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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Massive clown house near Riverside closing

Take a good look at the house below. Notice anything odd about it?

9236 Sunridge Drive

I know what you are thinking, it looks like the typical house you may find where you live. But this house had a secret. It had 21 people renting space in it, including 6 people on parole or probation.

This particular house is in the community of Orangecrest near Riverside, CA. Homes here are in the $500,000 range. If you think these half way homes or so called sober living homes only go into lower priced areas, think again.

The owner of this house, who does not live in the area, can still make a profit by cramming it as full as possible. That's why these tax dollar whores sell out communities, to make a buck.

One of the neighbors said police were called frequently because of yelling and fighting. That's more of your local tax dollars being wasted because these tax dollar whores bring the worst into the community.

Some of the residents of the Fresh Start Sober Living home told police they were drug addicts but were not in treatment. Well of course not, this was an un-licensed group home and only homes licensed by the state may provide treatment.

But wait, it gets better. The person who was supposed to be 'managing' the home and the people in it was arrested on a warrant!

Last September a 2 year old girl was found hanging from a window-blind cord. After that officials inspected the house and found numerous problems.

The owner has reportedly decided to sell the home. But don't feel bad for him or his so called tenants, odds are he will just open another clown house, maybe this time near you.

Click here to read the Press Enterpise article.

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