David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Day 214 - Recap, no protest

No protest today.

I am working on an updated picture of Dokich since his appearance now is different than in his Megan's Law photo.

Keep your kids safe from the predators, see you next time.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 213 - Recap, I had my picture taken with Dokich!

Ryan DokichNo no no, not the high risk sex offender David Allyn Dokich, I had my picture taken with Ryan Dokich, a direct descendant of Dokich. I am not using the word 'son' because Ryan does not consider Dave Dokich to be a father to him.

Well I got a bit ahead of myself, lets backup. Months ago it was planned that Ryan would come to our protest. And you thought I couldn't keep a secret...surprise!

Unfortunately all did not go as planned. The train Ryan was on struck and killed a bicyclist leaving San Diego. We had planned for him to be at the protest at 3 pm but because of delays he did not arrive until after 6 pm.

The media that was there, the Press Enterprise and some independants, had to leave before Ryan arrived. My apologies to you guys that it did not work out as planned.

Everyone was very happy to finally get to meet Ryan. His uncle who came with him has been to the protest before. I'm not going to use his name here just to play it safe.

Ryan was taking it all in and kept saying "awesome". I don't think my words or pictures can accurately portray what the protest is really like. Ryan finally got to experience it.

Just before 7:30 pm Dirty Dave Dokich arrived in his Ford Taurus. Protesters were walking back and forth along the road and across the entrance to the halfway house. Dirty Dave did not like that.

Two units from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department arrived a scant 15 minutes later. 15 minutes! It's incredible the level of service RSO will provide you if you are a child rapist. To bad the honest folks have to wait hours when they call.

Ryan got on a bullhorn and was yelling at Dokich, saying he should be back in prison. We went up to our property beside the clown house. Dokich did not have the courage to come out to see his own boy. The man is a coward pure and simple. He could abuse Ryan's mom and smack Ryan around when he was a baby, but now that Ryan is a man Dokich doesn't even have the guts to face him.

It was a great night, everyone was excited and pumped up. We are thankful Ryan was able to make it all the way out here.

Without giving anything away, let me just say that it may not be the last time Ryan comes to protest against Dokich.

See you next time and keep your kids safe from all the child predators parole is placing near children.

Ryan Dokich visits protest

Ryan Dokich at the protest

Ryan Dokich protesting

Ryan DokichRyan Dokich

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Day 212 - Recap

Harriet Cooks ExpeditionAnother day, another protest.

It's really hard getting out there before dark. Most folks don't get off work untill 5 pm and it's dark by 5:30 pm. So we try to protest in the afternoon but it's not easy with everyone's busy schedules.

Not much happened today. The grey-haired dude came down to get the mail. We do not think he is a child molester as we do not see him on Megan's Law.

Harriet Cooks and Terence Glenn Hanley left in the Expedition. Harriet was flying down the driveway, probably doing at least 30 mph. You can see the dust kicking up behind the SUV in the photo.

The good news is no one from parole 'stalked' us and tried to start something like at court the other day.

That's all for this report, keep your kids safe from the predators, parole is dumping them in communities all around California.

Thank you for all of your support

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your support.

I am very touched by all of your kind words. I do not know if I am deserving of them all but I do try to live my life by a high moral standard.

I ask myself each and every night if I am doing the right thing. It's your support that helps keep me going.

I thank you all.

Sections 230 protections

It's time for a little education regarding comments left on this blog by visitors.

Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230)

Section 230 says that "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider." This federal law preempts any state laws to the contrary: "[n]o cause of action may be brought and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section." The courts have repeatedly rejected attempts to limit the reach of Section 230 to "traditional" Internet service providers, instead treating many diverse entities as "interactive computer service providers."

What does that mean and how does it apply to me, your fearless blogger? Well since I created this blog and I allow comments to be left by visitors, I am considered the 'intereactive computer service'. Those leaving comments are considered third parties and 'information content providers'.

This means that I cannot be held liable for any statements left by visitors.

Look at it this way. Amazon sells books online. Amazon allows visitors to leave comments about the books. If I left a negative comment about a book or author, the author cannot go after Amazon for a comment I left.

