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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Day 228 - Recap, no protest

Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

Norco looks to toughen regulation of group homes

City Council fights to enact tougher group-home regulations
By Amy Frye, Staff Writer

NORCO - In a move that satisfies some residents, and worries others, the City Council has decided to work for stricter state and local regulation of group homes.

Those who have supported this push for the past two years argue they want to prevent sex offenders from moving into group homes in their neighborhoods.

"Show me in the law where they're not going to place a sex offender into that group home. They can't do it because it's not written in the law," said Julie Waltz, who lives near a group home on Broken Arrow Street.

Opponents say her argument is an excuse to run developmentally challenged residents of these homes out of town.

"They don't want disabled people living near them," said Mary Feringa, who has a 35-year-old disabled daughter.

During a special meeting Wednesday, the council voted 3-1 to ask state legislators to sponsor new laws for licensed residential care facilities and to develop their own city regulations regarding unlicensed parolee homes in Norco.

Councilman Harvey Sullivan dissented and Herb Higgins was absent.

There are 15 licensed residential care facilities in Norco, and another is scheduled to move in, said City Manager Jeff Allred.

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Your fearless blogger here.

While Mead Valley and Pomona are fighting against unlicensed group homes for sex offenders, Pheland and Norco have a different situation.

In their case they have group homes, oh wait, I think the correct term is 'residential care facilities', that are sanctioned by the state and deal with individuals coming out of the mental health system.

I for one have no problem with someone who is mentally challenged living nearby. And I do not think the good folks of Phelan or Norco do either.

But when a person is deemed mentally challenged because they like to set things on fire, like say, oh I don't know, your house, then I would imagine you may have some concerns about the state placing them next door to you too.

This is just one example of what Phelan and Norco are fighting against. Another is individuals who committed sexually related crimes but were deemed unfit for to stand trial. Do you want someone walking outside without their drawers on in front of your kids? I didn't think so.

So when the critics say this is just about not wanting 'disabled' people living nearby, don't believe them. This has nothing to do with someone being disabled, it has everthing to do with someone being a danger to your community.

Day 227 - Recap, no protest

I'm tired and one of the local families is having a Christmas party. Or is it a Holiday party? No, I'm quite certain they said Christmas party.

See you next time.

Sex offenders in the news

Police operation targets homes of sex offenders

HEMET: Detectives say they looked for those who failed to register with law-enforcement officials.

12:28 AM PST on Saturday, December 17, 2005

By KENNY KLEIN / The Press-Enterprise


Detectives late Thursday arrested a convicted sex offender featured on a most-wanted Web page and checked on several others during a sweep that is part of Hemet's new Directed Policing Plan.

The plan, which received a green light from the Hemet City Council last month, targets locations and issues that residents have complained about.

The initiative calls for increasing the number of sweeps and sting operations targeting sex offenders, drugs, gangs and prostitution.

It also includes the overhauling of police schedules, so more officers will be on patrol when needed for special operations, police Lt. Dave Brown said.

The sweep, conducted from 5 to 10 p.m., involved detectives showing up at the homes of several registered sex offenders who failed to register with law enforcement, Sgt. Kevin Caskey said.

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Sexual predator says he is ready for freedom

By Dana Littlefield

December 17, 2005

A sexually violent predator seeking release from a state hospital into San Diego County told a judge yesterday he has no desire to harm anyone and will not pose a danger to the community.

Douglas Badger testified he can now suppress his deviant sexual fantasies, doesn't plan to drink alcohol and has brought his mental illness under control through medication.

Badger testified yesterday that he picked up 450 to 500 hitchhikers between 1964 and 1974. At first, he simply picked them up and made deals to exchange money for sex. When the hitchhikers stepped out of his vehicle he drove off with their belongings, he testified.

Badger told the judge that in later years he handcuffed and blindfolded his victims and forced them to commit sex acts, threatening to kill them if they refused.

"They were just like insects," he said of his victims. "I had no feelings for them."

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Man charged in death despite missing body
Police say his wife saw the victim, but won't testify
By Cheryl Winkelman, STAFF WRITER

It's a case right out of a true crime novel.

Testimony at a recent preliminary hearing for a Manteca man, Roy Gerald Smith, has revealed a bizarre sequence of events surrounding the disappearance of Ripon resident Mary Marino-Starkey.

Starkey's body has never been found, but Smith, 44, of Manteca has been charged with her murder and is awaiting a trial date. He could face the death penalty.

Smith has been charged with murder with a special circumstance for lying in wait. He is accused of luring her away from her home June 15 under the guise of buying her boat, then killing her.

Later that day, about 6:30 or 7 p.m., Smith's wife, Lolita Akemi Rodriguez, saw a dead woman in the family's bathtub, according to San Joaquin County Sheriff's Detective Lawrence Gardiman, who testified at Smith's preliminary hearing last month.

Smith is a four-time sexual offender, according to court documents.

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Big props to the Hemet City Council and police department. Hemet seems to be just the latest to be getting more serious about sex offenders.

Is anyone really suprised that Douglas Badger is claiming he is now "O.K."? Is anyone really suprised that Badger was supposed to move in to Faith House earlier this year, a halfway house near San Diego State University? Reports are that Badger's victims were in their early 20's, the same age as the kids at San Diego U.

And then there is Roy Gerald Smith. Are they trying to tell us that this 4 time sex offender killed someone? How can that be? If he is out of prison he must be 'cured', right?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Day 226 - Recap, Dokich driving

david allyn dokich driving
david allyn dokich drivingIt was not quite as cold today, at least it did not feel that way.

