David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, January 28, 2006


by Joe Pasquale - public safety activist


Almost two years ago, the state of California, through the state agency known as the Department of Developmental Services, attempted the placement of sexual predators into a small rural town of Phelan. This placement by the state of 3 convicted child molesters into a community rich with children was absolutely insane and placed the surrounding community at risk. Over 3,000 people attended a meeting in the Serrano High School gymnasium to show their support and opposition to these insane placements.

This mishandled placement drew national attention to the phenomenon of where and how the state places sexual predators. Again in May of 2005, the state struck again through the agency known as the California Department of Parole Corrections and Rehabilitation. They decided Mead Valley was the best place for twice convicted child molester David Allyn Dokich, who at the end of his second trial vowed to kill his next victim so they could not testify. Mead Valley, also rich with children protested his placement for the last 8 months.

Dokich was recently re-arrested for parole violations and will do another year in prison thanks to the Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. not the Parole Department who was too busy trying to prosecute the lead protester and Blog Master of the Dokich website for exercising his first amendment right to free speech.

The state of California and it’s agencies that place sexual predators have shown time and time again that they do not care where these placements are made as long as they are not in their neighborhood. They have showed no remorse nor apologized to the communities they tore apart as a result of their placement decisions. These agencies in order to get these predators placed will manipulate the media, lie, deceive, misinform, and even fabricate evidence to discredit the neighbors ensuring that there is not significant opposition to these placements.

We the people of Phelan, Norco, Mead Valley, and all the High Desert are here today attempting to change the laws on sexual predators. Thanks to Assemblyman Todd Spitzer we now have Megan’s Law access via the internet which has become such an invaluable tool to help protect our children, but that is not enough.

Our elected officials so far have refused to pass legislation that would protect the most vulnerable asset of society – our children. The majority of bills that were submitted to protect children were knocked down by the Public Safety Committee, and we firmly believe that 3 members, Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg, and Mr. Dymally need be removed from their positions.

Not a day goes by without multiple stories in the news about crimes against children. Most recently a teacher from Barstow, the priests of the Catholic church, or the 51 child predators who surfed the internet, got caught in a sting operation, and arrived at a home in Mira Loma under the pretense that they were going to have sex with children. That show airs on NBC Dateline February 3rd.

The state of California has serious flaws in it’s system in relation to incarceration, sentencing, and placements of sexual predators upon release. The passage of Jessica’s Law, which is eminent, will send a strong message to the powers in Sacramento that if you don’t represent your constituents wishes we WILL GO AROUND YOU.

We wish to express our gratitude to the following officials for their relentless efforts in supporting the cause:

Assemblywoman Sharon Runner

Senator George Runner

Assemblyman Todd Spitzer

Assemblyman John Benoit

Assemblyman Russ Bogh

Riverside County Board of Supervisors

A special thank you to Barb Stanton of Talk 960am a Clear Channel station for providing endless airtime on this important issue.

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