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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sex offense laws in state are a crime

By Jill Stewart, Guest Columnist

FOR years, California politicians have touted crackdowns on sex criminals to promote themselves as tough on crime. But recently, in a riveting investigative series, The Sacramento Bee confirmed what many had feared: California has among the most lenient laws in the nation toward sexually violent predators, society's life-wreckers.

Gaping loopholes in California law let hard-core sex criminals committed to Atascadero State Hospital choose whether they want treatment. Almost none choose treatment, and after a breezy two-year stint, they are released from Atascadero - usually unmonitored, by lax courts.

As the Bee noted, the loophole is "precisely how 54 rapists and child molesters won release through the end of 2005 from their Atascadero commitments."

Chronic molesters are wily. They spend as much time wooing parents into feeling safe as they do plotting to abuse their children. They fool juries. Fighting back, many states have made incarceration for sex crimes much tougher to get around.

Yet the Sacramento Legislature actually protects loopholes for sex criminals. The spectacle of it in recent years has become unnerving.

Last year, KCRA-TV (Channel 3) in Sacramento reported that one loophole, called the "opt-out" clause, granted 2,677 sex offenders "an exclusion" from being named on the attorney general's Web site. Legislators created the loophole, insisting that offenders found guilty of misdemeanors aren't that dangerous. The truth is, nobody knows how many of them are wily chronic offenders who sneak under the radar.

Last year, Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, essentially argued that misdemeanor sex criminals just need jobs. As quoted by KCRA, Leno said, "If you deny them secure housing and deny them an opportunity to get on their feet and get a job and to be able to move forward for themselves and for their own children, they're more likely to reoffend, not less likely."

Good Lord. Sex crimes are not caused by economic troubles.

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Good old Mark Leno and his warped way of thinking wants us to believe that sex offenders are only sex offenders because they are poor?

What's next Mark, a proposal from you that we pay sex offenders to not prey on children?

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