David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 150 - Recap, its been 5 months, we had some special guests

Its been 5 months of protesting. Parole said they would hunker down and that we would go away. Well here is a news flash for you knuckleheads in parole, we are still here!

We started a bit earlier than normal today, 5:30 pm. The perverts were not expecting that.

Click the play button or click the videos link and look for '5 month anniversary protest video' to watch the video.

Sweeney was out front using a backhoe. I was taping him and he did not like it. He took a swing at me with the bucket but missed.

Swing and a miss

The Expedition flew in from the north, doing about 20-25 mph and barely missed me. It happened so fast I did not have the video camera ready.

Child molester Vanessa Teicher arrived after that. She is the one who traded in her kids, including a 1 year old, so she could molest a 13 year old.

Vanessa Teicher

A man and woman arrived in a green car. The man went inside the clown house and came out with a spot light. They then drove slowly down the driveway. As they approached the road the driver floored it, just missing 'Frank'.

a near miss

Next a couple arrived in an old El Camino. They did not stay at the clown house long. As the female driver approached the road she floored it too, just missing protesters and on-coming traffic.

she looks mad

another near miss

Well that was three near misses, four if you count the backhoe.

A Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy arrived. Of course he said there was nothing he could do. I don't know why we even bother asking any more.

He seemed like a nice guy, but when we see that uniform we expect bad things to happen

Now the good part. We had some very special guests today.

The first is Linda Dunn. Linda is a deputy district attorney for Riverside. I will dedicate another article entirely to her, she is incredible and everyone needs to know all she does for us. But let me take the time here to say that were it not for Linda Dunn we would have a lot more David Allyn Dokich's running around.

The next special guest is a victim of David Allyn Dokich. She does not live in the area and travelled a great distance to visit with us. She had a close relative with her for support.

I am being intentionally vague and will not give her name out here. She still fears David Allyn Dokich, even decades after his abuse of her stopped.

She shared her story with everyone and there were not many dry eyes. She is an amazing woman and showed a great deal of courage coming out here considering all she has been through.

She and Linda Dunn were both very concerned for all the teenagers at the protest and in the area. They each have no doubt that given the opportunity Dokich will attack again.

It was a great day for all of us to be able to meet in person these very special people.

A special note about the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Once they learned that someone from the DA's office was at the protest they changed their tune. Suddenly we could protest and 'make all the noise you want'. Interesting. Too bad we can't have someone from the DA's office out here all the time.

Take care of your children and we will see you next time.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2 very special guest will be at the protest today

We are expecting 2 very special guests today.

They should arrive about 6 pm.

Make sure you come by to meet them and show your support.


This is our 5 month anniversary of protesting.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 149 - Recap

Today we purposely parked beside the road in front of the halfway house. The other day the Riverside County Sheriff's Department made a protester move his legally parked vehicle at the request of the perverts in the clown house. RSO vehicles drove by a few times but never stopped.

What will it take for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to wrap their brains around the fact that we are legally protesting under the First Amendment?

A CHP vehicle drove by and waved at us and we waved back. They are the best.

Not much was happening at the clown house tonight. Convicted child molester Vanessa Teicher stood in the backyard and made some gestures towards us, but thats about it.

We did learn something about yesterdays 'raid'. A source in RSO said they only found 6 people in the house.

Well thats a shocker.

Parole places the sex offenders and other parolees in the clown house. They don't need a 'raid' to know how many people are in there, they put them there in the first place!

However, since another agency was taking place in this 'raid', do you really think parole would let them (in this case, RSO) find out that parole and this halfway house were breaking the 6 and under rule?

Of course not.

This halfway house is a 'cash cow' as we have been told. Parole agent Lisa Abma and Harriet Cooks, who runs the clown house, are buddies. Lisa is not going to let her pal get burned. If she did then she would have no where to send these low lifes.

Paroel breaks the rules by placing too many people in the clown house. We see the alcohol and drug use, yet some how parole does not. We see teenagers being brought to the home, violating the terms of Dokich's parole, yet parole does nothing. Do you really think parole would hesitate to tip the halfway house off about a raid?

So long as parole is involved no other agency will ever find anything wrong in that house. It's too high profile and parole will do what ever it takes to keep themselves from being embarrassed.

