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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wacky Vermont Judge gives child molester just 60 days in jail

Mark Hurlett, 34, was convicted of molesting a 6 year old girl for 4 years.

What punishment did Vermont Judge Edward Cashman feel fit the crime? 60 days.

Yep, just 60 short days for devastaing this young girl and her families lives.

What was Judge Cashman's excuse for this pathetic sentence? "The court viewed the defendant as a dangerous man, likely to engage in future crime unless he has proper and timely treatment," the judge said in court documents filed Tuesday.

Here's a thought. Why not lock the molester up for years, making sure he is not a threat to children, and then give your so called 'treatment' after he has served some real time?

Bill O'ReillyBill O'Reilly said on his show "A six-year-old girl is an American citizen. If that little girl is raped for four years by a 34-year-old criminal, and that criminal gets sentenced to 60 days in prison, which is what happened in Vermont, then that little girl's civil rights have been violated, as well as the rights of her family."

He continues "Her life has been devastated first by a rapist, then by a judge who sympathized with the rapist. Talk about sympathy for the devil."

Bill O'Reilly is right.

The vicitms family were rightfully outraged by the judge's decision.

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