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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sex Offender Group Homes Effects on Surrounding Neighbors / Communities

by Joe from Phelan

These parole'e homes that house sex offenders as well as the one's the state via Dept. of Developmental Services and the Dept. of Mental Health are causing such an uproar. Besides the danger of a sexual predator to the surrounding community and neighbors (rapist or child molester) it tears down the overall value of the immediate area. Let's look at it from a real estate point of view.

When a home is sold, real estate has certain disclosures to make. One of them is in relation to sexual predators. The majority of real estate people do not and I repeat do not actually tell the prospective homeowner about sexual predators or persons who are required to register as sexual offenders under the Megan's Law even if they know one exists right next door to the house they are selling. The way they get around it is to suggest in the disclosures that the prospective purchaser to go to the local police station and view the Megan's Law listing. Is it unethical - yes, however, it completely removes the agent from liability. My suggestion to prospective buyers is to do the Megan's Law review.

Next we look at the property value. If a home is valued at $400,000 and a known sex offender moves in, the desirability would be drastically effected thus reducing the value as well as the number of potential buyers. Now let's take multiple sex offenders and move them into a home say 280 W. 48th St. San Bernardino(this is an actual group / parolee home). What do you think the value or marketability would be with 6 known sex child molesters. You got it. Who in their right mind would purchase any home within say of 1/2 mile of that house especially if you have children?

So now you have an entire neighborhood devalued considerably all for the sake of 6 parolee's. A home is most likely the largest investment any of us can make and the profit in the later years will be used for retirement or equity for kids college, etc. These landlords or group home operators DO NOT LIVE ON PROPERTY. They buy the home and allow some other person to manage it. Don't give me the bullshit that these landlords do it out of the goodness of their heart. They make damn good money and do nothing more than desecrate the surrounding home values.

How much was Harriet Cooks paid to house David Allyn Dokich? Public funds / Taxpayer monies were used to pay for his placement, how come we haven't been told what Harriet was paid. We the public / taxpayers have a right to know how our monies are being spent in the public sector! How about one of you parole officers telling us the truth for once - how much did it cost to house David Allyn Dokich at Last Chance Enlightenment - I bet you ain't got the balls to tell the truth! Surprise us!

We know these persons have to go somewhere but tearing apart communities and destroying the value of entire neighborhoods is not acceptable. The trickle down effect to the surrounding communities is far more devastating than to keep these persons in prison or at least require them to complete the sex offender treatment program at Atascadero and be evaluated regularly to see if they are fit to be released.

Upon release, these sexual offenders should be steered to commercial area's. Commercial area's will most likely not have any persons under the age of 18, will not be near schools, will suffer little or no effect on real estate value (most commercial area's are leased or rented facilities), provide numerous employment opportunities, and proximity of employment could negate the need for the offender to require a vehicle, thus eliminating another avenue for an offender to get to and victimize another child.

We need to go after the money side of it. If a persons home is effected by one of these facilities we must look at the bigger picture. If something effects the sale of, marketability, or value of a particular home or area, we have the right to have the surrounding home / homes re-assessed to reflect the actual value. Two things happen:

1. It removes huge money from the counties tax base (big kick in the teeth)

2. If a homeowner has to put up with this insanity he or she would be compensated by dramatically lower property taxes.

Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Time for us to band together and get the show on the road. Several key persons from the effected area's will be meeting to discuss strategies for the this. Watch for updates coming soon !

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