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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another petition drive, this time in Lake Elsinore

There was another Jessica's Law petition drive today at the Lake Elsinore Outlet Center.

Assemblyman John Benoit and Mayor Bob Magee each addressed the crowd about why it's important to get Jessica's Law on the November ballot.

Click to watch Assemblyman John Benoit speak about Jessica's Law

Click to watch Lake Elsinore Mayor Bob Magee speak about Jessica's Law

I do not know how many signatures were gathered today, other volunteers were handling that and I was trying to keep my eyes open as I have not had much sleep of late.

I am going to try to find out this week how many total signatures have been turned in.

See you next time, keep your kids safe from the predators.

You can click the photos to make them larger

All of the signature gatherers you see in our photos are volunteers

Assemblyman John Benoit with "Bonnie" and "Molly"

One of the reasons we do what we do

Your very tired fearless blogger

Bill from Norco with his stunt double

"Bonnie", Mayor Magee, "Molly" and Julie from Norco

United we stand

Jonathan Sassani from Assemblyman John Benoit's office with Bill and Julie

Julie speaking with the local media

Registered sex offenders caught in Riverside sting

Robert Emmet LyonsGregory John KarnosSome of the perverts caught in the Dateline NBC / perverted-justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation were, you guessed it, registered sex offenders.

You can click on their names to see their Megan's Law info.
Jean Pierre Michael Wehry

Robert Emmet Lyons

Gregory John Karnos

Jean Pierre Michael Wehry

Thomas John Bodnar

Dateline interviewed a young woman who said Bodnar started molesting her and her brothers when she was just 9 years old.
Thomas Bodnar
She said her mother met Bodnar at a boys club special friends program. She said she was in 3rd grade at the time and said "he was great, he was wonderful, you would trust him , any body would". It was not long after that meeting that she said he started molesting the 3 children, one of who is mentally challenged.

She said it was devastating to them and they are still suffering.

Watch one of the Dateline repeats to hear her complete story, it's really sad.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Watch Dateline NBC tonight!

Channel 4 at 9 pm.

Tonight they show the sting operation where they caught 50 perverts coming to a house here in Riverside where they thought a kid was waiting to have sex with them.

Attorneys tried and failed to keep NBC from showing it, so you know it has to be good.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

An amazing day at Q-Bonkers with John and Ken from KFI

This post took forever because of the amount of media (video and pics). Take your time and check it all out. Most of the photos and videos were taken by others, thanks to all who helped.

I arrived Q-Bonkers at about 2:30 pm and the crew from KFI were already setting up inside.

There was one folding table outside for signature gathering, I knew that would not be enough so I got two more tables set up. It was a good thing because there were times when we had over a dozen people signing the petitions at once.

Gathering signatures for Jessica's Law

Joe from Phelan brought some new custom t-shirts. Joe is the master of big signs and t-shirts and he is always coming up with something new. Thanks Joe!

Joe from Phelan and your fearless blogger

Gary, your fearless blogger, Joe, Todd Spitzer, Julie and "Molly"

John and Ken arrived a little before 3 pm and took a tour inside Q-Bonkers, getting a look 'behind the scenes' where the surveillance of High Risk Sex Offender David Allyn Dokich took place.

Ladies and gentlemen, the man, the myth, the legend, the slayer of perverted politicians, John Kobylt...was that over the top?

I can't share many details about who said what on the air because I was outside gathering signatures most of the time. Here is a list of those I know took the time to come to Q-Bonkers and speak about these critical issues with John and Ken:

  • Dallas, owner of Q-Bonkers
  • Sheriff Bob Doyle
  • Senator George Runner
  • Assemblywoman Sharon Runner
  • Assemblyman Todd Spitzer
  • Assemblyman John Bennoit
  • Assemblyman Russ Bogh
  • Deputy DA Linda Dunn
  • "Bonnie"
  • "Molly"
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Protester

That's an impressive list of people right there, all speaking about what needs to be done to protect the children of California from the perverts who want to prey upon them.

