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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bill O'Reilly speaks about Jessica's Law with Willie Brown

Bill O'Reilly spoke with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown about Jessica's Law on his show last night. I would have posted last night but I just got a chance to watch it on my trusty DVR.

O'Reilly said that Mark Leno prevented Jessica's Law from getting through in a "tough way" and now the people of California have signed a petition to get in on the ballot. What he meant by "tough way" is that Leno killed Jessica's Law but then offered up his own watered down version AB 50.

O'Reilly asked Willie Brown what he thought about this.

Willie Brown said "if there is a way in which to inject some form of reasonable controls when not intruding upon non-participants and persons who have not offended."

Allow me, your fearless blogger, to translate that for you. What Willie Brown really said was "we don't want to break up families."

Over 20 years ago, in 1981, the California Legislature passed a law that gave only probation for people that molest children in their own families. In their warped minds, it was not fair to the child to send the person molesting them to prison. Can you believe that? The child is forced to keep living with the person molesting them!

That's one of the reasons they are against the 2,000 foot barrier in Jessica's Law. If a family has a registered sex offender in it and they want to live together, they all have to move. Here's a thought for these families. Stay put and send the molester packing!

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