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Friday, March 17, 2006

DNA helps catch registered sex offender, but not before there is another victim

Baffled by the molestation and attempted rape of a 10-year-old girl who was attacked in her home in January 2004, Oakland police turned to DNA science to solve the crime.

Within weeks, the state crime lab's computer gave investigators the break they needed: a DNA "cold hit" that linked the crime to a paroled rapist who lived nearby.

But then the police failed to follow up -- until another young girl was assaulted.

Court records show that even though they were provided with DNA evidence that seemed to solve the crime, Oakland Police Department investigators did not contact the suspect until after he allegedly attacked another 10-year-old girl six months later.

The case of registered sex offender Kalonji Lavaro Lee, detailed in documents filed in Alameda County Superior Court, reflects an apparent breakdown in the system by which DNA science is supposed to be deployed to solve crimes.

The parents of the second victim said they were dismayed that police had failed to pursue evidence that might have prevented the attack on their daughter -- information they never knew until they were told about it Wednesday by a Chronicle reporter. They declined to comment extensively because Lee's case is pending.

But they said the police investigator they had met seemed overburdened, complaining that he had a caseload of hundreds of unsolved sex crimes.

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