John and Ken from KFI speak with Senator George Runner, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and Assemblyman John Benoit

John and Ken speak with Deputy District Attorney Linda Dunn

Sheriff Bob Doyle presented John and Ken with a plaque recognizing their continued efforts in helping communities, including ours, deal with the issue of sex offenders and their continued efforts to get Jessica's Law on the ballot. John and Ken are well deserving of the credit, they have been an incredible help.

"Molly", Sheriff Bob Doyle and your friendly neighborhood protester

I had the priveledge of meeting for the first time some of California's strongest advocates for protecting children from predators, including Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and Senator George Runner. They have worked tirelessly over the years to get legislation passed to protect children, many times getting blocked in the Public Safety Committees by the likes of Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg, Mervyn Dymally and other soft on crime pervert loving politicians.

Senator George Runner, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, Julie from Norco and Assemblyman Todd Spitzer

"Molly" and I were asked to go on the air with John and Ken. They wanted to talk with some of the David Dokich protesters and to talk about our ordeal with parole. I was running on 2 hours sleep, my head was in a fog, thankfully "Molly" did most of the talking. She really let those losers in parole have it too, it was great.

"Molly" and I speak with John and Ken about those screwheads in parole

"Bonnie" had a chance to speak briefly with John and Ken. What many do not know is that she just got out of surgery an hour before this video was shot.

"Bonnie" spoke with John and Ken too, she lived the closet to the clown house

A hot topic was assemblyman Mark Leno, chairman of the public safety committee, and his recent comments that child porn for personal use is, well, O.K.. Thankfully Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy ripped him a new one, if that's possible, he is afterall, Mark Leno.

John and Ken played a tape of Mark Leno and Dennis Mountjoy

John and Ken wrapped up the show by speaking with Q-Bonkers owner Dallas and members of the audience. Dallas went way above and beyond in helping get a dangerous child predator off the streets. Thank you Dallas.

John and Ken speak with Q-Bonkers owner Dallas and members of the audience

A local mexican resturant, Olivia's, brought over tables full of enchiladas, tacos, chili rellenos, beans, rice and chips with salsa. It was really good, I brought a bunch home with me. Stop by Olivia's on Magnolia if you want some really good authentic mexican food.

The signature gathering was a complete success. Gary from Phelan manned the tables practically non-stop with Julie, myself and others pitching in when needed. In 4 hours we gathered about 2,000 signatures to get Jessica's Law on the November ballot. You know Mark Leno and his fellow pervert lovers have to be pissed off about that.

Gary from Phelan

I would like to thank the following for making this event the huge success that it was:

John and Ken and the KFI crew

9364 Magnolia Ave, Riverside
Phone: (951) 688-4866

Senator George Runner
Assemblywoman Sharon Runner
Assemblyman Todd Spitzer
Assemblyman John Bennoit
Assemblyman Russ Bogh
Deputy DA Linda Dunn
Sheriff Bob Doyle
Lori Stone-Rubin

The guy that brought in over 800 signatures on his own!

Olivia's Mexican Restaurant
9447 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside
Phone: (951) 689-2131

Joe from Phelan
Gary from Phelan
Julie from Norco

You can click any of the photos to enlarge them

"Bonnie" getting ready to speak on the air with John and Ken

Assemblyman Russ Bogh speaks with John and Ken

The Pervert Patrol had a good time

"Bonnie" with John and Ken

It was a packed house at Q-Bonkers

Joe from Phelan with Lori Stone-Rubin

KFI crew

Deputy DA Linda Dunn speaks with John and Ken on the air

Senator George Runner, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, Julie from Norco and Assemblyman Todd Spitzer

Dallas, owner of Q-Bonkers, speaks with John and Ken on the air

Todd Spitzer and Julie from Norco

"Molly" and Lori Stone-Rubin

George Runner, John, Ken, Sharon Runner and John Benoit

This sign has been all over Southern California and was even carved up by a pervert with a power saw, yet it still lives on, ever vigilante

John and Ken will be doing their show live in Riverside today!