The purpose of this statutory immunity is not difficult to discern. Congress recognized the threat that tort-based lawsuits pose to freedom of speech in the new and burgeoning Internet medium. The imposition of tort liability on service providers for the communications of others represented, for Congress, simply another form of intrusive government regulation of speech. Section 230 was enacted, in part, to maintain the robust nature of Internet communication and, accordingly, to keep government interference in the medium to a minimum.

Let's look at some case law.


31 P.3d 37 (Wash. App. 2001)

Judge John J. Ellington - Court of Appeals of Georgia

"The Communications Decency Act immunizes Amazon.com, Inc. from liability for allegedly defamatory comments posted by third parties on Amazon's web site. We therefore affirm dismissal of all claims against Amazon."

Blumenthal v. Drudge and American Online, Inc.


Civil Action No. 97-1968

April 22, 1998

As Chief Judge Wilkinson wrote for the Fourth Circuit:

"By its plain language, ß230 creates a federal immunity to any cause of action that would make service providers liable for information originating with a third-party user of the service. Specifically, ß230 precludes courts from entertaining claims that would place a computer service provider in a publisher's role. Thus, lawsuits seeking to hold a service provider liable for its exercise of a publisher's traditional editorial functions -- such as deciding whether to publish, withdraw, postpone or alter content --are barred."

Grace v. eBay, Inc., 2004

B168765 (Los Angeles County
Super. Ct. No. BS288836)

Plaintiff Roger M. Grace (“plaintiff”) appeals from a judgment of dismissal entered after the trial court sustained without leave to amend the demurrer to plaintiff’s complaint filed by defendant eBAY Inc. (“defendant”). Plaintiff’s suit seeks to hold defendant liable for allegedly defamatory material published on defendant’s internet website by another defendant, Tim Neeley. The trial court concluded that under federal communications law concerning computer services, plaintiff’s allegations cannot rise to a cause of action against defendant. We agree, and we affirm the judgment.

Source: http://www.eff.org/bloggers/lg/faq-230.php

You gotta love those folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Day 211 - Recap, I was in court today

No protest, got to go to court instead.

I will write up what happened later, hopefully tomorrow. This is part of the story so I feel I should share it will all of you. I will say that it is not over, the judge has a lot to look at, so it's been continued.

However, something very disturbing happened right after court. The judge asked that each party leave separately, which is fine, it makes sense, this is about a restraining order and for all she knows each side may go at it in the hallway.

Our party got to leave first. We got outside, from there it's a short walk down a road to the parking lot.

Just before we got to the parking lot one of the parole agents ran up behind us. He started taking our pictures and then said "Now we got you!".

Then he said "Department of Justice". That did not make sense since we recognised him. He is not hard to miss since he a big buddha belly on him. He is with parole, he was at the John and Ken Show when they were in Mead Valley and he was at the meeting in Riverside that Jeff Fagot attended.

He kept approaching members of our group, apparently trying to entice us. The judge purposefully had our groups leave separately, yet this parole person felt the need to try and harass us, at court of all places.

It's just another example at the lengths parole will go to to try and end our protesting.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

Could A Friendly Bell Ringer Be A Sex Offender?

David Goldstein had another excellent report. This time they used the identity of a registered sex offender to get a job as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

On Monday they did the same thing and were hired as Santa's in malls.

"I think it's absolutely outrageous in this day and age when there is so much emphasis on the safety of children that there would not be a background check done on somebody who would have little children in their laps as part of their daily routine." - Mark Klass

Click here to read the story and watch the video.

Thank you David for all you are doing.

Wife of sex offender tells of body in bathtub

Last Updated: November 30, 2005, 05:35:37 AM PST

STOCKTON — The wife of a Manteca man charged with kidnapping and killing a Ripon woman told San Joaquin County sheriff's detectives she saw the shoulder of a woman's body in her family's bathtub the same day 46-year-old Mary Morino-Starkey disappeared.

Detective Lawrence Gardiman testified Tuesday that Lolita Akemi Rodriguez of Manteca, the accused killer's wife, told him in June that she saw the woman's shoulder in the tub about 6:30 or 7 p.m. on June 15.

Gardiman was one of 11 witnesses called by San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Robert Himelblau during the start of Roy Gerald Smith's preliminary hearing before Superior Court Judge Bernard J. Garber.

Smith appeared in court on his 44th birthday.

Click here to read the complete story.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day 210 - Recap, no protest

No protesting today, getting ready for court tomorrow.

The clown house has Christmas lights up now.

