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Friday, March 03, 2006

How David Allyn Dokich was really caught

I can't count how many times I have been asked "How did they catch Dokich?" or "How did they know where he was?" or "Did they use the GPS to catch him?".

Allow me to preface this by saying I cannot reveal some of the methods used to catch High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich. Doing so could jeopardize future operations of local law enforcement.

When Dokich was paroled and placed into a halfway house in Mead Valley on May 5th, 2005, he had to be driven around by others as he had no vehicle of his own. That changed in late September of 2005 when Dokich got his own car, a silver Ford Taurus, and started traveling alone. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department took note of this development.

Now you would think that it would be easy to track Dokich since he had a GPS device strapped to his ankle. Well apparently access to the GPS data is controlled by parole and they don't want to share their new toy with others.

So deputies from the Perris station had to come up with another ways to determine where Dokich was going to. It was not easy but they did this in early November. Within two weeks sheriff deputies on the Violent Offender Registration Team determined Dokich was violating his parole.

So that's it, they got him, right? Wrong. You see parole violations have to be handled by the Parole Division of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations. Local law enforcement can't touch him for a parole violation.

Knowing how those screwheads in parole are bound and determined to place sex offenders near children and the fact that parole does not have the best working relationship with other agencies, the decision was made to keep investigating Dokich with the goal of getting so much evidence that parole could not refuse to violate him.

After 2 months of investigating Dokich and his numerous parole violations it was decided the time was right to inform parole. Calls went in to District Administrator Doris Mahlum but they were not returned.

Finally, on January 4th, someone else from the Moreno Valley parole office was sent to the Perris Sheriff's station to see the evidence the VORT team had gathered. It was non other than our favorite Parole Agent III, Lisa Abma.

Yep, the same Lisa Abma that went berserk on the side of the road claiming she had nothing to do with Dokich. The same Lisa Abma that tried to serve phony Cease and Desist orders on protesters. The same Lisa Abma that took me, your fearless blogger, to court.

When presented with the overwhelming evidence gathered by the VORT team the decision was made that Dokich had indeed violated his parole by frequently going to a place that served alcohol and where children congregated.

The deputies were thrilled and wanted to pick up Dokich right away but he was not at Harriet Cooks clown house. No problem, he has a GPS device strapped to him, just use that to figure out where he is.

No can do. For some reason parole was not able to tell the deputies where Dokich was. They ended up having to call him on the phone and ask him to come in.

Well there you have it. It took extrodanary measures by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to keep an eye on this predator and eventually get him back behind bars.

Questions need to be asked about parole:

  • Where were they when Dokich was violating the conditions of his parole by hanging out where alchol was served and children played for months?
  • Did parole know this and choose to ignore it?
  • If they did not know where Dokich was going, why didn't they? They have the GPS device.
  • And why won't parole allow other law enforcement agencies access to the GPS data?

Finally, below is a video of a small portion of our surveillance. I can tell you stake outs and surveillance is really, really boring.

The only reason I am making this video available is to demonstrate to the child predators out there that law enforcement is not the only one keeping an eye on you.

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