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Thursday, February 23, 2006

'I was in fear,' says ex-runaway at trial

TEEN'S DEATH: The witness explains why she did not try to escape from two Rialto residents.

09:56 AM PST on Thursday, February 23, 2006

By SANDRA STOKLEY / The Press-Enterprise

RIVERSIDE - A former Riverside-area runaway testified this week that two Rialto residents accused of killing a Las Vegas teenager used drugs, fear and mind-control techniques to keep her against her will and force her to participate in sexual activities with them.

"I did not fight it because I was in fear," the 20-year-old woman, who was visibly distressed, said, describing how she lay compliant on a motel bed while a much-older Michael Thornton had sex with her.

The woman, 15 years old at the time, said fear kept her from attempting an escape during the six to seven weeks she spent with Thornton and his girlfriend, Janeen Snyder, in late 2000.

"Turning against your partners was not tolerated," she said. "I could guess the consequences."

The Press-Enterprise does not identify victims of sexual assault.

Thornton, 50, and Snyder, 26, are accused in the rape/torture murder of 16-year-old Michelle Curran, who disappeared April 4, 2001, while on her way to school.

Her bruised, nude body was discovered April 22 crammed in a compartment of a horse trailer in Rubidoux. She had been shot once in the head.

The couple had been arrested April 17 in connection with a burglary on the same property.

Special circumstances of kidnapping, rape, torture and of committing the murder during a burglary make them eligible for the death penalty.

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