Now you can understand what we are up against.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Day 148 - Recap

We were not suppose to protest today because of other activities including a local code enforcement meeting. However a few did make it out to the clown house and they had a David Allyn Dokich sighting.

A truck was leaving the clown house. As it got down to the road Dokich jumped out of the back, grabbed the mail and headed back up the driveway, but not before taking a minute to stare at the teenagers across the road. Creep.

Thats all for now, see you next time, keep your kids save.

John and Ken interview with Dokich victim

This is an interview that was on the John and Ken Show back on May 10, 2005. Its with 'Jane', the first victim David Allyn Dokich was convicted of raping.

Listen to this chilling interview.

Click here

Its 29 minutes long, audio only and is 7 megabytes in size.

Call Arnold, right now!

AB 632 is sitting on the governor's desk, awaiting his signature.

This legislation will create the California Sex Offender Management Board, bringing together the agencies that manage sex offenders, while assessing current practices in parole supervision of sex offenders, and identifying and recommending the best practices.

State departments responsible for sex-offender management continue to put the lives of residents and our children in jeopardy.

The rumor is that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitatoin, one of the agencies responsible for the “mismanagement” of sex offenders, is recommending a veto.

Call (916) 445-2841 and tell the governor you support AB 632.

CALL RIGHT NOW! Do not assume others will call for you. Take a few minutes and make this happen!

Day 147 - Raid on the clown house?

There was a mix of parole, Temecula PD and RCO vehicles at the clown house this morning.

Was this some sort of raid or perhaps Harriet Cooks' check bounced.

The Temecula PD car (actually Riverside County Sheriff's Department with a Temecula uniform) had a police dog. One of the RSO deputies was wearing gloves. They may have been searching for drugs.

Notice the parole agent in the passenger seat in the last 2 pictures. He is more concerned with taking pictures of protesters than protecting the community from child molesters.

Notice the parole agent driving in the last 2 pictures. He is the one who told 'Molly' months ago he would like to punch her in her face. He's a real tough guy.

Seems they have women beaters watching child molesters. No wonder the parole agents seemed to get along so well with the child molesters when they were spending the night there to allegedly watch David Allyn Dokich.

Thanks to 'Molly' for the photos!

2 new videos for your viewing pleasure

The first is called 'Frank' is Agent 0. Its a spoof and just made for fun.

The second is not really new but one I had forgot I had. Its a CBS 2 news report on Dokich from back in June of this year. It is very interesting to watch knowing months have gone by and all the talk amounted to nothing. Give it a look.

Click here or click the 'Videos' link on the left to download them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 146 - Recap

More odd behavior from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. 'Frank' got to the protest before everyone else and parked his truck beside Old Elsinore Rd. It did not take long before an RSO deputy arrived. He told 'Frank' the clown house had called and complained because his truck was parked out front. The deputy then told 'Frank' he needed to move his truck.

It now appears that in Riverside County if someone parks in front of your house you can call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and have them tell the vehicle owner to move it because its bothering you. Unbelievable but true. Of course you may need to grease some palms at RSO or run a halfway house for child molesters.

Again one of the persons from the halfway house was out yelling at us again. It's hard to tell what they are saying but I did hear "I will find you and you can take that to the bank". I replied they did not have a bank seeing as they just got out of prison and all.

I saw a couple of new signs up on polls tonight. The first seems to be referring to good pal of Harriet Cooks and parole supervisor, Lisa Abma. The second seems to take exception to the preferential treatment the child molesters receive from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Maybe we have a secret admirer.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Day 145 - Recap, new online store

We did not protest because of a predicted thunderstorm. Turns out it did not make it here until 11 pm.

We now have an online store!

Click the Pervert Patrol Store link on the left and buy lots of merchandise. The funds will be used for supplies, things like signs, batteries for bullhorns, etc.. Here are just a few of our many items:

Hey, fighting child molesters is not cheap and we need all the help we can get.

Thanks for your support, keep your kids safe and we will see you next time.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day 144 - Recap....more lies from the Sheriff's Department

We took the past couple of days off.

Friday night was the first home football game of the new Citrus Heights High School. We crushed Lake Elsinore Lakeside, 39-6. Cayson Caddell ran for 187 yards and 5 TD's. The kid is fast fast fast.

This weekend was also the Rosarito Ensenada bike ride and some attended that event.

