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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ex-Riverside Police Officer gets 495 years

Adam James Brown sexually assaulted four boys. "I hate you," a victim wrote.

By LISA O'NEILL HILL and DOUGLAS QUAN / The Press-Enterprise

Former Riverside police Officer Adam James Brown was sentenced to 495 years to life on Friday for sexually assaulting four boys, as a victim and his mother lashed out, calling Brown an "animal" who put his sick needs first.

"I hate you, Adam Brown," one of Brown's victims wrote in a statement read in court by his older brother. "You stole my childhood and a bit of my life and innocence. You took my life away."

Brown, 33, did not apologize for his crimes and kept his back to the victim and the victim's family, who sat in the back two rows of the Riverside courtroom. Brown had known the boy and his family for years and began abusing the boy shortly after the boy's father's death.

"What nerve," the boy's mother said.

"We welcomed Adam into our home only to find that he deceived us," the mother said, a victim-witness advocate standing at her side. "He lied to us. He took advantage of us and our genuine Christ-like love for him and his family. He showed unwavering support for our family during (our) tragic loss ...all the while raping a 10-year-old boy who trusted him."

Last month, Brown pleaded no contest to 65 felonies for sexually assaulting the boys from 1998 - the year he became a police officer - through at least 2002. A no-contest plea is treated the same as a guilty plea. Prosecutors have said witness statements and explicit photographs from Brown's digital camera support the charges.

In a separate case, Brown was sentenced last year to 30 years in federal prison after pleading guilty for his role in a widespread Internet sex and child pornography ring based in Wisconsin. FBI agents arrested him in early 2004.

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He got 30 years for child porn? How can that be? Mark Leno says child porn is O.K..

Have fun in prison, scumbag.

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