David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 193 - Recap, no protest

Nothing to report, see you next time.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 192 - Recap, Dokich looks upset

There was another afternoon protest from about 3 - 5 pm.

It's not easy getting out there before 5 but we try our best.

High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich drove in at 4:45 pm. He pulled up beside the protesters, pointed his finger at them and said something that could not be heard because his windows were up.

I'm starting to get the feeling he does not like us.

Unfortunately there is no video because the camera had to be sent in for repairs. It's supposed to take 2-3 weeks to get it fixed, so if you are wondering why we have no new videos, thats why.

Take care of your kids, there is a High Risk Sex Offender driving around the neighborhood.

Article: Audit finds more crimes by parolees

The now-defunct system of alternative sanctions for violators is criticized.
By Andy Furillo -- Bee Capitol Bureau
Published 2:15 am PST Friday, November 11, 2005
Story appeared on Page A3 of The Bee

A state audit of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's since-disbanded "new parole model" found that 242 offenders were convicted on new felonies committed when they otherwise would have been in prison.

The Bureau of State Audits report did not provide a breakdown on what crimes were committed, nor did the corrections agency have any details available Thursday on the types of offenses.

According to the audit, the offenses were committed by parolees who had violated the terms of their releases but had been placed in halfway houses or in drug-treatment programs that the prison department put in place last year as alternatives to re-incarceration.

"It's unfortunate that 242 crimes had to be committed and tried at expense to taxpayers when parole revocation may not only have prevented the crimes, but caused the individuals to change their ways," said Lance Corcoran, a spokesman for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, which had expressed harsh criticism of the new parole policies when they were implemented last year.

Corrections officials rolled out the alternative sanctions programs - first designed during former Gov. Gray Davis' administration - in early 2004 amid considerable fanfare by the new Schwarzenegger administration that it was seeking to overhaul an expensive, corrupt, overpopulated and brutal prison and parole system.

Click here to read the entire article

Thursday, November 10, 2005

David Goldstein has another excellent report

Arthur Dean clearly doesn't like the publicity. ..after we expose him as a landlord to the sex offenders.

"Most people would agree that housing sex offenders in residential areas is kind of sleazy. Yeah I’m pretty sure they would say that."

Dean rents homes to 16 sex offenders in Pomona, cramming them into three houses like this on Signal Drive--where we found Ruben Canals. He was charged with lewd acts with a child under 14.

Dean houses them live in a residential area with children too close for comfort, according to neighbor Hopratio Morales.

"We’re sort of like prisoners in our own homes--the kids don't come out and play no more"

Click here to read the entire report, it's very good

Thank you David for your excellent work exposing California's Dirty Little Secret.

Day 191 - Recap, more molester threats

Terence Glenn Hanley - registered sex offenderIn between the rain some protesters made it out to the clown house. These people are dedicated. If there is a flood expect to see them out there in row boats.

Convicted child molester Terence Glenn Hanley came down to the road twice to get the mail. He has all day to do this but waits until there are a few soccer moms down there with their kids.

He made some threats and claimed he is not a child molester.

You know time and time again the only time they threaten the women and kids is when there are no men with them.

As for his claims he is not a child molester, according to court records he was charged in 1999 with pc 288, lewd conduct with a child, a felony and pleaded guilty to pc 647.6, molest child under 18, a misdemeanor.

And let's not forget Hanley was incarcerated for a year at Chino for PC 422 (criminal threats against a school official), a felony.

Threatening people seems to be a favorite activity of his.

Take a look around, odds are the state of California is paying for someone like this to live in a house near you.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe from the creeps like you see above.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day 190 - Recap

No protest, showers forecast, again.

Get it right this time Mr. Weatherman

See you tomorrow.

The Lisa Abma Report

For those of you that read this blog on a regular basis, you know it's not simply about David Allyn Dokich. While the placement of a high risk sex offender into our community prompted massive protests and subsequently this blog, we soon realised there is more to this issue than just one man.

While the original purpose of this blog was to create a daily log of the protesting, as the days became weeks and weeks became months, I felt it was necessary to write about all the various things that happen when these halfway homes for child molesters and sex offenders operate in residential neighborhoods. We have had contact with members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and their staff, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, other elected officials, parole, parolees, other child molesters in the halfway house were Dokich resides and protesters from other communities that have a similiar plight as our own. This is all part of the story, therefore I write about it here.

On Thursday, November 3rd, while protesting in the afternoon in front of the halfway house where convicted child molester and high risk sex offender David Allyn Dokich resides, an unmarked parole vehicle pulled to the side of the road. From the passenger side emerged parole supervisor Lisa Abma. Some protesters recognized her because she has been out here before. She was trying to serve Cease and Desist orders on protesters but apparently did not know one protester from the other. She kept trying to give the orders to the wrong people and ended up leaving them in the dirt beside the road.

