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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

If this weren't so serious, it would be funny

In a moment I will give you a link to a new CBS 2 news video to watch.

It show lawmakers such as Fabian Nunez responding to David Goldsteins "Sex Offender Shuffle" story.

Fabian and his pals really look upset but you have to wonder why?

Why now?

After years of the far left killing bills meant to protect children from sex offenders, now they are acting like they care.

You have to ask yourself, as a citizen of California and as a voter, do they really care about protecting children from predators, or is this simply an opportunity to take a crack a governor they do not like?

Consider their voting records then make up you own mind.

BTW, I am not saying the governor does not deserve any blame for what is going on, he appointed Rod Hickman and Hickman is at the top of the totem pole in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations.

Click here to watch the video.

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