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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 172 - Recap, PARTY!

No protest today because we had a Halloween / 6 months of protesting party.

A Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy was in the house. He looked like a slim version of our good pal Deputy Gomez.

David Allyn Dokich was in the house.

We even had a tax dollar whore in the house!

Everyone had a good time, except perhaps for 'Frank' who was hunging the porcelain before 9 pm.

Click on the play button or click the videos link and look for 'Halloween 2005 party' to watch the fun for yourself.

Another protest in Norco

Norco had another protest today, attended by a couple of dozen concerned citizens.

They are trying to prevent a group home from opening in their neighborhood, but the state may have already snuck some people into the home.

I have more research to do on the Norco situation, but look at this little gem in the California penal code:

Penal code 1618. The administrators and the supervision and treatment staff of the Forensic Conditional Release Program shall not be held criminally or civilly liable for any criminal acts committed by the persons on parole or judicial commitment status who receive supervision or treatment. This waiver of liability shall apply to employees of the State Department of Mental Health, the Board of Prison Terms, and the agencies or persons under contract to those agencies, who provide screening, clinical evaluation, supervision, or treatment to mentally ill parolees or persons under judicial commitment or considered for placement under a hold by the Board of Prison Terms.

Translation: If one of the people they stick in your neighborhood attacks you, tough luck!

More on this later, stay tuned.

Sheriff Doyle thinks Mead Valley is an "ideal" location for new jail

Sheriff Bob Doyle believes Mead Valley is an 'ideal' location for a new county jail.

Mead Valley already lays claim to the highest ratio of registered sex offenders in the county.

Riverside County has on average 1.3 registed sex offenders (child molesters and rapists) per 1,000 residents.

The Mead Valley area has over 4 times that with 5.7 registered sex offenders per 1,000 residents! Click here to read our July report about this.

Now Sheriff Bob Doyle want to build a jail in our backyards.

I think most would agree we do need more jails and prisons. Some would question the wisdom of building a new one near an existing residential community, especially when you consider the fact that Riverside County covers over 7,000 square miles and much of that is devoid of residential housing.

Also of concern is the level of incompetence we have witnessed from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in our almost 6 months of protesting the placement of convicted high risk sex offender and serial child rapist David Allyn Dokich into our community.

Back in June of this year we watched 4 deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department refuse to arrest, and allow to walk away, an under the influence and wanted parolee with a 20 year criminal history that includes residential burglary, manufacture, import, sell weapons or carry concealed weapons, shoplifting, stolen vehicles, being under the influence of a controlled substance, the list goes on. Fortunately the CHP arrived and was able to apprehend this dangerous criminal. Click here to read all about it.

In July of this year, while protesting on the corner of Cajalco and Clarke, we watched for hours as drug deals went down in a vacant lot. Riverside County Sheriff's Department vehicles drove by multiple times but did not attempt to stop the obvious drug dealing, they were more concerned with moms and pops protesting to protect their children.

Want a more recent example of how incompetent the Riverside County Sheriff's Department is under the misguided leadership of Sheriff Bob Doyle? Just last week the county jail, run by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, let a wanted parolee and child molester walk out the door!

And now Sheriff Doyle wants to put a jail in our backyard. How many wanted parolees and child molesters will that facility let loose into our community?

Source: Press Enterprise

Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 171 - Recap

We are coming up on 6 months of protesting!

A nice lady stopped by for 30 minutes or so. She was not sure what was going on and seemed quite shocked when we filled her in on the details.

A few of us made it up to the side of the clown house. We could see all the tv's on in the various rooms. The child molesters must be tired from another day of not working. Don't worry, that's what they have you for.

Something else is going on with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. I will be able to write about it tomorrow, but for now let's just say they want a mulligan. For those of you that may be golfing impaired, that's a "do-over" - hit a bad shot, take a mulligan and try again.

Also, next week we should have some 'legal' things happening. I will write about it when I can.

Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

'Blast from the past photo' - 5/14/05

Those Phelan folks really know how to protest

This was e-mailed to me. They take their protesting seriously in Phelan.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 170 - Recap, Ratliff sighting

We changed things up today. Instead of protesting in the afternoon and evening, we started at 8:30 am.

