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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Perverted Justice releases portions of Laguna Sting Chat Logs

Robert AlarciaThe good folks over at Perverted Justice have released portions of the chat logs from the sting operation they ran with Laguna Beach Police.

One of the reasons they post these logs is so that you parents out there can see for yourselves the techniques perverts use to try to lure children via the Internet.
Benjamin Taul
Stephen DeckThey normally wait until the court cases are over but they have made an exception and posted the logs of Robert Alarcia, Benjamin Taul and CHP Lieutenant Stephen Deck.

Below is a portion of Deck's chat log, he uses the name 'south_calif_46m':

  • south_calif_46m (4:23:59 PM):No bf at school?
  • Decoy Name (4:24:05 PM): no
  • south_calif_46m (4:24:30 PM):I hope things work out
  • Decoy Name (4:24:47 PM): me 2
  • south_calif_46m (4:24:57 PM):I'd luv to date you
  • Decoy Name (4:25:20 PM): yea
  • south_calif_46m (4:25:36 PM):mmm
  • south_calif_46m (4:26:10 PM):Just tell any kids that see us I'm your dad and I'm visiting
  • Decoy Name (4:26:21 PM): ok
  • south_calif_46m (4:26:32 PM):or uncle or whatever
  • south_calif_46m (4:26:38 PM):Wish I was your daddy
  • Decoy Name (4:26:49 PM): realy?
  • south_calif_46m (4:26:55 PM):Oh heck yes
  • south_calif_46m (4:27:00 PM):In a heartbeat
  • Decoy Name (4:27:05 PM): why
  • south_calif_46m (4:27:24 PM):I just like that daughter /daddy thing

Alright, that was gross. Deck likes the 'daughter / daddy' thing? Does this pervert have kids of his own?

It's not pleasant reading, but I urge you to take a few minutes and read for yourself how predators use the Internet to get to children.

Click here to read the chat logs.

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