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Monday, February 13, 2006

Sac Bee Special report: On the outside

Efforts to monitor freed violent sex offenders are spotty - except for the few who complete the state's treatment program

By Mareva Brown and Sam Stanton

James Clenzo Burris Jr. began raping when he was as young as 10 or 11 and graduated from elementary-age girls to adult women, one of whom he menaced with a screwdriver before assaulting her. Jurors in Riverside County let him go two years ago after Burris said he had found God and would not rape again.

Cesar Arroyo's ex-wife testified that he routinely beat her before having sex with her when she visited him in prison, where he was serving time for his third brutal rape. Two psychiatrists diagnosed him as a sexual sadist and said he was very likely to re-offend. Arroyo was set free anyway.

And Carey Lyn Wilson (no longer in California), a beefy pedophile sporting prison tattoos, nearly killed a 13-year-old boy he had abducted, bound and assaulted because, Wilson said, "After I sodomized him, it was, damn, what are you going to do now? Dead people don't talk."

These are snapshots of the crimes of some of the 58 men who have been released in the past decade from California's treatment program for sexually violent predators.

By definition, they are the most dangerous rapists and pedophiles the state has arrested. Yet efforts to monitor them on the streets after release are spotty at best, depending in part on whether offenders choose to notify law enforcement agencies of their whereabouts.

California officials, who have no funding or authority to track the sexually violent predators who have been freed, have no idea where some of them have gone.

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