We got our first look at convicted child molester Richard Arlin Ratliff. He was in back with convicted child molester Robert Glen Wurtz and grey haired dude.


It's interesting watching what goes on at the clown house in the morning. The child molesters get to kick back on the patio, eating, drinking, smoking, while you are hard at work. Hey, someone has to support them, they don't work, it might as well be you.

Breakfast on the patio

We left after a couple of hours. All the vehicles were still there when we left, but a check at 11 am showed that David Allyn Dokich's taurus was gone. Bet you feel better knowing he is driving around unsupervised.

Take care of your kids, halloween is coming up, the perfect opportunity for child predators.

See you next time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 169 - Recap

Not much happening tonight.

Corissa Cooks arrived shortly after 7 pm followed a few minutes later by convicted child molester Vanessa Teicher.

Vanessa Teicher

That's all for now, see you next time. Keep your kids safe from the predators, there are over 100,000 registered sex offenders in California.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 168 - Recap

It's cold!

When we first arrived it was raining, even though the forecast said it was not supposed to. Fortunately it did not last long. Unfortunately it was cold. Hey, 55 degrees feels like an ice age here in So Cal.

We could see David Allyn Dokich's and Vanessa Teicher's cars in back, but we did not see Harriet or Corissa Cooks' cars.

Shortly after 7 pm the Expedition approached from the North. We may not have noticed it however it flashed its high beams at us. It pulled into the driveway of the clown house but stopped before it got to the old gate. The driver got out and said something but we could not hear them.

The Expedition then went up to the halfway house and parked. We could tell it was Corissa Cooks driving by her profile. Definately not fat enough to be her mom Harriet. Again she started yelling at us and again we could not hear what she was saying.

We walked over to the driveway and saw what all the fuss was about. Some of the garbage that had been dumped in front of the clown house a few weeks back was in the driveway. Apparently that's what she was yelling about. They should think about cleaning that mess up instead of yelling at us about it. What kind of people leave a bunch of garbage outside their house anyway? Oh yeah, they type that have a bunch of garbage inside their house.

We left shortly after that, it was cold, next time we need to wear our long johns.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

Massive sex offender house still in operation

Back on June 10th of this year we reported about a massive clown house with 24 child molesters living in it.

It's been over 4 months and the house is still in operation. A check today of the Megan's Law website showed 19 registered sex offenders were living at the house.

Let's compare 4 months ago with today. Names in green indicate they were living at the halfway house on both dates.

June 10, 2005
October 18, 2005

David Almond

Richard Edward Blackman

2 Randy Norman Blacketer Bruce Max Bridges

Richard Edward Blackman

Delbert Bryant


Bruce Max Bridges

Lawrence K Cortez

Lawrence K Cortez

Roy T Farris

Donald Cox

Keith Ellington Frazer
7 Roy T Farris Herman Louis Haithcock
8 Raul Toribio Fernandez James A Heard
9 Anthony Fontana Troy Coy Jones
10 Keith Ellington Frazer Byron Doyle Ledgerwood
11 Herman Louis Haithcock Richard Medina
12 James A Heard Frederick Arthur Reese
13 Kenneth Alonzo King Peter Ruzzo
14 Byron Doyle Ledgerwood Robert Thomas Sale
15 John Edward McMahan Douglas Vasquez
16 Richard Medina Alfonso Marcellino Villegas
17 Roy Scott Perry Michael Cornell Walker
18 Frederick Arthur Reese Charles Watkins
19 John H Tyree Thomas Pat Weimer
20 Douglas Vasquez
21 Alfonso Marcellino Villegas
22 Charles Watkins
23 Thomas Pat Weimer
24 Glen Edwin Welkley

14 of the original 24 offenders are still there. 10 have left and 5 new ones have moved in.

The real question is, why is this halfway house still allowed to have more that the limit of 6 offenders?

RSO cover up of false arrests?

On September 1st, 2005 two protesters were arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace. At the time the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies, Gomez and Cisneros, claimed it was a 'citizen's arrest' by Harriet Cooks.

