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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mark Leno and the games he plays

Mark Leno
Tuesday morning while channel surfing I ran across an assembly debate about AB 50. This is the watered down version of Jessica's Law assembly democrat Mark Leno is pushing.

I had to leave so I hit the record button on my trusty DVR. Upon my return hours later I was surprised to find they were still debating AB 50. One of the hold ups was how much child pornography Mark Leno thinks is O.K. for someone to have for "personal use".

Personal use? Child porn for "personal use"? Is he kidding? How many types of disgusting is this guy?

Anyway, you may be getting a headache trying to reconcile the fact that Mark Leno, staunch defender of child predators, is pushing AB 50, a bill that does get a little tougher on sex offenders.

Why is Mark Leno doing this? Well let's be clear this has nothing to do with protecting the children of California and it has everything to do with Mark Leno and his fellow pervert protectors saving face. They see the writing on the wall and it says in big bold letters "Jessica's Law".

Mark Leno knows Jessica's Law is going before the voters and will pass with overwhelming support. He created AB 50 so he could claim he was tough on sex offenders. Well Mark no one is buying it and you shouldn't be selling it.

At one point in the debate Leno said he was discouraged to hear claims that "one party defends children and the other party defends sex offenders. ... You should be ashamed of yourselves."

That's a bold statement Mark. Unfortunately for you there is this thing called your voting record in the Public Safety Committee. He is counting on the fact that most voters won't take the time to look it up, but then that's why you have me here.

So, let's take a look at Mark Leno's voting record over the past few years. He voted against every bill listed below and helped prevent it being passed into law.

  • AB 26 - Make sex offender info available on the Internet (Megan's Law)
  • AB 35 - Increase number of sex offenders listed on Megan's Law
  • AB 39 - Increases penalty of child porn to a felony
  • AB 221 - Eliminate good time credits and early release for inmates convicted of sexually violent offenses
  • AB 231 - Jessica's Law
  • AB 282 - Porn visible in car's
  • AB 350 - Requires registered sex offender to renew drivers license annually for better tracking
  • AB 438 - Sex offender housing restrictions, rentals
  • AB 603 - Increased mental health commitment of SVP's from 2 to 5 years
  • AB 730 - Expands and strengthens the current Sexually Violent Predator law
  • AB 743 - Allows minors 14 years or older to be tried as adults for rape of an unconscious person
  • AB 807 - Adds forcible spousal rape, incest, and specified child porn offenses to the Megan's Law Internet Web site
  • AB 808 - Prohibit felons from owning or being employed by group homes housing sex offenders
  • AB 1109 - Increases notification time and public comments on the release of SVP's into the community
  • AB 1184 - Make sex offender info available on the Internet (Megan's Law)
  • AB 1442 - GPS monitoring for sex offenders while on parole
  • AB 1443 - Expands and strengthens currents laws against seducing children (Internet luring)
  • AB 1445 - Requires juvenile offenders who commit specific sexual offenses to register as sex offenders
  • AB 1146 - Prohibits an inmate released on parole for child molestation or continuous sexual abuse of a child from being placed or residing, for the duration of parole, within one-quarter mile of a child-care facility
  • AB 1484 - Expands definition of SVP's to include a person who commits 1 sexually violent offense against a person under 14 years of age instead of the 2 victims required under current law
  • AB 1513 - Prevent those required to register as sex offenders from having physical contact with minors while in prison
  • AB 1603 - Require law enforcement agencies to advise persons determined to be in a "risk zone" of the presence of high-risk sex offenders.
  • AB 2068 - Prevent those required to register as sex offenders from living within 1/4 mile of any public or private school
  • AB 3097 - Creates requirements for group homes / halfway houses that receive state funding

That's 2 dozen bills right there. I'm sure there are more but I'm tired and I think that makes my point.

As Todd Spitzer said, the only reason they crafted AB 50 is "because Jessica's Law is out there for circulation, and they know that if it makes the ballot, it will pass."

Mark Leno's voting record clearly shows that when it comes to protecting children from sexual predators, you cannot trust him.

Do the kids of California a favor, sign the Jessica's Law petition and vote for it this coming November.

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