John and KenWhen: Today, 3 - 7 pm
Where: Q-Bonkers Billards
9364 Magnolia Ave, Riverside

Click here for map to location

Come on by, sign the Jessica's Law petition and meet the hero's at Q-Bonkers that helped get High Risk Sex Offender and serical child rapist David Allyn Dokich off the streets.

John and Ken have been a driving force in helping get Jessica's Law on the ballot. They have helped us tremendously and we cannot thank them enough for their tireless efforts.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mark Leno and the games he plays

Mark Leno
Tuesday morning while channel surfing I ran across an assembly debate about AB 50. This is the watered down version of Jessica's Law assembly democrat Mark Leno is pushing.

I had to leave so I hit the record button on my trusty DVR. Upon my return hours later I was surprised to find they were still debating AB 50. One of the hold ups was how much child pornography Mark Leno thinks is O.K. for someone to have for "personal use".

Personal use? Child porn for "personal use"? Is he kidding? How many types of disgusting is this guy?

Anyway, you may be getting a headache trying to reconcile the fact that Mark Leno, staunch defender of child predators, is pushing AB 50, a bill that does get a little tougher on sex offenders.

Why is Mark Leno doing this? Well let's be clear this has nothing to do with protecting the children of California and it has everything to do with Mark Leno and his fellow pervert protectors saving face. They see the writing on the wall and it says in big bold letters "Jessica's Law".

Mark Leno knows Jessica's Law is going before the voters and will pass with overwhelming support. He created AB 50 so he could claim he was tough on sex offenders. Well Mark no one is buying it and you shouldn't be selling it.

At one point in the debate Leno said he was discouraged to hear claims that "one party defends children and the other party defends sex offenders. ... You should be ashamed of yourselves."

That's a bold statement Mark. Unfortunately for you there is this thing called your voting record in the Public Safety Committee. He is counting on the fact that most voters won't take the time to look it up, but then that's why you have me here.

So, let's take a look at Mark Leno's voting record over the past few years. He voted against every bill listed below and helped prevent it being passed into law.

  • AB 26 - Make sex offender info available on the Internet (Megan's Law)
  • AB 35 - Increase number of sex offenders listed on Megan's Law
  • AB 39 - Increases penalty of child porn to a felony
  • AB 221 - Eliminate good time credits and early release for inmates convicted of sexually violent offenses
  • AB 231 - Jessica's Law
  • AB 282 - Porn visible in car's
  • AB 350 - Requires registered sex offender to renew drivers license annually for better tracking
  • AB 438 - Sex offender housing restrictions, rentals
  • AB 603 - Increased mental health commitment of SVP's from 2 to 5 years
  • AB 730 - Expands and strengthens the current Sexually Violent Predator law
  • AB 743 - Allows minors 14 years or older to be tried as adults for rape of an unconscious person
  • AB 807 - Adds forcible spousal rape, incest, and specified child porn offenses to the Megan's Law Internet Web site
  • AB 808 - Prohibit felons from owning or being employed by group homes housing sex offenders
  • AB 1109 - Increases notification time and public comments on the release of SVP's into the community
  • AB 1184 - Make sex offender info available on the Internet (Megan's Law)
  • AB 1442 - GPS monitoring for sex offenders while on parole
  • AB 1443 - Expands and strengthens currents laws against seducing children (Internet luring)
  • AB 1445 - Requires juvenile offenders who commit specific sexual offenses to register as sex offenders
  • AB 1146 - Prohibits an inmate released on parole for child molestation or continuous sexual abuse of a child from being placed or residing, for the duration of parole, within one-quarter mile of a child-care facility
  • AB 1484 - Expands definition of SVP's to include a person who commits 1 sexually violent offense against a person under 14 years of age instead of the 2 victims required under current law
  • AB 1513 - Prevent those required to register as sex offenders from having physical contact with minors while in prison
  • AB 1603 - Require law enforcement agencies to advise persons determined to be in a "risk zone" of the presence of high-risk sex offenders.
  • AB 2068 - Prevent those required to register as sex offenders from living within 1/4 mile of any public or private school
  • AB 3097 - Creates requirements for group homes / halfway houses that receive state funding

That's 2 dozen bills right there. I'm sure there are more but I'm tired and I think that makes my point.

