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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Megan's Law necessary evil

By Tim Hay - Daily Review Online

OF all the fascinating ways to blow time on the Web, nothing beats the state Justice Department Megan's Law site, the database of California's convicted sex offenders.

The site is both unconstitutional and fascinating, and I've spent countless hours checking to see whether any sex predators live near me, my girlfriend, my sister, my parents or my grandmother.

They do.

Represented on the site by blue dots on a map, they're all over the place. Hundreds, thousands of them. Right next to schools, churches, you name it.

Of course, all kinds of paroled criminals live near our homes and schools: drunken drivers, muggers, murderers, etc.

But if those people have been convicted and served their time, the general public cannot see their whole personal history at the click of a mouse. They've paid their debt to society, and they start over with a clean slate. The law says it's not our business to know if a paroled killer is buying the house next door. If he's served his time, it's a done deal.

This doesn't apply to sex offenders. Criminals of this kind never can pay their debt to society, and their offenses always will remain a matter of public record.

This is not fair, or constitutional. But nobody cares about that. Personally, I don't care about that. I use a double standard when judging these people, and I'm the first to admit it.

If and when I have children, a sex offender paroled or otherwise is a living, breathing menace, whereas the constitution is a nice piece of parchment tastefully framed in a museum.

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