David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 134 - Recap

We were out at the clown house again at 9 am today. No sign of Dokich but the Rev. Abraham Capers, aka Limp Pimp Daddy, arrived around 9:30 am.

We saw a couple of the child molesters in the backyard, but non out on the streets like yesterday.

We took the night off but we are working some other leads, thats all I can say about that at this time, we don't want to tip the child molesters and parole off.

Take care of you kids.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 133 - Recap, molester on the loose

We got an early start this morning, 9am. There were a lot of things happening at the clown hose this morning, we may have to pull some more am shifts.

The Expedition left shortly after 9am and headed south. I was curious to see if they went to the Cox St. house so I headed over there. The Expedition was not there but Michael William Bryan was. Speculation is that Harriet Cooks moved him there to hide him from code enforcement. Since he has a 288b conviction is is not allowed to live within 1/4 of a school while on parole. The Cox St. house is within 1/4 mile of Enchanted Hill Elementary. Think parole cares?

I headed back to the clown house. Upon arriving 'Susan' told me some of the other protesters had spotted one of the molesters at the buss stop down the road. I headed over there. It was Robert Glen Wurtz.

Megans' Law photo

Notice the notepad and buss schedule

'Molly' reeling him in

'Molly' had struck up a conversation with him and then I arrived. We both pretended we were going to take the buss somewhere. One of the first things he asked her was "Do you have kids?". He claimed to not live in the area. He said he owned a home in San Diego and property in Arizona. He said he was selling the Arizona property and looking to buy here. Odd that he would need a buss to get around.

Heading for the elementary school

He was asking for directions. The elementary school 1/2 mile away came up. At first he said "thats against what I want to do". We asked if he did not want to be around a school and he said he wanted to put in a park for seniors. Shortly after that he said he wanted to walk toward the school to look around.

He had a notepad. We watched as he stopped at various houses and wrote down notes. One house he stopped at had a kiddies pool in front, another had large plastic play toys. He seemed to be casing the neighborhood, trying to figure out which houses had kids.

He only made it about half way to the school and then returned to the clown house.

At 10am we saw parole agent arrive. He parked in back of the clown house. David Allyn Dokich and Yvonne Rose Hurst got out of the car with the parole agent and they all went into the house. We are not sure if he left early that morning or the night before.

Shortly after that the parole agent left. Yvonne Rose Hurst was in the front passenger seat and Robert Glen Wurtz was in the back seat.

Parole taking him somewhere, they told him to duck and cover

Yes parole, we know what you are doing

We know the following live in the house:

3 non child molesters

Thats 8. Bryan is still listed at the house but we believe he is really living at the Cox St. house.

Because there is no license for this house they are only supposed to have 6 residents. They have at least 8. Parole knows, they were in the house this very morning. Why is parole helping Harriet Cooks break the law? Does she do them 'favors'? We will dig deeper into this.

We protested again tonight. No sign of Dokich. We did make it up to the side of the house. 3 bullhorns were going full blast. We were waiting for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to violate our civil liberties again but they never showed up. Bummer.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 132 - Recap - 2 more child molesters move in

Yesterday we talked about Harriet Cooks playing the 'pervert shuffle' with code enforcement. We learned today that she brought 2 more child molesters into the halfway house where David Allyn Dokich resides.

The first is Robert Glen Wurtz. Wurtz is 76 years old. From Megans's Law:

Last Known Address: 21200 OLD ELSINORE RD
PERRIS, 92570
Zip Code 92570
Date of Birth: 01-31-1929
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165
Eye Color: GREEN
Hair Color: GRAY
Ethnicity: WHITE
Offense Code

According to Riverside County records, he copped a guilty plea in 1995 to a 1993 charge of 288a. What type of time did Wurtz have to do for molesting a child? Non really, he got 5 years of probation.

Records show that by 1996 Wurtz had already violated the terms of his probation.

Jump forward to 2004. Wurtz is again charged with 288a. This time he pleads guilty to the lesser charge of 288c. Probation is denied this time, he is sentenced in Jan. of 2005 to 2 years, but he spent almost a year in county waiting for trial. Now he is out.

Does anyone really think this guy waited until he was in his 60's to start molesting children?