We have video of this incident. Click the videos link and look for 'Lisa Abma Gone Wild'. But before you watch the video, read the following so you know all the facts of the situation.

Lisa Abma made some false allegations against me, claiming I have written that she is David Allyn Dokich's parole agent. That is false. I have never written that parole supervisor Lisa Abma is Dokich's parole agent. I don't even know who Dokich's parole agent is. I don't know if he has one agent or ten. Don't know and up to this point I did not care.

The Cease and Desist order states the following: "You are hereby put on notice that NONE of the statements made on the David Dokich Blog are factually accurate or true".

Well that's a bold statement. It's also is false statement.

Since parole supervisor Lisa Abma has taken it upon herself to make false accusations about me and further inject herself into this story, I am now forced to write more about her, things I have not written about before because I saw no need. Well now I need to.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane.

Our first contact with parole supervisor Lisa Abma occured in early July. A parole agent assigned to watch convicted child molester David Allyn Dokich pulled a stupid stunt in his vehicle and nearly hit a protester in what appeared to be an attempt to frighten her.

The protester and parole supervisor Lisa Abma spoke via phone. According to the protester, Lisa Abma referred to the parole agent in question as a "buffoon" and said that Harriet Cooks had been doing this for 16 years (as if that was supposed to calm our fears). When the protester suggested to Lisa Abma that she would feel bad if something happened to a child because of this halfway house, Lisa Abma replied, according to the protester, that she would not feel bad because she was "just doing her job".

Our next contact with parole supervisor Lisa Abma was in early August and was the result of one of the child molesters in the Last Chance halfway home throwing an alcoholic beverage into the face of a protester.

According to one protester, parole supervisor Lisa Abma said that Harriet Cooks was the only one who would take David Allyn Dokich and that she had worked with Harriet Cooks for 8 years.

According to yet another protester, during a 30 minute phone conversation that was prompted by the alcohol incident, parole supervisor Lisa Abma said there is no alcohol there because it's a sober living home, said yet again that Harriet Cooks takes people no one else will and that Harriet Cooks runs her house great. When ask if Dokich could be moved Lisa Abma replied, according to the protester, "where would you like me to put him?" According to the protester, parole supervisor Lisa Abma also said "if any of my parolees are doing anything wrong I need to know about it".

On August 3rd parole supervisor Lisa Abma arrived at the halfway house, apparently to look into the alcohol issue that happened two days prior. She was in the house for about 10 minutes. She walked past us in a hurry, simply saying "bye" before getting into her vehicle and speeding off. She never said she did not find any alcohol.

On September 1st, a van full of what appeared to be teenagers arrived at the Last Chance halfway house. We provided the Riverside County District Attorney's office with the video of this incident. Click the video link and look for 'Teenagers at the clown house' to see for yourself.

The DA's office told us that they spoke with parole supervisor Lisa Abma and she denied any of the girls seen in the video were under age. Unfortunately for her we had a 2005 yearbook from Thomas Rivera middle school that proved at least one of the girls seen in the video was a minor. The DA's office told us Lisa Abma later apologised for the mistake.

Well that about covers our contact with parole supervisor Lisa Abma in the past.

Now let's examine her false claim that I have written that she is David Allyn Dokich's parole agent. The following is what I have written about parole supervisor Lisa Abma in the past. Let's see how many times I said Lisa Abma was David Allyn Dokich's parole agent:

Aug 3 - Day 90
Lisa Abma from the Moreno Valley parole office arrived at about the same time. She had said earlier she would look into the alcohol issues at the half way house. We don't have much faith in her because she has stated that she has an 8 year relationship with Harriet Cooks and that Harriet takes all the cases from her that other group homes refuse. She was in the house for about 10 minutes, walked past us to her vehicle and said 'bye'. Thanks Lisa, that was helpful.

In this case I did not identify Lisa Abma's position in the parole department and I never said she was David Allyn Dokich's parole agent as she claims.

Aug 8 - Day 95
Lisa Abma informed us that she has an 8 year relationship with Harriet Cooks and that Harriet takes all the parolees other halfway homes refuse. Its clear that Abma does not want to jeapordize this relationship because Harriet make her job easier.

Again I did not identify Lisa Abma's position in the parole department and I never said she was David Allyn Dokich's parole agent as she claims.

Sept 30 - day 150
This halfway house is a 'cash cow' as we have been told. Parole agent Lisa Abma and Harriet Cooks, who runs the clown house, are buddies. Lisa is not going to let her pal get burned. If she did then she would have no where to send these low lifes.

Here while I did not write that Lisa Abma was David Allyn Dokich's parole agent, I did demote Lisa Abma to a parole agent when she is a supervisor. I typed 'agent' when I should have typed 'supervisor'. Very sinister on my part, don't ya think? It's certainly worthy of a cease and desist order. O.K., that was sarcasm, I have to choose my words carefully, I certainly don't want to upset parole supervisor Lisa Abma. Hey look, I got it right that time.

