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Friday, September 02, 2005

Protester Arrest Video

NOTE: Video has been updated as of 9/6/05 at 12:30 pm

Here is the video of 2 protesters being arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department last night.

We were arrested by the deputies for 'Disturbing the Peace'.

I will do a complete write up ASAP. Until then enjoy the video.

Click the paly button or click the videos link and look for 'Protesters arrested'.

NOTE: Video has been updated as of 9/6/05 at 12:30 pm

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day 119 - Two protesters arrested

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Thats 'disturbing the peace'. Yep, we were to loud for the perverts! Hard to believe considering I was standing there with a video camera. No one can accuse RSO of using common sense in the performance of their duties.

More on this tomorrow, lots more, including video, which I am getting ready to upload.

Keep your kids safe, the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies are catering to the whims of the child molesters and not protecting your children.

NEW - Dokich protest video

This is a big one folks. It runs over 3 minutes. Lots of footage of David Allyn Dokich.

Some of the video is shaky because of the distance. We may need to use a tripod in the future.

You can click the play button or click the videos link and look for 'Dokich protest video from Aug 05'.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 118 - Recap

David Allyn Dokich was working in the yard today. He gets visibly upset we he sees us watching him. Today he even shouted 'punk ass bitch'. He uses the word 'bitch' alot.

The guy is going to snap. Hopefully one of us will be there to stop him from attacking another child.
Keep your kids safe, a holiday weekend is approaching.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 117 - Recap

No sign of David Allyn Dokich.

Terence Glenn Hanley made an appearance. This guy is a freak. He is a child molester and is either high on something most of the time or has mental issues. He also has some type of communicable disease.

In the past he has thrown a liquid substance on a protester and walked to the fence and flipped off children.

Tonigh he dropped his pants and mooned everyone on the road, kids included.

This is the type of person the State of California and parole think is acceptable to be living next to children.

Keep you kids safe, the perverts like Hanley are being dumped in neighborhoods everywhere.

Legislature Sends to Governor Bill Requiring Notice of Registered Sex Offenders Living in Nursing Homes

Legislation that will require California nursing home staff and patients to be notified of any registered sex offenders living - or soon to be living - in their facility has been sent to Governor Schwarzenegger for his signature.

AB 217 – authored by Assemblyman Juan Vargas (D-Chula Vista) – was introduced in response to a recent report by a non-profit nursing home advocacy group showing hundreds of registered sex offenders living in hundreds of long-term care facilities all over the country.

'A Perfect Cause' – based in Oklahoma but with an office in Southern California – located 380 registered sex offenders living in 289 nursing homes in 37 states. According to the group’s study, California had the second-highest number of sex offenders living in care facilities; 66 offenders living in 57 homes across the state. Other states with high populations of registered sex offenders in nursing homes are Texas (with 70 offenders), Illinois (with 57), Missouri (with 35), Florida (with 30), and Ohio (with 30, including three offenders listing two nursing homes as work addresses).

The report exposed cases of sexual assault by violent offenders living in nursing homes outside California, but one report told of a sex offender registered in California who allegedly assaulted two residents at a Nevada facility where he was living.

Assemblyman Vargas says it’s frightening to think that there are registered sex offenders living in these nursing homes, and the staff and the people they care for may not know it.

“You could have a sexual predator in there who’s very, very dangerous and yet the person running the place, or the person in the next bed - or the next room – doesn’t know about it,” said Vargas. “So, I think it’s appropriate and absolutely necessary to give everyone notice.

“Just think about it,” Vargas continued. “You take your mom to one of these nursing homes thinking it’s the safest place to be and the person right next door can be a sexual predator. Let’s say your mom is frail – all of a sudden it’s a real problem for her because she doesn’t know (about the sex offender), and all of a sudden she’s defenseless.”

Specifically, AB 217 would require any one in an official capacity who is in charge of the confinement of a registered sex offender scheduled to be released to reside at a long term health care facility, to notify the facility – in writing – of the sex offender’s release to the care home, at least 45 days in advance. The bill also requires the sex offender to provide the facility with written notification that he/she is a sex offender and will be living in the facility, and he/she must show proof of registration as a sex offender. As soon as a facility receives this news, it must immediately notify all full-time employees, residents and/or residents’ families and guardians.

'A Perfect Cause' disputes the assumption that if these sex offenders are living in a nursing home, they must be so old or disabled that they are no longer a threat to others.