The next is Yvonne Rose Hurst. Hurst is 40 years old. Kids, this is your face on drugs, remember, just say no. From Megan's Law:

Last Known Address: 21200 OLD ELSINORE RD
PERRIS, 92570
Zip Code 92570
Date of Birth: 08-19-1965
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 160
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BROWN
Ethnicity: HISPANIC
Offense Code

According to Riverside County records, Yvonne pleaded guilty to 2 counts of 288a. She got a total of 10 years in prison. Now she is out. Her mother was also involved in the molestation and received 26 years in prison. Nice family.

We had another protest tonight and did not get arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Maybe they only violate civil liberties on Thursdays.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 131 - Recap

Another day with no peaceful protesters getting arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. We are starting to feel neglected.

Nothing happening at the clown house and no Dokich sightings.

The arrests of peaceful protesters seems to have fired people up. Many are now more vocal and there are some new anti-sheriff signs out there.

I will bring my camera next time and take some pictures of the new signs, the one above is captured from video.

Harriet Cooks seems to be playing the pervert shuffle with code enforcement. A month or so ago Vanessa Teicher was moved to a motel in Moreno Valley for a couple of weeks, then she came back. Michael William Bryan has been spotted at the Cox St. house. Now Patricia Hardeman is listed on Megan's Law as being at a halfway house in Hemet.

We will keep an eye out and see if Bryan and Hardeman find their way back here.

Keep your children safe from the predators.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Day 130 - Recap

Well no one got arrested today, however a Riverside County Sheriff's Department car did pull up with its red and blue lights on. That seems oddly familiar. Did we get arrested again? Nope, it was Sgt. Brown, asking us to try and get more lights out there so we are more visible in the dark.

Sgt. Brown has been one of the good deputies out there, focusing more on our safety than harassing us.

Here is one of the conditions of parole for Dokich:

  • You will maintain full-time employment or attend school as approved by your assigned parole agent.
Well thats not happening. Today Dokich was hanging around in the backyard, having a good time with his friends. This is your tax dollars at work folks. These child molesters don't have to support themselves, they have your tax dollars to do that for them.

Good news. One of many victims of David Allyn Dokich has contacted me. She is so upset about our arrests and overall treatment by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department that she wants to travel here and speak out on our behalf! She is still working out the exact dates but it should be in a couple of weeks.

Stay safe and keep an eye on your children.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The really big update - day 119 to day 129

Sorry for the delay, lots going on. Some of the pictures below are captured from video so the quality is not the best.

It was September 1st, 2005. 119 days of protesting high risk sex offender and serial child rapist David Allyn Dokich.

There were about a dozen protesters. Shortly after 6pm about half of us headed up to our private property next to the clown house. We had only been up there for a couple of minutes when a white van arrived at the clown house.

A bunch of people got out of the van including teenage girls. One of them immediately started flipping off the children on the street and then she did some sort of simulated humping action towards the kids. Nice.

To watch the video of the teenagers, click the play button or click the videos link and look for 'Teenagers at the clown house'.

Flipping off the children on the street
Simulated humping action at the children on the street
Spanking herself, is that a prostitute?
Spanking herself, is that a prostitute?
Spanking herself, is that a prostitute?
How old is she?
How old is she?
Another young girl

A guy from the van came over to the fence and started talking with us. He pictured himself as a sort of Montel Williams. We spoke with him for about 30 minutes. It was a pleasant conversation, no shouting or anything like that. He stated that we should be directing our actions towards CDCR and parole. We informed him we have done that. Then he started hinting that we should take out a 'contract' to deal with Dokich. We told him more than once we are going to do everything legally. He claimed to be an ex con and to have 'run the bloods' when he was in prison.

He went into the house to speak with Harriet Cooks. We had told him that if she got rid of Dokich then we would stop protesting. He came back a few minutes later and said she would not budge. Oh well, nice try.

I was running out of video tape so I had to walk back down to the road. I drove back up to save time, but it was getting dark and protesters were starting to walk back down to the road. It was probably about 7pm at this point. A grabbed a bullhorn from someone and shouted at Harriet for taking money and putting the children at risk and I shouted at Dokich. This lasted for about a minute or two. Most of the time up there was fairly quiet as we were talking with the convict.

