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Friday, March 10, 2006

Prosecutor says hospital worker admitted 'countless' molestations


The Associated Press


A respiratory therapist at Children's Convalescent Hospital confessed to molesting "countless" disabled patients, targeting the comatose and most brain-damaged, a prosecutor said Friday.

Wayne Albert Bleyle, 54, pleaded not guilty to two counts of child molestation and 24 counts of child pornography, but the prosecutor said in court that he confessed during a phone interview while he was in New York state visiting family.

"One of the agents who interviewed him said, 'How many kids are we talking about?'" said Laura Gunn, a San Diego deputy district attorney. "The defendant, who was in New York at the time looking out at the snow, looked out at the snow and said, 'How many snowflakes are there out there?'"

"He averaged about two kids a week, and he specifically chose children who were the most brain-damaged, most comatose, most nonverbal children who could never say anything about it," Gunn told Superior Court Judge David Szumowski, who set bail at $5 million, far more than the $3 million bail requested by prosecutors.

The complaint identified two alleged victims, both girls under 14 years old, but authorities said there may be more. Asked by reporters to estimate how many children were allegedly molested, Gunn said, "I don't know if we will ever know."

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