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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Commentary: Outrageous what state pays for Cary Verse

By Susan Smith-Fenchel - for the Contra Costa Times

I AM ABSOLUTELY outraged that our hard-earned tax dollars, to the tune of $15,000 a month, according to your Feb. 2 article, are being spent to support convicted sex offender Cary Verse so he can have the privilege of freedom and the opportunity to offend again!

Who has the authority to approve the expenditure of $600 a month for his medication to reduce his sex drive, when the state pays less than $500 a month to house, feed and clothe a 10-year-old child in the foster care system?

Many of these children are in fact placed in this system to protect them from predators such as Cary Verse.

Please help me understand why the state is paying $1,300 a month for a cottage in Bay Point, when the market rate ranges from $600 to $800 a month.

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