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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Bid to Toughen Stance on Sex Offenses

By Jordan Rau, Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO — A proposal to severely restrict and monitor the movement of released sex offenders has led to a bitter deadlock in the Legislature and appears headed for the California ballot this fall.

The initiative would bar convicted offenders from living in many neighborhoods in California — including most urban areas — and require them to wear electronic tracking devices for life.

Supporters plan to submit more than 600,000 signatures to elections officials Tuesday for verification, well more than the 373,816 needed. All sides expect the initiative to qualify for the November ballot, giving California voters their first chance to weigh in on how to handle sex offenders.

If approved, the Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act, also known as Jessica's Law, would increase prison terms for many crimes, including possession of child pornography and Internet luring, and ensure that child rapists spend at least 25 years behind bars.

"It's the broadest change of sexual predatory laws in the nation," said Sen. George Runner (R-Lancaster), who sponsored the initiative with his wife Sharon, a Republican assemblywoman.

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A few things to consider when you read this article.

First, it is the LA Times, we all know which way they lean.

Second, consider the source of those opposed to Jessica's Law.

For example "It costs an awful lot of money and it's going to have virtually no effect," said Ron Kokish, spokesman for the California Coalition on Sexual Offending, a group of treatment providers, public defenders and probation officers.

They also say Iowa's District Attorneys Association does not like Jessica's Law. But what the article conveniently fails to mention is that not only does the California District Attorneys Association fully support Jessica's Law, they have sponsored several bills that have been killed in the Public Safety Committee.

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