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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

'Molly' addresses the San Bernardino City Council

This is what "Molly" said to the council last night. It was in response to incorrect media reports that GPS was used to track High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich to an arcade, a violation of the terms of his parole that landed him back in prison. San Bernardino is planning on use GPS to track paroled gang members.

I removed a small portion (####) that may tip off the bad guys.


March 20, 2006

I want to thank in advance Mayor Pat Morris and the entire San Bernanrdino City Council for allowing me the opportunity to address them.

My name is "Molly" and I reside in the County of Riverside. I am one of the citizens of Mead Valley, who for over eight months, protested the inappropriate placement of High Risk Sex Offender and Child Rapist David Allyn Dokich .

I am not here today to address the council on the issue of sex offenders, specifically. However, I am here to address the issue of GPS ankle monitors on certain gang members who are residents of San Bernardino County.

On March 15. 2006, David Allyn Dokich was cited by the Press Enterprise as an example of how well GPS ankle monitors work. The article, written by Chris Richard, states:

"Authorities say the devices are effective. In January, Riverside County authorities used an anklet to track twice - convicted rapist David Allyn Dokich after he was paroled to Mead Valley, eventually sending him back to prison for violating the terms of his parole."

I regret to inform this city council that a GPS anklet was not used to track Dokich and send him back to prison.. In fact, neither the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation nor its Moreno Valley Paroles Department had anything to do with catching Dokich violating his terms of parole!

The Riverside Sheriff's Department is the agency who is solely responsible for the eventual return of David Allyn Dokich to prison. To be even more specific, it was the hard work and dedication of the Perris Sheriff's station's Violent Offenders Registration Team - other wise known as V.O.R.T., who spent over two months following Dokich, to Q - Bonkers Billiards and placed him under video surveylance. The evidence compiled by the V.O.R.T. team was then provided to the Moreno Valley Paroles Department, who then decided to violate Dokich.

Furthermore, when the Moreno Valley Paroles Department attempted to locate Dokich using his GPS anklet, they were unable to locate him. That's why Dokich was called on his cell phone to report to the Moreno Valley Paroles Department where he was placed into custody.

Because of our protests, the Riverside Sheriff's Office decided to #### follow Dokich. Our Perris V.O.R.T. team did not use Dokich's GPS anklet because local law enforcement does not have access to the GPS information when it comes to parolees. Only paroles has access to the GPS tracking information.

I know exactly how David Allyn Dokich was caught by the Riverside County Sheriff's V.O.R.T. team because Captain Guy Kestell, head of the Perris Sheriff's Station personally told me and several other citizens involved in the Dokich protest, exactly how they did it!

To continue, I respectfully ask Mayor Morris and the entire San Bernardino City Council the following question:

1. David Allyn Dokich was frequenting Q - Bonkers for over two months, so why didn't the Moreno Valley Paroles Department know he was there?

It just doesn't make sense that Dokich was outfitted with a GPS anklet but paroles didn't know where he was!

The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation has, in my opinion, deliberatly misled this County's government and its residents into believing that it was they who caught David Allyn Dokich by using the GPS anklet tracking method.

I believe in and support the use of GPS monitoring. However, the GPS monitoring of parolees - whether they are gang members or sex offenders - is only as good as those who are monitoring the technology.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of monitoring gang parolees using GPS technology, I strongly urge Mayor Morris and all members of this city council to contact the Riverside Sheriff's Office - Perris Division and ask Capt. Guy Kestell, Lte. Michael O'Donnel, or Corp. Luis Scull from the V.O.R.T. team, to explain the truth about how David Allyn Dokich was caught violating his terms of parole. Their phone number is 951-940-6200.

Again, GPS ankle monitoring did not play a role in sending David Allyn Dokich back to prison.

Thank You,

Riverside County Resident
Serial Child Rapist - David Allyn Dokich, Protestor

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