We all got back down to the road. The protesters had a nice 'get the perverts out' chant going and I was video taping it. The white van left around 8pm. We don't know what they were doing for the hour or so since we walked down to the road, nor do we know if the children went into the house with Dokich.

Shortly after the white van left a Riverside County Sheriff's car drove up to the clown house. Again, this is about 8pm. They were up there about 5 minutes, then drove back down. They had their lights out and drove across the road to where we were. Then they turned on the red and blue lights.

A big fat deputy by the name of Gomez got out of the passenger side and a little munchkin named Cisneros got out of the drivers side. I was suprised he could reach the pedals but Gomez probably could not fit behind the wheel so they had to make do.

One of the protesters asked a friendly 'whats going on' to which Gomez replied 'not much'. Then Gomez asked who owned the bullhorns. Myself and a teenage girl both replied that no one owns them, which is the case.

About a week ago a guy came by and dropped off 3 brand spanking new bullhorns and a box of batteries. People give us things from time to time. Sometimes its food or drink, sometimes its signs, this time it was bullhorns and batteries. I cannot claim to 'own' them because they were not given to me, they were given to everyone wants to protest with them.

Gomez then asked me to put down the video camera and walk over to the car to 'talk'. I handed the camera off to whoever was behind me and walked over to the drivers side of the car. Cisneros told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did, and he then put handcuffs on me, though I think he had to stand on his toes to do it. I was then placed in the back seat of the car. So much for the 'talking'.

To watch the arrest video, click the play button or click the videos link and look for the 'protesters arrested' video.

Now being handcuffed and placed in the back of units by the Riverside County Sheriff's department is nothing new to us protesters trying to protect the children from David Allyn Dokich. The Riverside County Sheriff's department has done it before and we expect them to do it again. They just have a soft spot for child molesters and we have to get used to it.

But this time was a bit different. In the back seat with me was another protester we will refer to as 'Susan'. The 2 child molester supporter deputies, Gomez and Cisneros, got in the car and we were soon on our way to jail.

It took 35 seconds from the time the deputies arrived until we were in handcuffs. That has to be some sort of record. In the video you can hear the other protesters telling them that we are protesting and that they are violating our civil rights. Technically its our civil liberties but you get the point. The Riverside County Sheriff deputies were fully aware this was a protest and they still placed us under arrest.

We were not seat belted in and the farther along we went the worse Cisneros' driving became. Whether is was my constant chatting at him or perhaps the wooden blocks came off the pedals, but whatever it was he started driving erratic and slamming on the brakes. 'Susan' slammed her face in to the barrier between the front and back seats. She was trying to brace herself the best she could but the back seat is plastic so its easy to slide around. This is known in cop circles as a 'screen test'. If the cops get mad at you they drive to make you bash your face against the screen.

We arrived at Perris PD and were told to get out the the car. I did and had only taken 3 steps when Cisneros tried to trip me. Impressive considering he probably wears a size 5 shoe. I was able to maintain my balance and soon we were handcuffed with our hands behind our backs to a wooden bench.

I was disappointed because I had no bars or tin cup. But I made do by clanking my handcuffs to the metal fixture holding us to the bench. I was singing 'I've got the jail house blues'. If you ever heard me try to sing you know they had to be squirming and having seconds thought about ever bringing me in there.

I started asking Cisneros and Gomez if we were under arrest. Over and over I asked 'are we under arrest?'. Cisneros was staring at me with a stressed look about him, like he was trying to add 2 and 2. Come on munchkin, you can do it, squeeze it out. Finally after a couple of minutes of this Cisneros said we were under arrest.

We saw they had 2 of the bullhorns and were going to put them in a bag. I told them they were gifts from the CHP and we wanted them back. The Riverside County Sheriff's department and the CHP do not always get along. CHP officers are generally better trained, more highly skilled and care more about the community from what we have seen. And they make more money so the Sheriff's department is jealous of them. The look on their faces when I said that was priceless.

We had our mugshots taken, thumbprints taken, and were taken to a small room and finally read our rights and then let go with court dates of October 14.

