David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 248 - Recap, PARTY

Celebrating Dokich being where he belongsWe had a celebration party tonight. Over 8 months of hard work has finally paid off and High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich is back in prison where he belongs, at least for now.

These are all the good folks who never quit, who stuck it out through thick and thin. They are amazing people.
Good food with good people
A big thanks to Reggie for popping for an authentic Mexican food feast. This was not the fast food junk, it was the real deal.

Sadly, parole supervisor Lisa Abma never arrived. I later found out that not a single person remembered to invite her. How sad.MVPP means Mead Valley Pervert Patrol

We are making plans to get to Q Ballers some time this week. Hopefully we can play some pool on Dirty Dave's favorite table.

Keep in mind, this is not over yet, but we have made progress.

See you next time.

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Camera in pool hall kept eye on paroled sex offender

RIVERSIDE: Thoughts of his own six children led the business owner to agree to help deputies.

08:01 AM PST on Friday, January 6, 2006


Dallas VanAlstine said he hesitated in early October when sheriff's and parole officials asked for his help to do surveillance on a convicted rapist who had walked into his Riverside pool hall the day before.

But VanAlstine, 36, thought about his six children and agreed to help.

"The next victim could be one of my daughters," VanAlstine said Thursday.

Over the next three months, VanAlstine engaged David Allyn Dokich in friendly chatter each of the dozen or so times the man came in to play pool at Q-Bonkers Billiards on Magnolia Avenue.

Dokich didn't know it, but VanAlstine was recording Dokich's movements for the authorities on one of 16 cameras throughout the pool hall.

On Wednesday, authorities arrested Dokich -- whose placement in a Mead Valley group home spurred months of protests -- for violating parole and going to businesses that serve alcohol and places where children gather.

Click here to read the entire article

BTW, Dallas is the 'someone' I was speaking about in a previous post.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 247 - Recap, a lot still happening

Dokich is goneToday was another busy day.

Two different groups of protesters went to the Perris PD station this morning to express our gratitude for their efforts to rid our community of High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich.

Corporal Scull, a member of the Violent Offender Registration Team, told the first group that in 17 years on the job, he has never had members of the community come in and thank him. That is a Child rapist David Allyn Dokich is gonegenuine shame.

I was in the second group. Corporal Scull and his partner, Corporal Medeiros, were in the Banning area so we missed them. I am going to try to speak with them tomorrow to thank them and learn more about the Violent Offender Registration Team.

We did speak with Lt. O'Donnel (hope I spelled that right) for about an hour. I have dealt with him before and always thought headios muchacho was one of the good guys, even though we had our differences in the past on our interpretation of penal codes.

We spoke at length about much of what has happened during the past 8 months and our various interactions with RSO, good and bad. We did learn that our arrests should be over with, that is, no more going back to court for that. I still have to verify it with the DA's office.
We won, bet parole is pissed
Much of what was said was 'off the record' so I cannot share it with you. But it was a very good meeting and I hope we were able to adequately express our gratitude to RSO for a job well done.

After that I pieced together various clues and with the help of 'Bonnie' figured out where one of the places Dokich was spending time at. I made a trip over there and was able to speak with someone who knew of what was happening with Dokich.Thank you RSOLots of happy protesters

I will not name this person as they are afraid of retaliation. They were very concerned about this getting out. I was not there long before Channel 4 news arrived. At first this person did not seem to want to talk about it with them, but after I left they gave an interview to them that was on during their 6 pm broadcast.

I can't speak about what I learned while there, but let me just say that this person stuck their neck out and did a very good thing. They may very well have saved a childs life and deserve much praise.Channel 4 news crew

After that it was back to the protest site at the clown house. Nathan Max from the Press Enterprise was there and later Channel 4 News arrived. Their story about Dokich and us ran during the 6 pm broadcast.

I am kicking myself now because I did not video tape their interview with 'Molly'. I assumed it would be up on their site. Well the interview got chopped down quite a bit before it hit the air. 'Molly' gave high praise to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, unfortuately that did not make the final cut. She was also asked if there was a formal name for our group and she proudly replied "Mead Valley Pervert Patrol". That got cut too, but it was funny hearing her say it.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome - Booker T. Washington

We are having a celebration party tomorrow night.

See you next time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day 246 - Recap, what a day

It's hard to believe, but High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich is gone, for now.

This was a whirlwind day. We started out in court. This has to do with parole supervisor Lisa Abma's restraining order against me, your fearless blogger. I will fill you in on what happened in another post since so much else happened today. Let me just say, you will be shocked. Well....maybe not if you have been following the actions of parole for any amount of time.

While we were driving back 'Molly' checked her messages and found one from RSO. It simply said to call them back regarding Dokich.

