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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Parolees home goes, anger stays

By Monica Rodriguez, Staff Writer

POMONA - Larry Taylor was stunned when he realized a group of parolees had moved into a house near his own on Knoll Ridge Drive.

The emotions he felt were strong, he said.

"Anger, fury ... total disbelief that this could happen in a residential setting," Taylor said.

The feelings were much the same for the other 30 or so residents of the quiet street in the Phillips Ranch neighborhood of Pomona.

"These transitional homes, we just can't accept them in the community," Taylor said.

The home on Knoll Ridge Drive opened late last month and housed four men who residents later learned were parolees. Residents, who have organized themselves under the name Phillips Ranch Community Coalition, said the operation was closed down last week but neighbors were still worried about future use of the home.

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