We did make it out to protest today. It was more exciting than most days.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One of the girls had a new 'We Love CHP' sign. The CHP has not harassed us, lied to us or arrested us, unlike the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, so of course we love them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I found a notice from Riverside County Code Enforcement attached to the post out front that used to hold the now long gone gates.

Months ago I found that there were 3 code enforcement violations being investigated. The information I had was limited at the time. This notice is much more specific. Its a warning that Code Enforcement plans on inspecting the property. It also states the violations as being additions to the primary residence without a permit and land used without planning department approval - transitional living facility.

Finally someone is catching on. Go Code Enforcement!

Corissa Cooks and child molester Terence Glen Hanley arrived around 7 pm. Terence jumped out of the car and ripped the notice off the post. A few minutes after they went inside the halfway house someone came out and started yelling at us. It was dark and it was hard to hear them so we are not sure who it was but one thing was clear, they were not happy.

Shortly after that 2 Riverside County Sheriff vehicles arrived and went up to the closed gates. Convicted serial child rapist David Allyn Dokich came out and opened the gates. The RSO cars pulled in and the deputies went around back.

Then the music started blasting from the house. Were the deputies there to party with the perverts? Most people turn the music down when law enforcement arrives, but not this time. A third RSO vehicle arrived but only stayed a few minutes. The first two vehicle left after about 15 minutes.

The music was still very loud so at 8:20 pm I called in a noise complaint. Hey, they complain about us all the time, lets see what happens when the tables are turned. I was on hold for about 10 minutes. I called the non emergency line and I am assuming it was a dispatcher I was speaking with. He asked me for the location of the noise and I told him it was 21200 Old Elsinore Rd. He never asked where I was.

I only took 3 minutes for two RSO vehicles to arrive. They both went up the driveway but the gates were closed. They sat there for a couple of minutes, then headed back down to the road.

As soon as they got to the road protesters were complaining. We called in a noise complaint and they did nothing.

Here is where it gets interesting. The first deputy made 2 curious comments. First he said they are not disturbing our peace and then he said we are on their property!

Lets examine these 2 statements.

Some how, while protesting under the First Amendment, we can be arrested for disturbing their peace. However it appears the perverts can be as loud as they want and not disturb our peace. How is that possible? I would like you to meet the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Thats how it is possible.

Next he claimed we were on their property. We were standing on the side of the road! How could we be on their property? Well maybe the child molesters and Harriet Cooks do own the road as they appear to own the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

This is what we go through when dealing with RSO. Lies, plain and simple. I refuse to believe these deputies are so ignorant as to believe that the side of the road belongs to the clown house, therefore they must be intentionally trying to mis-lead us. Watch the video (RSO response to our noise complaint) and listen carefully to the deputy, you will hear his words for yourself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I asked this deputy (seen above) repeatedly for his name and he refused to give it. He said his sergent was behind him and that we could speak with him. So we went to the second deputy and he said the first deputy would speak with us. Well which one is it? Talk about passing the buck.

Finally we got to speak with the second deputy. We have dealt with him before and he has always been nice to us so I am going to cut him some slack and try not to beat up on him too badly here. Nice RSO deputies are a rare find out here.

The deputies wanted me to fill out a complaint. I told them no because its not necessary. I have been here 16 years and have called in my fair share of noise complaints againts my neighbors who have these crazy parties twice a month complete with a PA system. Even though they are 3 football fields away from me it sounds like I live inside Dodgers Stadium. I have never, ever had to fill out a complaint. I simply wanted them to go to the house and ask them to turn down the music.

They relented and did go up to the clown house. After a few minutes they came back down and we said thanks. We just wanted to see what would happen when we were the ones complaining.

'Bonnie' mentioned how quickly the deputies arrived. It was only 3 minutes. The deputy said it was because it was this house. Too bad the other residents in the county cannot get that level of service. I called in a noise complaint a couple of weeks ago regarding a neighbor. I called 3 times in 3 hours and RSO never showed up, but they can show up in 3 minutes to the pervert house.

Click the play button or click the videos link and looks for 'RSO response to our noise complaint' to watch the video.

Of course as soon as the deputies left the perverts turned the music back up, but we had found out what we wanted to. We left shortly after that.

Keep your fingers crossed, Code Enforcement may be our best chance at getting this house shut down.

See you next time and take care of your kids.


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