As we exited jail we had a crowd of protesters waiting for us, actually they were protesting for us! It was fantastic. Cisneros saw the video camera and made a mad dash back inside.

We then headed back over to the clown house and started protesting again! We learned that as soon as we were driven away by the Riverside County Sheriff's deputies all the perverts came outside and started laughing. Well they had good reason, they got the Riverside County Sheriff's Department on their side and doing what they want, stopping us from protesting and protecting the children.

So, what were we arrested for? California penal code 415, section 2:

Any of the following persons shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than 90 days, a fine of not more than four hundred dollars ($400), or both such imprisonment and fine:

(2) Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise.

Well ain't that a peach. Fortunately for us there is that thing called the First Amendent of the United States Constitution.

But wait. We have the First Amendment and we have a California penal code which conflicts with it. Which one has more weight than the other? Look no futher than article 3, section 1 of the California Constitution:

The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Look at it another way. If the person(s) being protested could have law enforcement arrest whoever was protesting against them for 'disturbing' them, that would be the end of protesting in this country. By definition a protest is 'disturbing' to whomever is being protested. They certainly can't be happy about it.

Lets use some examples without choosing sides. If every protest against an abortion clinic could be shut down for 'disturbing' them, there would be no more protesting at abortion clinics. No more protesting to save the whales and no more protesting in Crawford TX against the war. Thats it, a fundamental right of every citizen in this great nation, gone.

Lets not forget, we are not having a concert, we are protesting!

Back in May John and Ken from KFI did their show out here. The crowd was in the hundreds and John got on a bullhorn and shouted at Dokich. There were dozens of Riverside County Sheriffs there that day, including Sheriff Bob Doyle. No one was arrested for 'disturbing the peace'.

There is another curious aspect to these arrests. Why 2 protesters? Why not 1 or 12? Well thats an easy question to answer. They targeted what they see as the 'ring leaders', although they mis-identified one of them.

I am not the leader of the protesters. However, I do manage this blog, I do most of the photography and video and I am probably as visible as anyone out there protesting. So that explains why I was targeted, but what about 'Susan'.

Well 'Susan' was a mistake. We are quite sure they were after 'Molly', but 'Molly' was not there. However, 'Susan' looks like 'Molly' from a distance. Height, build, even dark hair with blonde highlights pulled into a pony tail, all the same. 'Susan' is only out protesting about 10-20 percent of the time. Its clear 'Susan' was arrested for looking like 'Molly'. Nice job Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Next time make sure the RP is wearing glasses.

So we were deprived of our civil liberties by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department for video taping a protest and looking like someone else.

Remember, 3 weeks ago Sheriff Bob Doyle told us "I think you are doing a fantastic job". Now his deputies are arresting us. Nothing was different about day 119 than from days 1 thru 118. Well it was the first time we saw a bunch of teenage girls brought to the clown house but thats not our fault.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department quickly started trying to cover their asses. They are saying it was a citizens arrest by Harriet Cooks and they have to do it. Well thats a bunch of baloney.

Up until a few years ago a California peace officer had to perform a citizens arrest when requested:

142(a) Any peace officer who has the authority to receive or arrest a person charged with a criminal offense and willfully refuses to receive or arrest that person shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by imprisonment in the state prison, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

However, there are some serious federal consequences for depriving someone of their civil liberties. It was a catch 22 and peace officers were being sued. So California added an 'out' to the penal code to allow discretion.

142(c) This section shall not apply to arrests made pursuant to Section 837.

Section 837 is a citizens arrest. So now its up to the peace officer to decide whether or not to perform the citizens arrest. They have discretion.

So much for the 'we had to' excuse by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department.

Friday I did a lot of fact finding, including the various penal codes and speaking with various members of local law enforcement agencies. Regarding being arrested for 'disturbing the peace', I was told by more than one source in RSO "It never happens". Well it happened to us, the evil protesters trying to protect our children.

We protested again Friday, day 120. Same thing, same place, same protesters, same methods....no arrests, nothing happened.

Sat, Sun and Mon most were travelling for the holiday so we had no protest. I did some drive by's and saw nothing happening at the clown house.

Tuesday was 'talk to a bunch of attorneys' day for me. Can't say much more than that right now about the 'legal things' that are going on.

