The City Council unanimously approved the concept of the ordinance and asked that a draft be brought back Sept. 12. A public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 26.

Bart Gray, captain of the sheriff's Yucaipa station, suggested the ordinance to ensure the safety of residents and keep crime rates down.

"A high percentage of offenders re-offend, so if we know where our parolees are living and we have unsolved crimes, it would be stupid for us to not at least pursue the possibility that they might be responsible,'' Gray said. "It could provide investigative leads.''

Councilman Tom Masner said the ordinance is a must.

"Regulating is basically being notified so that we know where it is and knowing where those houses are would be a good tool for the cops,'' the former sheriff's sergeant said. "We've got a lot of parolees in Yucaipa, and every neighborhood has children and potential victims.''

Existing parolee homes would be exempt because they moved in before the ordinance was in place.


San Bernardino County Sun

Press Enterprise

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Day 101 - Recap

No protesting, but we are seeing some 'interesting' characters coming and going from the clown house.

Some things we can talk about, others we cannot, at least not at this time.

Keep your kids safe.


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