As Todd Spitzer said, the only reason they crafted AB 50 is "because Jessica's Law is out there for circulation, and they know that if it makes the ballot, it will pass."

Mark Leno's voting record clearly shows that when it comes to protecting children from sexual predators, you cannot trust him.

Do the kids of California a favor, sign the Jessica's Law petition and vote for it this coming November.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Child molester Edward Anthony Rodrigue placed in SB motel

Edward Anthony Rodrigue
Click to enlarge - Google mapsBack on January 24th I wrote about the pending parole of child molester and former priest Edward Anthony Rodrigue.

At that time, according to a Press Enterprise article, parole officials had arranged for Rodrigue to live in an 'undisclosed' motel in San Bernardino.

Well 5 days have passed and 'Father Tony' as he was once called has registered his address as required by Megan's Law.

According to the latest Megan's Law information, Rodrigue is now living just 1 block from the Carousel Mall in San Bernardino.

This admitted child predator (according to police reports he admitted on a lie detector to molesting hundreds of children) served just over 8 years for molesting a local developmentally disabled.

Now he is out of prison, able to molest again.

Pass Jessica's Law and help keep the children of California safe from the likes of Edward Anthony Rodrigue.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Update on registered sex offender Thomas Michael Benhoff

David GoldsteinThomas Benhoff - registered sex offenderLast Friday David Goldstein was on scene when child predator Thomas Michael Benhoff was busted.

According the the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Benhoff has a 1992 conviction for child molestation.

Last October he was arrested by Brea PD at Carbon Canyon Regional Park after he allegedly tried to get two sisters, ages 9 and 3, to touch him while he masturbated.

He ran when the girls screamed, but police searched the park and found him hiding in a marsh.

Police then seized his computer and found, you guessed it, child porn.

Brea PD was very concerned about this predators behaviour so they contacted the 290 Task Force in LA County.

The task force placed Benhoff under surveillance for a week. During this time they watched Benhoff spend his weekend at Bluff Park in Long Beach. They saw him lurking near, and following little boys into, the bathrooms repeatedly. At one point an undercover officer followed Benhoff into the bathroom and witnessed him peeking over the stalls where 2 little boys had gone.

Authorities had seen enough and arrested Benhoff for failing to properly register as required under Megan's Law.

Remember that child porn they found on his computer? Right now, under existing law, that is a misdemeanor. Jessica's Law will change possession of child pornography to a felony. That will help keep predators like this locked up longer.

Source: Long Beach Press-Telegram

Take the PeeJ tour for parents and kids

The good folks over at perverted-justice.com helped nab 51 perverts in a sting operation with Dateline NBC and the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Now they have created the PeeJ tour. It shows you what the pervert looked like online when they were trying to lure children and what they really looked like when they were busted.

Click here to take the PeeJ tour.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Polygraph study reveals staggering statistics

The Center for Sex Offender Management (yes there is one), which is a project of the U.S. Department of Justice, has an interesting article on the recidivism of sex offenders.

Researchers hooked up imprisoned sex offenders (those with 2 or fewer known victims) to lie detectors and found the following:

  • On average, these sex offenders actually had an 110 vicitms
  • On average, these sex offenders actually had an 318 offenses
  • On average, these sex offenders committed sex crimes for 16 years before being caught

Makes you sick to your stomach, don't it. Unless of course if you are one of the pervert loving public officials like Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg, Mervyn Dymally, Gill Cedillo, Gloria Romero, Elaine Alquist, Don Perata and Carol Migden.

Here's a thought, let's hook them up to the lie detector, there has to be a reason they continually kill bills meant to protect children from predators.

Keep in mind that less that a third of all sexual assaults are ever reported to law enforcement. So when pundits claim that the recidivism rate of released sex offenders is low, take what ever number they throw out there and multiply it by 3. It's not quite so low now, is it?

Do the kids of California a favor, pass Jessica's Law.


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