Click the video link and look for 'Protester arrest video' to watch for yourself.

Having never been arrested before I believed these Brinks rejects. I should have known better based on the history of lies the Riverside County Sheriff's Department has told us.

Let's compare our citizen's arrest to the citizen's arrest that happened back on July 8th of this year.

On that day a parole agent aimed his vehicle at protesters. This resulted in 'Molly' performing a citizen's arrest on him for assault with a deadly weapon and he retaliated by performing a citizen's arrest on her obstructing a peace officer.

Because these were citizen's arrest, 'Molly' had to tell the parole agent she was placing him under arrest and the parole agent in turn had to tell 'Molly he was placing her under citizen's arrest. This happened in the presence of RSO deputies.

They were each given a 'Certificate of Detention', shown below, and released on scene. No handcuffs, no trips to the police station, no fingers prints, no photographs, just their signatures and they were free to go.

click to enlarge

Now let's examine our so called citizen's arrest.

If we were placed under citzen's arrest by Harriet Cooks as the Riverside County Sheriff's Department claims, how is it she never told us she was placing us under citizen's arrest? Neither myself of 'Susan' have ever met Harriet Cooks. We have no idea if she was even at the clown house the day of this incident.

Why did we not receive a 'Certificate of Detention' as 'Molly' did when she was placed under citizen's arrest? Instead we received a 'Notice to Appear' as seen below.

click to enlarge

Let's compare what happened immediately after each citizen's arrest:

  • The parole agent, who was placed under citizen's arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, was released on scene.
  • 'Molly', who was placed under citizen's arrest for obstruction, was released on scene.
  • Myself and 'Susan', having been placed under citizen's arrest for disturbing the peace, were not released on scene but were instead handcuffed and taken to the Perris PD station where we were finger printed and photographed.
Apparently if you stand on the side of the road with a video camera it warrants a trip to the station, but if you assault someone with a deadly weapon the Riverside County Sheriff's Department let's you walk away. Go figure.

We have since tried to obtain the incident report for our citizen's arrest. Thus far the Riverside County Sheriff's Department has refused to provide it. However, 'Molly' was able to obtain her incident report.

This begs the question, what is in that report that the Riverside County Sheriff's Department does not want us to see?

Rest assured, we will find out.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Day 167 - Recap

Again, no protesting because of weather.

The forecast says it should clear up tomorrow night, let's hope so.

Update: Oct. 18, 11:55 am

I have just learned that some faithful protesters did indeed make it out to the clown house.

The Rev. Abraham Capers, aka Limp Pimp Daddy, arrived in his black jaguar, the one with the playboy symbol in back. What kind of church does he belong to any way? He called 'Susan' a b%#ch.

Corissa Cooks drove a few houses down and handed one of the neighbors something. It looked like mail but its hard to tell.

Convicted child molester David Allyn Dokich appeared to be at the halfway house as his vehicle was parked in the backyard.

That's all for now, thanks to everyone who showed up, even in stormy weather.

California's "Jessica's Law" before and after breakdown

The following shows the current law and the law proposed in the Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006, also known as "Jessica's Law".

Current Law
Proposed Law
Sexual Predator Punishment

Sexual assault punishment statutes fail to include the full range of crimes committed by sexual predators.

Sexual assault punishment statutes fail to provide adequate punishment for many sexual predators.

Expands and strengthens our basic sexual assault punishment statutes, including those for “One Strike” Sex Crimes, “Habitual Sex Offenders,” and “Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.”

Adds a broad range of forcible sex crimes and child molest crimes to these statutes.

Increases the penalty to life imprisonment for kidnapping for the purpose of child molestation and for assault with the intent to commit sex crimes during a residential burglary.

Expands the requirement for mandatory prison sentences and mandatory consecutive sentences for sex crimes.

Increase Parole Terms
Provides for parole terms from 3-5 years for various sex offenses. Provides for parole terms of up to 10 years for the most heinous sex offenses.
“Sexually Violent Predators”

Requires two offenses and two victims before a predator can be classified as“sexually violent.”

