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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Over 550,000 signatures collected to place Jessica's Law on the ballot!

375,000 valid signatures are required to get it placed on the November ballot.

The goal was to get 525,000 signatures because some will not be valid.

Thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts to this worthy endeavor.

I know it was not easy but that is what we, the people, must do when elected officials such as Fabian Nunez, Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally fail us.

Now don't think this is over. Getting it on the ballot was just the first step. Getting it passed is another and the opposition will do all they can to stop it.

Don't think so?

Click here to watch this new CBS 2 news video of Mark Leno, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, already starting the Anti-Jessica's Law campaign from the far left.

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