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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 245 - Recap, John and Ken talk about Jessica's Law

No protest today.

John and Ken spoke Senator George Runner today about Jessica's Law.

I took some notes:

They need 325,000 signatures by next month.

They have 200,000 signatures right now.

They have raised $650,000 for this ballot initiative but it's already been spent.

Key parts of the initiative:

GPS for life for all sex offenders who have been found guilty of a felony sex offense.

There will be active monitoring on while they are on parole. After they are off parole they will not be actively monitored but there will be a 'paper trail' of where they have been.

Increases the distance to 2,000 feet between parks and schools and where they may live. Unlike the current law, this applies even after they are off parole.

Senator Runner also mentioned a Federal Bureau of Prisons statistic that showed that on average, there are 35 victims for each sex offender before they are caught.

I have court tomorrow, wish me luck, see you next time.

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