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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hickman says he will resign

Rod HickmanRoderick Q. Hickman, Secretary of California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, has announced his intention to resign the position he has held for the past 2 years.

Hickman has been responsible for a $8.2-billion a year penal system that incarcerates more than 170,000 convicts and employs 59,000 people throughout the state.

Hickman was brought in as a reformer. California has a recidivism rate that is the highest in the nation. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations has been blasted by experts time and again as a system that wastes tax dollars and provides poor public safety because so many parolees committed new crimes.

Hickman quickly ran afoul of the extremely powerful California Correctional Peace Officers Association. This union and its leaders were upset with Hickman for his campaign to purge the prisons of the "code of silence" that many say deter guards from reporting misconduct by colleagues. This union has grown over the last two decades into one of the most powerful forces in state politics and the CCPOA was a key player in defeating Schwarzenegger's special-election measures last year.

One also has to wonder how much the recent 'Sex Offender Shuffle' scandal played into Hickman's desire to call it quits.

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