The Cease and Desist order clearly states that NONE of the statements made here are true. Interesting, perhaps it was an evil clone of Lisa Abma that had all the phone conversations with various protesters and made the trip out to the halfway house to look for alcohol.

Would they at least admit I have her work phone number right? Come on, throw me a bone.

Beyond what I have written about parole supervisor Lisa Abma, which until this point was not much, there is the issue of comments left by visitors to this blog.

Various courts have ruled that comments left by visitors on internet message boards, blogs, etc.. are opinions. There is nothing wrong with opinions, everyone has one. A term has even been coined for these comments, 'hyperbole'.

It would seem that Lisa Abma is trying to silence the public regarding her participation in the operation of this halfway house for child molesters and rapists. Fortunately there are anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) laws in this state and the courts recognise that 'defamation' suits are often SLAPP suits in disquise.

Keep in mind I am not an attorney but I did stay in a Holiday Express Inn last night.

So what's next? That's up to parole supervisor Lisa Abma.

I started this blog to keep the public informed as to what happens when a high risk sex offender who has preyed on children in the past is placed into a community with children.

Beyond the general public, I write for the victims, one of which contacted me just a few nights ago and said she sleeps better at night being able to read this blog to stay informed.

That's all the motivation I need to keep on blogging.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 189 - Recap

No protest, showers forecast.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pomona may limit sex offender homes

POMONA - An ordinance giving the city control of where homes housing sex offenders and violent offenders can be established is expected to be proposed tonight by Councilwoman Norma Torres.

Torres said she would like the proposal, set to be introduced at tonight's City Council meeting, to be considered by the council in early December.

The ordinance Torres seeks would limit the number of sex offenders and violent parolees who can live in homes based on where the homes are located. Torres is pushing to find a way to give the city a say in where such facilities open.

She's been working with a group of residents of Douglass Drive, an area north of the 10 Freeway and west of Ganesha Park, in addressing a sober living house that opened there recently. The house is occupied by parolees including some registered sex offenders.

The facility's presence has sparked picketing and an effort to raise awareness in other city residents to the issue.

Cities such as Fontana have found a way to address the presence of parolees in general.

In November 2002 Fontana adopted an ordinance regulating parolee housing.

The ordinance was in response to community concerns presented to City Council members, said City Manager Ken Hunt.

The city had a number of such facilities that presented some concerns and that the city was trying to address, Hunt said.

Under the ordinance, the city can exert some controls for facilities that aren't licensed by the state, said Capt. Terry Holderness of the Police Department.

"If they don't have a state license, we look at it as running a business," Holderness said.

Such facilities must then have a city business license, and they must apply for a conditional-use permit, he said.

By requiring a conditional-use permit, the city could set conditions that operators of such facilities must comply with in order to open and continue operating, Hunt said.

If the conditions are not met, then city representatives have an avenue to close the facilities, he said.

The ordinance includes limiting where such facilities can open. It also limits the number of parolees who can occupy a house and the number that can live in multifamily developments.

Fontana's approach is one that doesn't focus on any one particular group, Cohen said. The ordinance is broad and addresses parolees as a whole.

Click here to read the complete article

There is more in the article, click the link above.

It does makes you wonder what Riverside County is waiting for.

Day 188 - Recap

There was another protest this afternoon.

Convicted child molester and high risk sex offender David Allyn Dokich was in and out of his Ford Taurus. It seemed as though he was wanting to leave but was not sure what to do with the protesters down on the road.

The protest ended after about an hour and a half. Dokich was still at the clown house.

Keep your kids safe from the child molesters, see you next time.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day 187 - Recap

Today we started protesting at 4 pm. We like keep the child molesters and rapist guessing.

Some protesters went up to our property beside the halfway house to protest. We could see the rolling death maching in back of the clown house. It looks like they are going to load all the debris from the demolished trailer into the trailer of this truck.

If anyone from Idaho is missing a truck, we know where it is.

An RSO (Riverside County Sheriff's Office) vehicle drove up the dirt road beside our property but quickly turned around a left. Odd's are they got a call from the clown house, who knows what the people in the halfway house of child molesters tells them we are doing.

Harriet Cooks left in her Expedition, but not before taking the time to flip off a teenage girl on the other side of the road. Maybe she was not flipping her off, maybe she was telling her she was number one on a list of potential victims.

After it was dark (it gets dark now at 5:30) and we were all back down on Old Elsinore, we saw a patrol car drive up the dirt road and onto our property. It had its search light on, probably looking for us. Better luck next time. We are sure the community appreciates all the time and effort the Riverside County Sheriff's Department puts in to keeping those dangerous soccer moms off the streets.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the child predators.


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