We protested again Tuesay, day 124. Same thing, same place, same protesters, same methods....no arrests, nothing happened.

Wednesday, day 125, 'Molly' and I took a video to Lt. Sckull. Hope I spelled that right. We went to the Perris station where he works unannounced. We asked the clerk to see him and told her that we wanted to deliver a video. The video showed the kids at the clown house and Michael William Bryan being at the Cox street house. He is not supposed to live there because its withing 1/4 of Enchanted Hills Elementary School. The clerk said we was busy with something but we said we would wait.

We only had to wait about 10 minutes and were invited in. We were taken to a small room. Suddenly it was not just Lt. Sckull but Lt. Herrera and Lt. O'Donnell.

Interesting. We arrive unannounced, we just want to give Sckull a video, and all of a sudden we have 3 Lt's wanting to talk about what happened on day 119. Think they are worried?

They did not even bother to watch the video of the girls and Michael William Bryan we brought them, they wanted to know what other video we had, even warning us that taping someone without their knowledge is against the law. Thats fascinating considering we have been told the room they had us in has hidden recording equipment.

The whole "citizen's arrest" topic came up again, they don't have a choice, bla bla bla. So we asked about the 'tweaker' incident.

Back in June a guy loaded out of his mind on drugs drove into the driveway of the clown house. Protesters called 911 on a cell phone. This had nothing to do with Dokich, it had everything to do with stopping this guy from getting back in his truck and killing someone.

4 Riveside County Sheriff's deputies arrived, 2 of which were Sergents. They refused to arrest this guy. When we asked why they claimed he was on private property and there was nothing they could do. Well thats a lie. DUI or hit and run, you can be arrested regardless of whether or not you are on private property.

This is also a vehicle code that makes it possible to arrest a person for reasonable cause of DUI:

40300.5. In addition to the authority to make an arrest without a warrant pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 836 of the Penal Code, a peace officer may, without a warrant, arrest a person when the officer has reasonable cause to believe that the person had been driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or under the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and any drug when any of the following exists:

(c) The person will not be apprehended unless immediately arrested.

(d) The person may cause injury to himself or herself or damage property unless immediately arrested.

(e) The person may destroy or conceal evidence of the crime unless immediately arrested.

A protester then requested to place the 'tweaker' under citizens arrest. RSO refused.

Back to our meeting. We asked why the tweaker could not be placed under citizens arrest. O'Donnell claimed it was because there where no victims. I specifically asked him that in order for someone to be placed under citizens arrest, there has to be a victim? He said yes.

I made a mental note, look this up. It did not seem to make sense. A few years back I spotted a couple dumping garbage in a field. I called the Sheriff's department. A deputy arrived, told me since she did not see it I would have to do a citizen's arrest. I was not a 'victim', it was not my field, I simply witnessed a crime.

The following day I called O'Donnell to give him a chance to recant his statement about there having to be a victim to make a citizen's arrest. I read him the penal code since I had looked it up:

837. A private person may arrest another:
1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence.

He then said that we could not place the 'tweaker' under citizens arrest because the deputies were trained to deal with DUI subjects and we were not. Nice try.

Thankfully the CHP showed up and got the 'tweaker' off the streets before he could kill someone. Plus he was a parolee at large, nice work Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

The meeting ended by them asking me if I had any concerns. I replied that I was concerned that Harriet Cooks can use the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to deprive me of my civil liberties.

I left the meeting and went right to the clown house. It was afternoon, kids would be walking home from school. I was not suprised to find David Allyn Dokich out front, watching the show. Does anyone wonder why we are protesting? What you should wonder is why the Riverside County Sheriffs department is trying to stop us.

Watching the kids on the road
Did he spot one he likes?
Dokich picking his nose

We protested again tonight, Sept 9 - day 127. Same thing, same place, same protesters, same methods....no arrests, nothing happened.

I am putting together a whole story on the Riverside County Sheriff's department. The good, the bad and all the lies.

Stay tuned and keep your kids safe.


The election for Sheriff is next June. If any opponents want a video of how the Riverside County Sheriff's department under Bob Doyle's leadership treats peaceful protesters trying to protect their children, contact me.


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