See you next time, probably after court, thanks for all of your support.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Day 209 - Recap, a disgusting display by Harriet Cooks

There was another protest this afternoon. I was not able to attend because I was getting ready for court this Wednesday.

'Molly' again read the story of the victims. Here are some excerpts:

Jane, a virgin at the time, said her attacker (Dokich) put pillows over her face. He told her he loved her and that he would kill her if she told anyone. He pulled out so much of her hair that she ended up with 17 bald spots.

Alice said Dokich drove around with her for 12 hours, repeatedly raping and assaulting her. He stripped her and covered her body with a model-home flag.

Harriet Cooks, who runs the halfway house, came outside and started making fun of the rapes. She was saying "help me, help me, I'm being raped" and then would laugh. The other child molesters outside laughed with her.

This was a disgusting display by Harriet Cooks, laughing at the terror the victims experienced at the hands of David Allyn Dokich.

It makes you wonder if a child was being raped in that halfway house would Harriet Cooks, who is supposed to be monitoring these parolees, simply stand by and laugh?

Isn't it odd that you need to get a license to bring a cat into your home, but you can bring multiple child molesters and rapist into your home (and get paid for it to boot) and the government requires nothing of you?

Things really need to change.

Keep your kids safe from the predators, see you next time.

David Goldstein Reports - Could There Be A Sex Offender Beneath The Costume

He Is Not The Real Santa, But Who Is He?

If you’re in the mall with your child, you would probably have him or her sit on Santa’s lap this holiday season but do you know who the man underneath that costume is?

It’s a holiday tradition. Children sitting on Santa’s lap and posing for pictures but do you know who could be lurking under the Santa outfit. The man who hired this Santa didn't know until we told him.

With the Christmas season in full swing, we wanted to know if area malls would run background checks on people they hired to play Santa. So we hired this actor to apply for Santa jobs at area malls.

Click here to read the whole story and watch the video

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Day 208 - Recap, Michael Rock is back

Michael Shawn RockThere was another protest today. It was smaller than most as some are still involved in the holiday with family and friends.

'Molly' read the clown house a story, the story of the vicitims of David Allyn Dokich.

The residents of the halfway house did not seem to like it.

At one point someone walked over to the fence. He claimed to be with a group from Pennsylvania and said he was not a predator.

'Molly' had him all figured out. She said "You're Michael Shawn Rock". He asked how she knew that and she replied because she looks at the Megan's Law website just about every day.

He seemed shocked that she knew who he was. If you recall, he used to reside at this halfway house but then moved to their sister house on Cox street. The Megan's law website still has the Cox street halfway house as his current address.

Rock also appeared to be altered. Whether it was from drugs or some sort of diminished mental capacity, we do not know.

We have photos but they were taked with a regular film camera. I will post them when they become available.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

La Mesa looking to create tougher sex offender law

The La Mesa City Council (near San Diego) voted unanimously to have the city attorney draft an oridinance similar to the one recently passed by National City. It would ban registered sex offenders from being within 300 feet of certain places children are likely to congregate, such as pre-schools, daycares, video arcades, parks and playgrounds.

The law will be introduced at the council's Dec. 13 meeting as an "urgency ordinance," meaning it would take effect immediately if approved.

"If we had known we could have done this before, we would have done it a long time ago," Councilman Barry Jantz said. "It took National City to open our eyes to the fact that we can."

Jantz and Councilman Dave Allan brought the issue to the council. Both have been active in an East County task force aimed at cracking down on registered sex offenders.

Council members said the local restrictions would be another tool for police. If more cities adopt such ordinances, they said, it could force the state to strengthen its regulations.

signonsandiego.com article

National City approves tougher sex offender law

On Tuesday, November 15th, National City Council Members (near San Diego) unanimously passed an ordinance that's tougher than current California state law.

The new law bans registered sex offenders from being within 300 feet of certain places children are likely to congregate, such as pre-schools, daycares, video arcades, parks and playgrounds.

"There's a reason why they're registered as sexual offenders. Many of these are repeat offenders. And we are simply saying, not around our children," said National City Mayor Nick Inzunza.

The new ordinance applies to all registered sex offenders, including those who have committed violent crimes like rape. Violators would face a misdemeanor charge and a fine up to $1,000.


nbcsandiego.com article
kfmb.com article


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