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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Day 235 - Recap, no protest


Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Day 234 - Recap, no protest


See you next time.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day 233 - Recap, trouble at the clown house

RSO and a Press Enterprise photographertrouble at the clown houseshaking hands with one of the good RSO sargentsratliff - child molesterNathan Max from the Press Enterprisea message for rod hickmancorissa cooks approachingThere were all sorts of things happening at the Last Chance halfway house for child molesters today.

A photographer from the Press Enterprise was at the protest. They are doing a story but he asked me not to talk about it. I will let you know when it comes out.

There was some sort of argument going on at the house when we arrived. I know, it's hard to believe, a bunch of parolees and felons, all crammed together, not getting along. Who would imagine that would be a recipe for trouble? Certainly not our pals in parole.

RSO arrived within 10 minutes. True to form they immediatly thought we were the problem. I know it's only been 7 months, but eventually they will figure out the halfway house with all the convicts is where the problems are.

This was one of the nicer ROS sargeant's. He had another deputy who was new with him. We chatted for a minute or two. I asked her what she thought of us 'evil protesters' and she replied we had first amendment rights and to keep it legal. I told her that's what we try to do.

Nathan Max, a reporter for the Press Enterprise, stopped by. The last time we saw him was when he was almost arrested for trying to interview the residents of the clown house. That's what reporters are supposed to do, get the story. But then of course there are some that do not want this story to get out.

Child molester Richard Arlin Ratliff left in his blue Ford Escort.

Corissa Cooks arrived shortly after that. She did not seem very happy to see us.

The Rev. Abraham Capers was on the tractor grading out back. It looks like they may be expanding. Great, more child molesters. But so long as the state has no requirements or limitations, these halfway houses that sell out the community will do whatever it takes to bring in more dangerous felons to make easy money.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.


You can point at the photo's to get a description and you can click on them to see a larger version.

Bill will give locals more control over sex offender homes

Sharp eyed readers e-mailed me this article from DailyBulletin.com.

Bill will give locals more control over sex offender homes
By Edward Barrera, Staff Writer

Legislation that will give local government more power to prohibit and regulate group homes for addicts, parolees and sex offenders will be submitted next session by an Inland Empire legislator. Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, R-Rancho Cucamonga, intends to introduce a comprehensive package that will prevent a concentration of group homes in one area and give more notice to surrounding neighbors.

Lax regulation allows group homes, including those for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, to set up practically anywhere without cities having any say, Emmerson said.

"I have had several meetings with all of the cities in my district over the past year, and a big concern is the group home issue," Emmerson said. "I have gotten together with people from the departments that regulate homes, and I'm putting together a legislative package for next year to see if we can ease the conflicts between the cities and the state."

"There is a growing concern among residents when group homes show up and residents have no recourse," said Redlands Mayor Jon Harrison. "It's an issue that many communities are grappling with."

Click here to read the complete article.

Your fearless blogger here. Anyone else feel we have the momentum? Parole is really going to hate us!

Sex offenders in the news

Douglas BadgerDouglas Badger to be released into San Diego area

Well a judge has decided that Douglas Badger can be released from Atascadero. Badger has been confined there for the past 8 years. Now he claims he can suppress his fantasies and Superior Court Judge David Gill bought it.

Not many are thrilled about Badgers pending release into the San Diego area.

The San Diego District Attorney's office opposed his release and Assemblyman Juan Vargas, D-Chula Vista, called the judge's decision "outrageous" and went on to say Badger is "going to be a model guy for about six months, and after that you're going to find some kid dead, raped, somewhere in the countryside of San Diego County".

Badger testified last week that he picked up 450 to 500 hitchhikers between 1964 and 1974. Initially, he picked them up and made deals to exchange money for sex. When the hitchhikers stepped out of his vehicle, he drove off with their belongings.

Badger told the judge that in later years he handcuffed and blindfolded his victims and forced them to commit sex acts, threatening to kill them if they refused.

"They were just like insects," he said. "I had no feelings for them."

Source: http://www.kfmb.com/stories/story.31485.html

Sex Offender Charged in Boy's Molestation
From Times Staff and Wire Reports

A convicted sex offender temporarily working at Nickelodeon Animation Studios was charged Monday with molesting a 14-year-old boy who visited the studio, authorities said.

Ezell Channel, 36, of Tarzana was charged in Superior Court with child molestation and attempting to show a pornographic movie to a minor. He could face up to seven years in prison if convicted of both felonies, said the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

Channel's bail was set at $500,000. His scheduled arraignment Monday was postponed to Jan. 6.

Source: LA Times

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Day 232 - Recap, no protest

No protest today.

We are working on some other things but I can't talk about them here. It's all good though.

See you next time, keep your kids safe from the predators.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day 231 - Recap, the perverts get a tree, Dokich gets a haircut

dokich clown house corissa cooks terence glen hanleyThere was another protest today.

The Press Enterprise contacted me and have expressed interest in coming back out for another story.

Corissa Cooks and child molester Terence Glen Hanley arrived a little before 4 pm in the Expedition with a Christmas tree.

Just after 4 pm child rapist and high risk sex offender David Allyn Dokich drove by, giving us the finger.

Shortly after that someone spotted him at a local spot getting his hair cut.

Businesses need to consider this. If Dokich is accused of molesting a child while on their premises, you can bet your bottom dollar that business will be included in the lawsuit. That happened just last year where child molester Robert Glen Wurtz was working.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 230 - Recap, Norco, Desert Hot Spings fighting back

No protest today.

The good folks in Norco sent me this pic.

norco santa child molester predator group home
I.R.C. stands for Inland Regional Center.

I was also sent this article from a couple months ago:

Parolees told to go elsewhere
Residents voice concern over sex offenders

Nelsy Rodriguez
The Desert Sun
October 15, 2005

Nearly in tears, Juanita Penn stood at the podium and told those representing her that rough neighbors intimidate her, she said, they threaten her and make her feel unsafe in her own home.

It's a common question voiced by residents of Desert Hot Springs - why are so many people who are paroled from prison sent to the city?

Since January, Desert Hot Springs has been closed to accepting parolees who didn't live in the city before they were arrested.

It's the only city in Riverside County to have such a designation.

Click here to read the complete article.

Department of Corrections District Administrator Doris Mahlum is quoted in this article as saying

"If I had a choice of having a sex offender or a drug addict coming over and living next to me, I'd take the sex offender."

"(The sex offender) is not going to come over and rip off everything I have, he has one particular interest and it's not me, it's not my husband, it's not my house."

Mahlum said that she might feel differently if she had children.

Can you believe this woman? She is worried about her television getting stolen, while the rest of us are worried about children getting raped. Nice to see another person in CDCR/Parole with their priorities straight.

Things like this just make you shake your head.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day 229 - Recap, Michael Shawn Rock update

Michael Shawn RockNo protest today.

We have seen Michael Shawn Rock at the 'Last Chance' half way house recently.

As you can see his appearance is different now. He also claimed he was visiting from another state, but 'Molly' had him pegged as soon as she saw him.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.


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