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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Capitol targets sex offenders

Research shows that other states have strict guidelines to monitor and treat violent predators.

By Sam Stanton -- Bee Staff Writer

Sexually violent predators in Texas are supervised constantly, followed with satellite tracking devices, given lie-detector tests and required to undergo intensive treatment.

In Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, research by the California State Library also has found, more than 90 percent of the sexually violent predators complete therapy programs designed to treat their disorders.

But in California, only four of about 500 sexually violent predators have completed treatment in the past decade inside the Atascadero State Hospital, yet 54 nonetheless found ways to win release, and with only minimal supervision.

Such flaws in California's program were under full scrutiny Wednesday at the state Capitol, where Democrats and Republicans scrambled to introduce bills to make immediate changes in the system - and questions lingered about whether they could reach bipartisan consensus.

"It's ironic in a way, because we were in the vanguard in terms of passing this law (in 1995)," said state Sen. Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno.

"And we were passed up and left in a trail of dust by other (states) that are doing a much better job."

Poochigian said Wednesday that he had amended an existing bill to address problems exposed in a three-part investigative series published in The Bee this week, and he and other Republicans asked Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez to help press for immediate passage of the bill.

"It shouldn't have taken a front-page exposé in an election year" to draw Democrats' support of such measures, Poochigian said.

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