She did and we got the fantastic news. After that things started happening fast. I started working the phone, calling KFI, the press, board of supervisors, fellow protesters, etc..

We met at the protest site so we could share the good news. Unfortunately not everyone could make it on such short notice. You can watch the video below to see the reactions from the dedicated protesters that stuck this out for over 8 months.

Nathan Max from the Press Enterprise showed up for a story.

John and Ken spoke with both 'Molly' and 'Bonnie' live on the air. They have been great, especially back when this all started. I have a feeling they had not been following what has been happening recently as they did not seem to know that Dokich had a car and was traveling alone and unsupervised.

I called one of the victims and shared the good news. Her life has not been the same since she learned that Dokich was being released 9 months ago. She expressed much gratitude to all the protesters who helped make this happen.

I cannot express to you how much praise I received from the many people I spoke with today, not just for myself, but for all of you who have made huge sacrifices in your lives to protect the children of the community

You all have done a marvelous thing and should be very proud of yourselves.

Tonight, for the first time in over 8 months, you can sleep a bit easier.

See you next time.

Update: Dokich was frequenting a billiard hall and arcade in the city of Riverside

Supervisor Jeff Stone said Dokich was frequenting a billiard hall and arcade in the city of Riverside, which serves alcohol and where minors were known to congregate. Both are violations of his parole, Stone said.

The Press Enterprise has a story about the parole violation, click here to read it.

Update - Dokich at CIM

Here is the latest:

Moreno Valley parole asked Dokich to come in this morning.

He was then arrested.

He is now at Chino Institute for Men.

I spoke with one of his victims today. She is very relieved and expressed much gratitude to all of the protesters. She said her life has not been the same since she learned of his release last year.

She also made an interesting observation. While Dokich was previously in prison, he told his fellow inmates that he was serving time for armed robbery because inmates don't like child molesters. Well he may be in for an interesting time now because the inmates will know what he has done.

Stay tuned.

John and Ken speak with Sheriff Bob Doyle

Sheriff Doyle told them the following:

2 months ago, started an investigation. Thought he may do things against his parole agreement as he got more freedoms.

Yes John, he has been traveling since he got a vehicle a couple months ago.

According to Sheriff Doyle he was going to alchol establishment in riverside, they also serve food so kids could be there.

They noticed some irregularities in his travel.

The Violent Offender Registration Team monitored him. It was a 2 deputy team.

They contacted parole, with them were able violate him.

Parole had him come into the Moreno Valley parole office this morning, they arrested him.

Good job Sheriff Doyle.

BREAKING NEWS - Dokich Arrested

He 'allegedly' violated several conditions of his parole.

Sheriff's department had been monitoring him for 2 months. It's their Violent Offender Registration Team. Good job guys!

He will have a hearing in 6 to 10 days.

My understanding is that a parole violation is 1 year in a state prison.

Listen to the John and Ken Show at 4 pm. They will be speaking with Sheriff Bob Doyle.

More details coming soon.