In fact, the group discovered that of the registered sex offenders reported to be living in the nation’s nursing homes (whose ages are listed in their profiles), 44 percent of them are under 60 years of age, 65 percent are under 70, and of the six offender listed as in their 90’s, four of the predators' most recent sexual offenses occurred when they were in their 80’s.

“It could be a person who’s very elderly, a person who’s immobile and at the point of dying who has this very violent sexual past, or it could be someone who is very ambulatory, someone who has the strength, who is still running around, who’s in the home recuperating, but he’s there,” explained Vargas. “It runs the gamut.”

State of California officials and nursing home lobbyists have been quoted in newspaper reports claiming that there have been no reported sexual assaults by registered offenders living in state nursing homes, and that they already notify nursing home administrators of sex offenders coming their way. But Assemblyman Vargas says that’s not what he’s heard, and he adds that if the heads of these facilities are indeed aware, the news isn’t trickling down to the staff and patients.

“That’s not true,’ Vargas says. “We don’t know that information, and my understanding is the heads of these homes don’t know it. Sometimes the State moves a person in and doesn’t tell anybody so these nursing home operators, they may not even know that this particular resident is a sexual predator. So, all of a sudden you bring in this person with a very violent sexual past, he’s a predator; I mean, this is what this person has done pretty habitually, and all of a sudden he’s got all these prey, all of these people…many of them who are really defenseless.”


Officials back tougher sexual predator rules

San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis and other South Bay law enforcement officers appeared at a Monday press conference to support legislation that would require sexual predators to wear electronic tracking devices for the rest of their lives and make it easier for investigators to arrest anyone who uses the Internet to lure children to have sex.

The Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act would also make possession of child pornography a felony, expand the number of people with severe restrictions on them after release from prison, keep paroled sexually violent offenders in a state mental hospital until they can show they are no longer a threat, and would extend parole for some sex offenders.

It's not as if somebody gets out of jail and those cravings cease,'' Davis said, adding that the majority of sex offenders "will continue . . . to victimize kids.''

Davis said the bills would require the state to consult with local governments before they place a paroled violent predator in the community. He noted this was not done when predator Cary Verse was placed in South San Jose last year ``under cover of darkness.''

Based on Florida law

Assembly Bill 231, by Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, R-Lancaster, and Senate Bill 588 by state Sen. George Runner, R-Lancaster, would also keep more convicted child molesters away from schools and parks, and keep them farther away than under current law.

The measures are based on Florida's "Jessica's Law," but are tougher in some areas, said former Stanislaus County Sheriff Les Weidman, the public safety liaison for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

``This tips the scales of justice in favor of the victims instead of the perpetrators,'' Weidman said.

Weidman appeared Monday with Davis; Mountain View Police Chief Scott Vermeer, representing the Santa Clara County Police Chiefs Association; Dennis Bacon, representing Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith; and Karyn Sinunu, chief assistant district attorney.

Davis said the proposed lifetime electronic-monitoring provision would not have made any difference in the case of serial molester Dean Schwartzmiller, who police said kept records indicating he may have had thousands of juvenile victims in a period of more than three decades, because he was not a registered sex offender. But he said it would keep track of other sex predators.

Currently, possession of child pornography is a misdemeanor, and sexually violent offenders are released into the community after a two-year period of intensive treatment in a mental hospital. Also, it now takes more than one conviction to be labeled sexually violent and be put under the most severe post-release restrictions. Under the proposal, one conviction would be enough.

But Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, says the bills represent a "shotgun'' approach to the problem that hasn't been well thought out.

"The GPS tells you where they are, but it doesn't tell you what they're doing,'' Leno said. He added that the bills lack an enforcement provision in the event an offender decides to throw away the GPS unit.

Alternative approach

A better investment, Leno said, would be to undertake a risk assessment of the 100,000 registered sex offenders, identify the ones most at risk of reoffending, and putting teams into the community that monitor them every day and offer them services to help prevent future criminal behavior. Leno said he will introduce his own bill in January.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 116 - Recap, more signs

Every time the perverts take down our signs bigger and better ones go up. These signs are so big you can see them from orbit!

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

We have more things coming up that will make all the perverts happy. Stay tuned and keep your kids safe.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Day 115 - Recap

No sign of David Allyn Dokich.

More signs going up tomorrow and stay tuned for more videos.

See you tomorrow.

Video: Limp Pimp Daddy and Sweeney

We have exclusive video of the Rev. Abraham Capers and Sweeney. Each of them help the halfway house, each have threatened protesters, so we decided to make a video just for them.

To watch the video, click the play button or click the videos link and look for 'Limp Pimp Daddy and Sweeney'. It's quite amusing.


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