“Sexually Violent Predators (SVP’s)” may be civilly committed to a state hospital for a two year term. District Attorneys may file a new petition every two years demonstrating the offender is still a danger.

SVP’s may run their parole time out while civilly committed, leaving no parole jurisdiction upon release.

Allows for an offender to be evaluated as a sexually violent predator after one crime, rather than waiting for a second victim.

Allows for indefinite commitment to a state hospital (like other states with an SVP program) until the SVP can prove to a court they no longer fit the criteria.

Requires SVP's parole period to toll while in the state hospital so they still have to serve their parole time after discharge.

Predator-Free Zone
Prohibits some offenders convicted of lewd and lascivious conduct against a child from living within one-quarter mile (1320 ft.) of a school, for the duration of their parole.

Prohibits all registered sex offenders from living within 2000 ft. of a school or park, for the duration of their registration.

Allows local governments to include additional sites they deem appropriate, such as children’s museums or water parks.

GPS Tracking
Permits the state to use GPS tracking as a condition of parole for convicted sex offenders.

Requires registered sex offenders released on parole to be placed on a GPS tracking system for life.

Requires offenders to pay for their own GPS equipment, if they are financially able.

Child Pornography
Possession of child pornography is a misdemeanor.

Possession of child pornography is a wobbler (alternate misdemeanor/felony).

Possession of child pornography is a felony if the offender has a prior conviction of any sex offense, including a prior for possession of child pornography.

Internet Luring
Current law is incomplete in addressing this problem because it waits for direct harm to occur before criminal penalties can be attached. Specifically prohibits any contact or communication with a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct or abuse.
“Date Rape” Drug Use
Imposes an additional three-year prison term for persons who force the use of specified controlled substances in the commission of a felony. Imposes an additional five-year prison term for persons who use specified controlled substances (i.e. date rape drugs) in the commission of specified sexual crimes, such as rape.
“Good-Time Credits” for Sex Offenders
Allows sex offenders to reduce their prison terms through the use of “good-time credits.” Eliminates the use of “good-time credits” for habitual sex offenders.

RSO makes an early morning visit to the clown house

Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department were at the halfway house from around 6 am to 8:30 am.

We did not see any parole agents this time.

Were they doing a check or collecting a check?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Say hi to your mom for us Corissa.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 166 - Recap

Again, no protesting due to weather.

Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

Arnold kicks off signature drive for Jessica's Law

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, State Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) and Assemblywoman Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley), kicked-off the signature drive for the Jessica’s Law campaign Thursday to place an initiative on next year's ballot for what would be the nation's most comprehensive sex-offender punishment and control reform.

"We will send a very clear message to all the sexual predators out here, the cowards who want to victimize innocent Californians, that we will stop you, we will catch you and we will punish you," Schwarzenegger said.

The Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006, also called Jessica's Law, would keep sex offenders away from schools and places where children frequently play, require lifetime GPS monitoring of sex offenders, strengthen punishments for sex offenders, expand parole periods, and toughen punishments for the use of “date rape” drugs, child pornography and using the Internet to lure children into sex crimes.

"It's time for new laws and tough laws that not only prevent our children from being victimized, but also deal appropriately with those who prey on our children," said Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, R-Lancaster.

The campaign has started collecting signatures and has until February, 21, 2006 to submit signatures to local counties for verification. The initiative needs to submit 373,816 valid signatures in order to qualify for the November 2006 ballot.

Both Runners' have legislative versions in the house and senate. It's doubtful either will pass given the history of the Public Safety Committee. Thus the need for this ballot initiative.

Assemblywoman Runner said authorities currently can't locate 17,000 sex offenders of the over 100,000 registered sex offenders in California.

"These dangerous predators have been preying on our most vulnerable for too long,” said Assemblywoman Runner. “Secrecy is their biggest tool to victimize our children and families. As a legislator, mother and now a grandmother, I feel my most important job is to keep these predators away from our children and within our sights."

The initiative would not apply retroactively, but would require those on parole, as well as those entering the system, to wear bracelets that would be networked into the Global Positioning System.

Source: presstelegram.com, jessicaslaw2006.com


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