Conditions of parole for Dokich


  • You will participate in anti-narcotic testing in accordance with instructions from the Parole and Community Services Division (P&CSD).
  • You will actively participate in substance abuse treatment as directed by P&CSD.
  • You must not consume, possess, or have access to any alcoholic beverages or liquors.
  • You will not be inside, or in close proximity to, businesses whose primary function is to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
  • You will actively participate in the Parole Outpatient Clinic (POC) and remain in that treatment program as directed by your parole agent.
  • You will actively participate in the psychiatric treatment program as approved by your assigned parole agent.
  • You are instructed to participate in a High Risk Sex Offender Treatment evaluation and/or program until the P&CSD instructs you differently.
  • You will participate in a treatment program as required by Penal Code Section 1364.
  • You must submit to any psychological or physiological assessment to assist in treatment planning and/or parole supervision.
  • You will not initiate, establish or maintain contact with anyone under the age of 18 without prior P&CSD approval. “No contact” means exactly that: in any manner direct or indirect, personally, by telephone, letter or through another person. This includes attempting contact with an adult with the possibility that children may be in the area.
  • You may not be within 100 yards of the perimeter of places where children congregate (schools, parks, playgrounds, video arcades, swimming pools, etc.) without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You may not date, socialize or form a romantic relationship with any person who has physical custody of a minor without the prior written approval from P&CSD.
  • You must immediately inform your parole agent about any contact with a minor whether it is “accidental” or not.
  • You are not to associate with any sex offenders except in a treatment program as approved by P&CSD.
  • You will inform all persons with whom you have a significant relationship about your criminal history.
  • You will maintain a residence with a street address or other dwelling as approved by P&CSD.
  • You will not reside in a neighborhood where large numbers of children reside.
  • You will not reside in an apartment complex where children reside.
  • You will not reside near any parks, schools, playgrounds or other areas where children congregate.
  • You will not reside at a location where children reside without prior written approval from P&CSD.
  • You will not travel more than 25 miles from your residence of record without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You will not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
  • You will remain inside your residence of record between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • You will participate in electronic monitoring at the direction of your agent of record.
  • You may not be within 100 yards of the perimeter of any school (elementary, middle, junior or senior high, college or university).
  • You cannot enter the premises, travel past or loiter near where your victim frequents, resides, is employed or attends classes.
  • You may not contact your crime victim(s), their families or friends. This includes contact in person, by telephone, mail, computer or through another person.
  • You will not contact, or cause to be contacted, (NAMES), in any manner (in person, by telephone, by mail or through a third party) without prior approval of the supervising parole agent. You are not to travel past or loiter near where they frequent, reside or are employed.
  • You are not to view television shows or movies that are geared toward your criminal history or your modus operandi.
  • You are not to view television programs, movies or videos designed to stimulate or arouse sexual fantasies.
  • You are not to view, possess or have access to video tapes, films, magazines or photographs depicting any type of sexual activity or sexually oriented material.
  • You are not to enter, travel past or loiter near areas of sexual or pornographic activity such as adult bookstores, massage parlors, topless bars, sex shops, etc.
  • You are not to possess or have access to children’s clothing, toys or games without prior P&CSD approval.
  • You may not possess or view any material that can be considered obscene.
  • You may not use, possess or have access to any computer equipment that is attached to a modem or telephonic device.
  • Any employment is to be approved by P&CSD.
  • You may not use or access any sexually-oriented “800” or “900” telephone numbers.
  • You will maintain full-time employment or attend school as approved by your assigned parole agent.
  • You must have your Penal Code 290 registration verification with you at all times. You must present it during any contact or interaction with any law enforcement officer.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 245 - Recap, John and Ken talk about Jessica's Law

No protest today.

John and Ken spoke Senator George Runner today about Jessica's Law.

I took some notes:

They need 325,000 signatures by next month.

They have 200,000 signatures right now.

They have raised $650,000 for this ballot initiative but it's already been spent.

Key parts of the initiative:

GPS for life for all sex offenders who have been found guilty of a felony sex offense.

There will be active monitoring on while they are on parole. After they are off parole they will not be actively monitored but there will be a 'paper trail' of where they have been.

Increases the distance to 2,000 feet between parks and schools and where they may live. Unlike the current law, this applies even after they are off parole.

Senator Runner also mentioned a Federal Bureau of Prisons statistic that showed that on average, there are 35 victims for each sex offender before they are caught.

I have court tomorrow, wish me luck, see you next time.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 244 - Recap, stormy weather

No protest today as the weather was quite stormy. Lots of rain and the winds were at least 25 mph.

Our 2 giant signs blew off the poles. After hearing the news I made it over to the clown house and got the signs to safe keeping.

Now we have an opportunity to re-paint them. However we will have to wait until the ground dries to get them back up on the poles.

See you next time, keep your kids safe from the predators.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day 243 - Recap, Happy 2006

No protest today.

We're all going to die. While I'm still here, I want to make a difference. - Neil Cavuto

From Mead Valley to Norco to Phelan to Pomona to Redlands to Riverside, communities all across California are making a difference and this difference will be for the benefit of all children.

Let's make 2006 a very good year.

See you next time.

Article: Zoning out sex offenders

Proposal would ban them from living in many urban areas

09:44 PM PST on Saturday, December 31, 2005

By JIM MILLER / Sacramento Bureau

At least half of California's urban areas would become off-limits to registered sex offenders under a proposed ballot measure championed by Gov. Schwarzenegger and some Inland lawmakers, according to a Press-Enterprise analysis.

Named Jessica's Law for Jessica Lunsford, a Florida girl authorities say was killed by a pedophile last year, the measure's most far-reaching provision would prohibit sex offenders from living within about a third of a mile of parks and schools.

Under Jessica's Law, tens of thousands of registered sex offenders could be confined to scattered urban islands or to lightly populated rural areas, the newspaper found.

Proponents have collected roughly 200,000 of the 373,816 valid voter signatures they need by Feb. 21 to qualify the measure for the November ballot. They said they will turn in the signatures if the Democrat-controlled Legislature refuses to pass identical legislation this month.

If Jessica's Law makes it on the ballot, history suggests it would pass easily. California voters have approved all but one of the almost 20 tough-on-crime measures put before them since they reauthorized the death penalty in 1978.

Click here to read the entire article.

Note: The only article is only a portion of what appeared in print. The article in the paper was on the front page and continued on the back page.


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