The rapist, David Allyn Dokich, left about 3 pm in his silver Ford Taurus.

Corissa Cooks was yelling something about taking everyone's tax dollars and how great it is.

Her mother, Harrriet Samuel Cooks, sold out the community and it appears Corissa is all for it. These are the same people who stand outside and make fun of the rape victims. It sure seems the apple did not fall far from the tree in this instance. That's some daughter you have there Harriet, you must be very proud.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators, see you next time.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day 225 - Recap

We protested again this afternoon. Traffic was really in a 'honking' mood, which is always great.

High risk sex offender and serial child rapist David Allyn Dokich arrived just before 3 pm.

The only bad thing about today is it was cold. With the wind it felt like I was waiting in a lift line at the local mountains. Burrrr!

We only stayed a couple of hours but it was good to get back out there.

See you next time, keep your kids safe from all the sex offenders dumped here by the parole department.

Letter: Communities fight sex offender group homes

The following is a letter to the editors of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The current frenzy for creating ordinances for parolee homes for sex offenders and other violent persons originated in March 2004 when the state attempted to place four child molesters (three convicted) in the quaint little town of Phelan.

The Phelan fiasco propelled this atrocity into the media of national proportions. The Phelan placement was supposed to be developmentally disabled men

However, I disagree based on my investigations.

Phelan was a pilot project, and I firmly believe that they were sex offenders coming out on parole through the Department of Mental Health.

Now with all the media attention and the ability of citizens to access the Megan’s Law Web site from their home computer, greater numbers of these parolee group homes are being uncovered by people like you and me.

As a Daily Bulletin article stated, several towns, including Pomona, have already passed ordinances and several more are moving swiftly to pass their own version. What it boils down to now is, the last town to pass the ordinance or ones that don’t will wind up with an abundance of parolee homes.

Fontana, which was I believe the first to pass an ordinance, never had the ordinance challenged nor has any group home operator filed for a new home.

The state of California has pushed the limit with its citizens with regard to public safety and numerous other categories. Local control of key issues over the years has been stripped away and handed to the powers in Sacramento.

The fact that these towns are fed up and are finding creative ways to take the control back should be sending a clear statement to Sacramento.

When it comes to parolee group homes, they are not licensed nor are they governed by any entity and they prefer it that way.

When you look at the Phelan nightmare, the facility was licensed by the state Department of Developmental Services / Department of Social Services. They are exempt from any zoning or permitting process from the towns, cities, and counties yet they continue to place sex offenders in group homes for the disabled, elderly, child care and other state licensed facilities.

I have personally requested Assemblyman John Benoit to do a full-blown audit of Community Care Licensing based on some documentation that was submitted. I believe that this audit will uncover massive cover-ups, reporting flaws, lack of oversight, and possibly outright illegal actions.

I have lived this nightmare for almost two years and the state has yet to own up to or even tell the truth about what really happened in Phelan.

Certain agencies have and are proceeding with placements of similar homes in the L.A. area and when we locate them, it will again hit the fan.


Your fearless blogger here. For those of you who do not know him, Joe is a juggernaut and has been in this battle to take back our communities for almost 2 years. He works tirelessly on this issue and we all owe him a great deal of thanks for his efforts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 224 - Recap, its been over 7 months

Time flys when your protesting.

While we did not protest today we did see lots of activity at the halfway house. A new car has been there the past few days too. It's an older Volvo station wagon, beige in color.

We saw convicted child molester Robert Glen Wurtz fiddling around in the back of it, so it's probably his.

The DA's office has been made aware that Wurtz is out of prison. They have someone there that contacts victims to make sure they know when this happens. His latest victim, from just last year, lives in the area. Now we need to make sure the victim and her family knows he is driving.

I was just about done with the redesign of the blog tonight then I tossed it. It was looking to much like the current design. So I started over.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

We sure get some interesting visitors

I spotted this one today.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Day 223 - Recap, another day at court

I have been to court so many times in the past few months I am ready to take the bar exam.

Today was a simple trade, my video for Lisa Abma's 3" thick pile of paper that's a copy of every thing on this blog.

No protest, still working on the blog update, have the graphics done, now I'm working on the layout.

See you next time, keep your kids safe from all the predators parole is dumping into communities.

Press Enterprise Opinion

Public safety should not be a partisan issue. Yet Democrats in the Legislature are being disingenuous about a bill that would toughen penalties on sex offenders and impose new strictures on where they may live.

A Golden State version of Florida's Jessica's Law, named after murder victim Jessica Lunsford, is co-sponsored by the Antelope Valley's Sen. George Runner and Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, both Republicans. Among its many provisions, the bill would bar paroled sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park.

The Runners -- the only husband-and-wife team in the Legislature -- offered an identical measure in August, but it died when the legislative session concluded in September.

The bill has unanimous support from the tiny Republican caucus. But Democratic opponents -- the vast majority of legislators -- are trying to demagogue voters, saying the bill would drive offenders out of the cities to increasingly Republican districts in the Central Valley and Inland areas of the state.

Do not be fooled. Opponents' real objection is to the harshness of the bill. In August, Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, chairman of the powerful public safety committee, called Jessica's Law "bad public policy" because it could force some sex offenders to move. Haven't they suffered enough?

Fact is, the Democrat-controlled Assembly and Senate public safety committees killed nearly 30 measures last session that would have placed greater restrictions on high-risk offenders.

The Democrats may think their comfy majorities insulate them from the voters' wrath. But Californians want tougher restrictions on predators, and Jessica's Law should be a top legislative priority for 2006.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Day 222 - Recap, no protest

Still working on the blog update, see you next time.


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