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Friday, March 10, 2006

Big day in court for the Riverside Perverts today

16 of the perverts caught in the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation were scheduled to appear in court today.

  • Nicolas Cocos - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Paul Constantinescu - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Richer Daniel Breault - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Eddie Hoidick Chan - Preliminary Hearing
  • Stephen Walter Coates - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Roberto Forte- Felony Settlement Conference
  • Eduardo Ernesto Guillen - Arraignment
  • Alvin Joseph Hall- Arraignment
  • Charles Carlton Harding - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Phillip Thomas Jaruhungsin - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Gregory John Karnos - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Kurt Horst Lemke - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Peter Christopher Moore - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Inderjeet Singh - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Danny Lee Swinney - Felony Settlement Conference
  • Keith Allen Williams - Felony Settlement Conference
It was a mess at the Justice Center today. The courtroom is far too small for this many defendants. The hall outside the courtroom was packed.

A video crew brought a camera into the courtroom just after 8:30 am. A source has told me that Dateline NBC intends to do a followup show. That should be interesting but I do not know when it will air.

I did not see any other media there. That's a shame because these perverts depend on staying below the radar. They count on the press and public losing interest. I for one hope that does not happen.

As you can see 13 out of the 16 were for a felony settlement conference. Bet you want to know what happened, don't you.

I can sum up what happened with one word: Nothing!

Nicolas Cocos, Stephen Walter Coates, Roberto Forte, Gregory John Karnos (registered sex offender), Phillip Thomas Jaruhungs , Peter Christopher Moore, Inderjeet Singh, Danny Lee Swinney and Keith Allen Williams all had a felony settlement conference and in each case it was continued to a later date. They all remain free on bail.

Charles Carlton Harding had a felony settlement conference and it too was continued. He remains in custody.

Paul Constantinescu and Kurt Horst Lemke each had a felony settlement conference. The disposition of these conferences is unknown at this time but odds are they too were continued. They each remain free on bail.

That was a colossal waste of time and money.

You know time and time again we hear how our courts are overwhelmed, how we don't have enough judges, bla bla bla.

A judge, a bunch of bailiffs, a court reporter, a clerk, other staff, prosecutors and a boatload of defense attorneys all get together for hours and accomplish absolutely nothing.

Well it's not going to get any better when all they do is continue the cases to a later date. Add the fact that the court starts late, takes way too many 15 minute breaks, takes a long lunch and leaves early and it amazing that anything ever gets done.

Richer Daniel Breault was present in court for his felony settlement conference. His defense was not present, his conference continued to a later date and he remains free on bail.

Hoi Dick Chan was in court for his preliminary hearing today. A date was set for bail review. His bail was recently increased to $750,000. He remains in custody.

Eduardo Ernesto Guillen was present in court for his arraignment. He pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted child molestation and remains out on bail.

Alvin Joseph Hall Jr. was present in court today for his arraignment. The disposition is unknown at this time and he remains free on bail.

However not all was lost. We shot some video and 'accidently' over heard some conversations.

Kurt Horst Lemke seemed absolutely giddy when Paul Constantinescu arrived, trotting over and shaking his hand. Yeah those perverts gotta stick together. It looked like they were talking with Nicholas Cocos but it was hard to tell for sure. Most of these guys have cleaned up since they appeared on Dateline NBC and look different now.

Eduardo Ernesto Guillen was chatting it up with Phillip Thomas Jaruhungsin in the hallway.

Peter Christopher Moore was speaking with his attorney outside. His attorney told him he does not think he will do any jail time. Yep, that's what he said.

More of the Riverside perverts will be in court next week, let's hope the court can actually manage to accomplish something.

I will post the video we shot today ASAP.

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