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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Article: Zoning out sex offenders

Proposal would ban them from living in many urban areas

09:44 PM PST on Saturday, December 31, 2005

By JIM MILLER / Sacramento Bureau

At least half of California's urban areas would become off-limits to registered sex offenders under a proposed ballot measure championed by Gov. Schwarzenegger and some Inland lawmakers, according to a Press-Enterprise analysis.

Named Jessica's Law for Jessica Lunsford, a Florida girl authorities say was killed by a pedophile last year, the measure's most far-reaching provision would prohibit sex offenders from living within about a third of a mile of parks and schools.

Under Jessica's Law, tens of thousands of registered sex offenders could be confined to scattered urban islands or to lightly populated rural areas, the newspaper found.

Proponents have collected roughly 200,000 of the 373,816 valid voter signatures they need by Feb. 21 to qualify the measure for the November ballot. They said they will turn in the signatures if the Democrat-controlled Legislature refuses to pass identical legislation this month.

If Jessica's Law makes it on the ballot, history suggests it would pass easily. California voters have approved all but one of the almost 20 tough-on-crime measures put before them since they reauthorized the death penalty in 1978.

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Note: The only article is only a portion of what appeared in print. The article in the paper was on the front page and continued on the back page.

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