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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Watsonville police specialist tracks down sex offenders

by daniel lopez
sentinel staff writer

WATSONVILLE — Martha Victoria Vega deals with some of the most unsavory characters most women would never want to meet — and she's looking for more.

Vega, 30, a police services specialist in the investigations division of the police department, is charged with tracking the city's registered sex offenders and making sure they keep their contact information up to date.

Though 98 percent of the offenders in the city are men, Vega, who sometimes makes house calls in the company of an officer, says she doesn't mind her line of work.

"I don't feel uncomfortable," she says. "If I do get a bad vibe about one, I'll tell a detective and they go along."

By law sex offenders are required to tell law enforcement their whereabouts every year and inform them if they move.

"I know their names, I know their faces, I know where they live," says Vega. who has been following sex offenders for almost two years.

Vega said as of Thursday she had identified 10 offenders who were in the city at some point and have fallen out of sight.

Arrest warrants for four — Cristobal Rocha Fernandez, William Oliver Kelly, Gregorio Alberto Plata and Reymundo Garcia Rodriguez — have been issued.

A fifth man, Manuel Rosas, who is sought by the California Department of Justice, has been out of compliance since 1996.

Capt. Eddie Rodriguez said it's possible the offenders have left the area, died, are in police custody elsewhere or have been deported.

Through Vega's efforts to keep tabs on sex offenders in the city, the police department has achieved a 90 percent compliance rate with offender registrations, Rodriguez said.

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