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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Update on the sting operation

Riverside District Attorney Grover TraskJohn and Ken from KFI spoke with Riverside District Attorney Grover Trask about the recent sting operation conducted by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department against child molesters. They worked with Dateline NBC and perverted-justice.com to catch these potential predators.

This is what happened. The good folks at perverted-justice.com went online and pretended to be children. The perverts started conversations with them and soon were at the sting operation house, thinking they were going to have sex with kids.

This should be on Dateline NBC on February 3rd, watch for it.

Grover said the following:

  • Charges have been filed against 51 individuals
  • 10 have been arraigned, the rest are out on $50,000 bail
  • About 20% had some sort of criminal sexual history
  • Some brought condoms, porn and alcohol
  • Will procecute and go for 4 year terms

Grover also said he thought this was a national epidemic. He won't get any argument here.

This is great work by perverted-justice.com, Dateline NBC, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the Riverside County DA's office.

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